Real Empress from a Noble Family

Chapter 320 - Revenge! Don't Let the Kuang Family Go!

Chapter 320 Revenge! Don’t Let the Kuang Family Go!

Ruan Ciyi passed out and then woke up, which happened repeatedly for multiple times. Qiu Yelan didn’t know any medicine. But looking at the serious expression on the face of the doctor who was hurriedly brought here, she knew the situation was dire. Luckily, after Ruan Ciyi got divorced, Qiu Jinglan kept her around and nourished her body for a couple of years. At least, she was not too weak.

If this had happened when she just came back to Jing City, she probably wouldn’t be able to survive!

This showed the very strong feelings she had on the matter that the family cemetery was dug!

In fact, Qiu Yelan was going crazy in her mind. She didn’t think about Empress Dowager Ye at first. But when she received the news on her way to the Li Family that the thief, who was killed by the guard, was a bodyguard of Marquess Zhang’s Mansion, she immediately realized it was Empress Dowager Ye! If she couldn’t realize it, she wouldn’t survive in the Jiang Family!

If it weren’t because she still had some sense, she would storm into Ganli Palace, hold that old woman by the neck, and ask her whether she had gone crazy. Or she was too kind and trustworthy in Empress Dowager Ye’s eyes. How couldn’t she get mad at her great-grandson, Chu Chunxiao, after her own grandfather’s grave was dug?

“She’s awake!” The maid shouted with a shaking voice again. Hearing that, Qiu Yelan immediately went in.

Once more Ruan Ciyi slowly woke up and her face was pale like snow. She didn’t care about others when she woke up. She called Qiu Yelan quietly and held her wrist with shaking hands. After some struggle, she spitted out some words, “Revenge! You can’t let the Kuang Family go!” Her head tilted and then she lost consciousness again.

Li Qianzhi was an honest and tolerant man, which Qiu Jinglan verified in person. But he was still angry as his face turned green. Since Qiu Yelan arrived, he was walking in circles in the yard until Jiang Yashuang came. It was about dawn, and he was still walking there. He just couldn’t sit! His anger kept rising!

As the grandson-in-law of General Ruan, Jiang Yashuang’s expression wasn’t also very pretty, and he asked Li Qianzhi where Qiu Yelan and Ruan Ciyi were. Li Qianzhi told him they were in the inner chamber, so he stopped at the front hall and sent an old maidservant in to tell them.

After a while, Qiu Yelan who just watched the doctor checking Ruan Ciyi’s pulse came out, “You came?”

“How can I not come after such a huge incident?” Jiang Yashuang asked, “How’s the older sister now?”

“She passed out again!” Qiu Yelan kept a dark face, “The doctor said she was too sad and suggested using some sleeping medicine and not having her waken up now!”

Because Jiang Yashuang came, Li Qianzhi also came into the hall to host him. Upon hearing this, he was about to walk inside, “Then I’ll go to check the prescription. There’s some medicine that she doesn’t like!”

An honest man didn’t mean a stupid man. He clearly knew that Jiang Yashuang came here when it was about dawn because he needed to say something to his wife. Also, he was worried about Ruan Ciyi. But since Qiu Yelan came, she stayed in the inner chamber, and he couldn’t come in.

“I’ll ask Jiang Tan to get an imperial doctor to see her!” Jiang Yashuang said after thinking for a while. He looked serious but relieved. He couldn’t wait for the day coming and rushed here because he was so worried that after Qiu Yelan met Ruan Ciyi, they would cry together and both get too sad. That was what had happened to Jiang Qizheng and Qiu Yelan before.

Ruan Ciyi was already half-dead, yet Qiu Yelan could still act as normal even though she didn’t look so well. Jiang Yashuang didn’t doubt Qiu Yelan’s feelings for her grandfather because he knew how hard her life was in those early years. He just thought that Qiu Yelan had to tough herself up because Ruan Ciyi was too weak. Thinking about this, he felt even sorrier for Qiu Yelan. He didn’t know what to say to comfort her.

After falling silent for a while, Jiang Yashuang tried to persuade her to come back, “There are not many people here. No elders, older brothers, or older sisters. You have stood beside your sister for a whole night, yet your sister’s husband couldn’t come in because of the taboo. When I came, I saw layers of snow on his shoulders and he didn’t even realize that! Why don’t you go back and let him take care of sister?”

After being reminded by him, Qiu Yelan suddenly realized it, “I was not thinking straight! I kept brother out here for so long!”

“You’re not the one to blame. Such an incident happened…” Jiang Yashuang shook his head, “Let’s go back. You need to get some rest after such a long night!”

“Rest?” Qiu Yelan was sleepy. After all, she received such shocking news last evening, and then she watched Ruan Ciyi for a night. But what Ruan Ciyi just said reminded her. No matter what to say, the grave of General Ruan was already dug. And the Kuang Family was implicated!

Now being angry was useless. She needed to finish her plan. Who knew how long Qiu Jinglan could hold on in Shazhou?

Qiu Yelan stroked her hair and said with a cold smile, “Lend me some men. I need those who could do anything and are not afraid to be condemned! If you don’t have such men, I’ll ask Jiang Yadan. He must do!”

Jiang Yashuang was dazed for a while. But with his intelligence, he immediately understood, “The Kuang Family?”

“Sister just struggled to wake up and asked me to revenge!” Qiu Yelan was emotionless. She didn’t actually think about digging the family cemetery of the Kuang Family. It was too wicked. Even though she wanted Kuang Shihan and Kuang Qingwu to die, she didn’t want to go that far.

But after what Empress Dowager Ye did and what Ruan Ciyi said, she had to do it!

The Ruan Family was humiliated, yet she couldn’t expose Empress Dowager Ye who really did it. For public and private matters, she had to target the Kuang Family. If she didn’t do the same to the family cemetery of the Kuang Family, the children of the Ruan Family would never be able to hold their heads high!

Just for Qiu Jinglan, Qiu Yelan could do anything!

“Since my grandfather’s grave was disturbed, why can’t I touch the graves of the Kuang Family that my grandfather helped to repair?”

Qiu Yelan’s emotion was complicated. She said coldly, “If you find it inconvenient, then I’ll have someone to pick these men from my farm.”

“What are you saying?” Jiang Yashuang was unhappy, “We’re a couple. I call him grandfather, too! I’m not the kind who’s afraid of doing things! I’m worried that you didn’t eat or drink anything for a whole night. How can you hold on all the way? If you get too emotional there…”

Kuang Shihan’s ancestral home was the capital. It was not far from Jing City. But in such cold weather, womenfolk could only take the carriage to go out. It wasn’t very convenient.

“Do I have the time to wait?” Qiu Yelan puckered and asked him with a pale face.

In the government, Empress Dowager’s party would do everything to prove that the Kuang Family was innocent. But leaving this aside, did Qiu Jinglan have the time to wait?

Qiu Yelan decided to go dirty because she wanted to help Qiu Jinglan. Now General Ruan’s tomb was dug. If this didn’t help Qiu Jinglan, it would all be in vain!

Looking at her insisting stare, Jiang Yashuang had to say, “Then sit here for a while and ask the cook of the Li Family to make some soup for you to warm up. I’ll go back and arrange this!”

He rushed back to Marquess Qin’s Mansion. Besides the men, he really brought Jiang Yadan to help.

Qiu Yelan was troubled by this tomb-digging thing, yet she couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you here, brother? Aren’t you needed in the Palace?”

“Empress Dowager Gu has sent many people to Emperor’s mausoleum. My aunt can rest for a while now.” Jiang Yadan smiled cynically, “Grandfather thought it had better let me help you with what you need to do, so he sent me here!”

Qiu Yelan looked at him speechlessly. Marquess Qin really knew how to make the best out of everyone. Jiang Yadan was not suitable for serious business, yet he excelled at dirty work.

But Marquess Qin was too careful. Just looking at the titles and ranks, Kuang Shihan wasn’t beneath Marquess Qin. Yet he was abandoned by his uncles in his early years. So when he succeeded, he only suppressed his relatives and never promoted them. The Kuang family he was born of was just a normal country family. After what he did, they were probably worse!

With this grudge here, his relatives might even want to participate in digging Kuang Shihan’s family cemetery. Now Kuang Shihan and Kuang Qingwu were both in Shazhou, and the Jiang Family was so prestigious. Who would stop them from digging the grave?

The person who would surely impede this would be the one in the Palace. Why did they need Jiang Yadan to come with them?

When they arrived, they finally understood what Jiang Yadan came for. He went out ahead of others and gathered people of the Kuang Family around the family cemetery of the Kuang Family, no matter they were men or women, young or old. And then he started cursing, beating, kicking, and hitting these people under the pretext that Kuang Shihan and Kuang Qingwu betrayed his trust and dug the grave of his sister-in-law’s grandfather, who was also the foster father of Kuang Shihan, General Ruan. He also took some advantage of those young and beautiful women.

Anyway, he went over and tortured the Kuang Family with ease. When Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan arrived, they were crying and yelling. Jiang Yashuang asked Qiu Yelan to stay on the carriage and he went over to persuade Jiang Yadan. Qiu Yelan immediately understood what Marquess Qin wanted to do. Jiang Yadan was here to play bad cop.

Jiang Yashuang said, “Brother, why are you doing this? Kuang Shihan and his son did this. Even though these people are his relatives, they are just countrymen. How could they attack the guards or disturb the former Emperor?”

Jiang Yadan had been saying things like, “You, reckless things! How dare you disturb Emperor’s mausoleum? Are you bored of living? Then I’ll help you. With such a crime, executing your whole family or selling your wives and children is just an easy punishment.” People of the Kuang Family were terrified by what Jiang Yadan was saying. Now hearing what Jiang Yashuang said, they were smart enough to take this chance.

Some elders immediately walked out with others’ support and kneeled on the ground, “Young masters! We really didn’t do it. Marquess Zhang is our relative, but we haven’t been in contact for a long time. When Marquess Zhang was in distress, we didn’t treat him well because we weren’t very rich either. Marquess Zhang never helped us later, let alone ask us to do things! If you don’t believe me, you can have someone investigate this. Everything I have said is true!”

With the elders leading on, some braver people started to talk about how awfully Kuang Shihan treated his relatives. They figured out that the Jiang Family came because of Kuang Shihan, so they specifically said what they liked to hear!

Actually, because they had indeed been treated badly by Kuang Shihan, they didn’t have any good impression of him. Of course, if the Jiang Family asked them directly, they wouldn’t have said it because they were afraid of Kuang Shihan’s power.

Now the Jiang Family acted like they wanted them to pay for what Kuang Shihan and his son did. They were terrified. Kuang Shihan and his son were hard to deal with, but they weren’t here. This eighth young master Jiang had a real reputation. They knew he would kill them!

Besides, he had already stared at some unmarried girls in the crowd for some time!

The families of these girls were especially terrified. They were very fluent in talking badly about Kuang Shihan and his son. They led on and told the truth honestly, and they started to make it more dramatic. They couldn’t make Kuang Shihan and his son’s images any worse. Finally, the Jiang Family thought that was enough. Jiang Yashuang then started acting and tried to persuade Jiang Yadan to stop. He then gave out rewards to the Kuang Family. They were all relieved. They felt that they had avoided a big disaster and went home, feeling fortunate.

As for whether they would allow the Jiang Family to dig the family cemetery of Kuang Shihan for revenge, it was not known?

As long as the Jiang Family didn’t touch their family cemetery, they were totally fine with it. Some of the men who maybe had been targeted by Kuang Shihan specifically even pointed out the family cemetery of Kuang Shihan very warmly.

Some people might say that they didn’t have loyalty or dignity.

But they thought, “Stop kidding! My whole family almost died because of them! Jiang Yadan is known for disregarding human lives. If it weren’t because Jiang Yashuang and his wife were sensible, my whole family, no, my whole clan would die today!”

“And most importantly, did Kuang Shihan and his son ever do any good to us? No! They treated us awfully! Why should we take our lives to guard their family cemetery?”

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