Real Empress from a Noble Family

Chapter 297 - Get Pregnant Now!

Chapter 297 Get Pregnant Now!

The Imperial Army was an army for protecting the Emperor. By definition, it only served the Emperor and followed his order. But as the Emperor was a puppet, the Imperial Army was carved up separately by Empress Jiang and Empress Dowager Gu actually. Jiang Yadan, who had been picking up the concubines of the Emperor frequently, was using his position in the Imperial Army to do whatever he wanted.

Empress Jiang had the power to arrange for her nephew to get a position in the Imperial Army, and Empress Dowager Gu could follow her suit.

Today, the Imperial Army that surrounded the Dou Mansion must be controlled by the Empress Dowager.

But even if Empress Jiang and Empress Dowager Gu had power in the army, they did not dare to appropriate the army without permission if there was no evidence or good reasons. After all, the two Empresses had the border armies as their backers respectively. If the situation went bad, there would be turmoil! At that time, the western savages would have the opportunity to invade, and some ambitious people in the government would fan the flame. The country would be in a mess.

Therefore, after hearing the words, Marquess Qin also could not help but have a cold gaze, “What has the Dou Family done? Is it so severe that they need to call the Imperial Army?!”

“It is said that Censor Qiu found out that the Dou Family…” The servant felt uncomfortable because of the stares of Jiang Tianao and others, but he had to say, “The Dou Family has secret communication with the western savages!”

“Nonsense!” Madame Dou couldn’t help but scream, “How could my father do such a thing?”

“Shut up!” Marquess Qin did not give her a stern look, but his faint glance had made the angry Madame Dou instantly silent. He flicked his sleeve, “Dinner is over. All males, come with me!”

Qiu Yelan had long known that the Dou Family would get into trouble. In front of Marquess Qin, she pretended to be surprised just like the rest and then left the trouble behind. And then Qiu Yelan concerned about Madame Tao Junior who was pregnant.

Madame Tao Junior did not realize that the prescription for having a girl was a white lie, so she was grateful to Qiu Yelan. Qiu Yelan and Sheng Shishui said goodbye to Madame Tao and saw her out. Madame Tao Junior sent Sheng Shishui away then. And then she wanted to kneel down and kowtow three times to express her gratitude to Qiu Yelan. Qiu Yelan steadily stopped her. Qiu Yelan told her what she could do and not do as a pregnant woman. She had memorized this knowledge while taking care of Sheng Shishui. She then sighed, “These are not big deals. You were not well before, and now your first child has grown up. To be honest, you must take good care of yourself. You should be ruthless about the people and messy things in your family. You must not be soft! You know what, the last time Jiang Yashuang and I came to see you, nieces and nephews made a lot of noise in your yard. That must not happen again!”

“Don’t worry! I am pregnant now. Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will keep her alive!” Madame Tao Junior nodded solemnly. Her always weak expression had a vague sense of determination emerging, “And I have something that grandfather rewarded me some days ago. Because of this, the yard is much quieter now!”

Qiu Yelan breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m relieved to hear that!” Madame Tao Junior was already thirty years old, but it was her first pregnancy. According to the medical level at that time, the risk she faced was not small. And what was worse, Jiang Yadan’s concubines were notoriously restless people! Qiu Yelan was really worried that if she was forbearing as she had been, she would be tortured to have a miscarriage after she got pregnant.

Now that seeing that Madame Tao Junior really had a tendency to be a strong mother, she was relieved to say goodbye.

A few minutes later, she realized that her previous worries were in vain. Because Madame Tao had sent four of her confidants, including Mom Hu, to take close care of Madame Tao Junior!

She did so for the reason that, “Madame thought that it is the first time for Madame Tao Junior to get pregnant. And you are a little old for pregnancy. Your mother is not in the capital, either. Madame worries that there will be nobody in the capital who can take care of you during your pregnancy period. So, she ordered us to be here, doing a favor for you!”

Because Mrs. Zhuang was not in the capital, it was natural for Madame Tao to take special care of the grand daughters-in-law of the fourth branch, which would not lead to jealousy from the third and eighth branches.

Up to now, Qiu Yelan had not been pregnant. But when Sheng Shishui was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, although Madame Tao rewarded her with a large number of treasures, she did not arrange for her confidants to serve her. Even if one was the grandson-in-law and one was the grandson-in-law given birth by a concubine, her reason was that Madame Tao Junior was older than Sheng Shishui. In order to prevent misunderstanding between the sisters-in-law of the fourth branch, Madame Tao needed to pacify them.

Qiu Yelan got a pair of jade Ruyi costing nothing, “Madame said that after you got married, you had taken care of Madame Tao Junior and Madame Sheng Shishui. Madame thinks that you deserve the rewards!”

Sheng Shishui, as the main target of Madame Tao’s comfort, got a Jade Ruyi and a bunch of exquisite objects, which were given to the Twenty-first granddaughter in particular.

Although Madame Tao did considerately, what she did not know was that Sheng Shishui actually did not want her to do the same to her as what she did to Madame Tao Junior. “Madame Tao Junior is a late member of Madame’s maternal family. She has also been married for many years. Madame has always liked her very much. There is a friendly relation between her and Mom Hu. After Mom Hu brings people over, Mom Hu can both help her suppress the restless people among the concubines and take care of her as a parent. None of these matters! What family background do I have? My husband’s position in the Jiang Family doesn’t matter either. If Madame really sends Mom Hu and the others over to take care of me, I don’t think they are taking care of me. Maybe they are forcing me to find ways to please them every day. Even so, in the future, I will still have to thank Madame for her thoughtfulness!”

After hearing this, her confidant maid laughed, “But Madame still sends gifts to you, as well as a gift for the Twenty-first granddaughter!”

“Do you think Madame wants to show respect to me?” Sheng Shishui smiled faintly, “Because my husband has behaved well recently, Madame began to pay attention to us! Otherwise, even if Madame gave treasures, I’m afraid it is because of Qiu Yelan.”

Seeing that the maid did not understand, she pursed her lips, “Although Madame doesn’t like my husband, my husband is the son of her husband! Up to now, Father has not had many offspring. Although Jiang Yadan is old enough, he still abandons himself to girls outside. He had no chance to do a big business. Unless my husband never learns useful skills, otherwise, even if Madame doesn’t like him and sets a handicap on his way, Father still will ask him to do business. If not for this reason, with Madame’s status, do you think she will care whether I am aggrieved or not?”

The maid did not dare to criticize Madame Tao, but only laughed, “This is also because you are virtuous, and you make our young master better and better!”

“Thanks to God. He gives me a chance!” Sheng Shishui smiled, “Otherwise, if he does not listen to me, how can I have the ability to make him better and better?” She looked at the cradle not far away and felt slightly regretful, “Unfortunately, my first child is a girl. If it were a son… However, in any case, I have a child. As long as I can make my husband better and better, I believe I will have a son in the coming day!”

After imagining her bright days in the future, she confidently ordered, “You go and pick out the boys’ sets of clothes and shoes that were made earlier. Choose the best ones, pack them, and send them to Madame Tao Junior!”

Although it was too early to know if it was a boy or a girl carried by Madame Tao Junior, boys were first in people’s minds at that time, anyway.

Despite the Dou Family being in big trouble, it was one of the Jiang Family’s in-laws, and the Jiang Family was still prominent. So, after the news of the Jiang Family’s first grandson-in-law’s pregnancy spread, relatives had sent gifts to congratulate her. In addition to her own job, Madame He had to take care of the visitors, too. During the days before New Year’s Eve, she was busy!

So, when she saw Ruan Ciyi coming to congratulate in person, Madame He immediately called Qiu Yelan over to entertain Ruan Ciyi to share her workload.

This was a good arrangement for Ruan Ciyi and Qiu Yelan.

“Rainbow comes after storm. Madame Tao Junior will live a better life!” Qiu Yelan took Ruan Ciyi to see Madame Tao Junior before. Because Madame Tao Junior had seen too many relatives in the past two days, everyone was afraid that she would get tired. Hence, they said a few words of congratulations and went back to Qiu Yelan’s house. Ruan Ciyi took a sip of tea handed over by Su He and smiled, “It seems that your white lie in the first place really worked!”

“God is on her side, too. I didn’t expect that she would get pregnant so soon!” Qiu Yelan smiled, “It has only been a few months since she was so sick and dying. I thought she wouldn’t be pregnant until at least next year!” She even planned to solicit Ling Zui to find a colorless and tasteless aphrodisiac!

Ruan Ciyi had heard about Madame Tao Junior’s suffering and had always felt deep sympathy for her. Today, although she came to congratulate Madame Tao Junior on her pregnancy, she seemed to have something on her mind. Qiu Yelan talked to her for a while and noticed it. She was surprised and asked, “Why do you feel unhappy? Is it because of Li Qianzhi? He is not treating you well?”

“Nonsense?” Ruan Ciyi glared at her, “He’s an honest man. He wouldn’t dare to treat me badly! And, you should call him brother-in-law! If you’re so unruly again, I’ll report to Chunjun what you did to me when he comes back!”

“Well, it seems that he is really good to you.” Qiu Yelan sighed, “It’s only been a few days but you are willing to criticize me for him! Since he is good to you, what are you worried about? Are you afraid that he will be a not-that-good man in the future and stop treating you well? Don’t worry, brother-in-law is a civil official. We don’t even need my brother to kick his ass. If he dares to treat you badly, you come and tell me. I promise I can make him tame with one hand!”

Ruan Ciyi twisted her cheek, “You still have the mood to joke about it? Do you know why I am worried? It is because of you.”


“Nominally, Sheng Shishui got married a year before you did. In reality, we all know it was only a few months earlier. Now her daughter is one month old.” Ruan Ciyi frowned, “Madame Tao Junior, although she hasn’t had a child for many years, she is now pregnant. You are the only one in the fourth branch who is not yet pregnant. I’m worried that the elders of the Jiang Family will be angry at you.”

Qiu Yelan was surprised, “Why are they angry at me? Mi Yinyin, who was married before me, was not pregnant, either. He Shuijin was pregnant before, but she had a miscarriage. Moreover, you also said that Madame Tao Junior only conceived after so many years, and I have not even been married for a year yet. Do they intend to threaten me with divorce because I do not have a child yet!?”

Ruan Ciyi sneered, “I’m not worried about your position of being a wife! But have you thought about it? Madame Tao Junior has been married for more than ten years. She is pregnant now. We all know that her husband, Jiang Yadan, has many concubines and girls outside. But among his children, how many of them have grown up safely?!”

She continued, “About Mi Yinyin, I remember she is your sixth aunt’s niece? They are family. She will certainly take extra care of her. And He Shuijin, she is not only the niece of your third aunt but also the daughter-in-law of the Jiang Family who is in charge of the accounts book of the family. Most importantly, their mother-in-law is in the capital. And as long as they coax their mother-in-law, I don’t think Marquess Qin and Marquess will ask about their private lives without consulting their mother-in-law in the first place! But in your branch, your parents-in-law are not in the capital, so Marquess will definitely have to interfere with the management of your branch! Believe it or not, after the Spring Festival, if you are still not pregnant, they will advise Jiang Yashuang to take a concubine!”

Seeing Qiu Yelan frowning and suspecting, Ruan Ciyi sighed, “You listen to me. If there is really such a hint, do not get angry. You must not get into trouble with them on the spot! However, you should not agree with them right away either. Just make a few perfunctory remarks, and then find Jiang Yashuang to talk to them! Let me tell you, if Jiang Yashuang finally has to take a concubine, you must not accept the person arranged by the elders until the last minute. If the person is good, it’s okay for you. If the person covets your position, even if she doesn’t succeed in taking your place in the end, considering her background, she will make you like an ant on a hot pot! So, you’d better buy a girl for Jiang Yashuang and hold her body contract in your hands. In this way, you’ll have the upper hand. Do you understand?”

Qiu Yelan narrowed her eyes and then sent her out perfunctorily and carelessly. After sending her out the door and turning around, she became hideous, “Let me go buy a concubine for Jiang Yashuang? Do you take me as a fool?! If anyone dares to play me in this matter, I will spend my life taking revenge!!!”

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