Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1419 - Shoulder to Shoulder

Chapter 1419: Shoulder to Shoulder

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Ye Xiao was at ease, getting out the Space. He was pretty surprised about what happened.

Whenever he tried to ask Erhuo for some special dan beads, it would take him quite a lot of time to talk. He had to say it by enlightening it with affection and motivating it with reason. Sometimes he needed to offer something to bribe it. Usually, Erhuo would only give him one or two dan beads as if that was such a great blessing.

Every time when that happened, Ye Xiao would want to punch Erhuo really hard.

However, unexpectedly, this time he only said some words that flattered Erhuo, and it completely fell to it…

It gave him the dan beads that it would have even pretended to be dead, in order for him not to receive it. More surprisingly, it actually gave him fifteen dan beads after the flattery!

That was unbelievably generous for a stingy cat like Erhuo.

That had never happened before!

Ye Xiao felt that even he himself wouldn’t give anybody so many dan beads of that value at a single time!

It was not just generous.

It was stupid!

Did anything make Erhuo stupid?

Hmm. The flattery made it stupid!

That was right. Erhuo was knocked out on the head by Ye Xiao’s flattery…

Ye Xiao was beaming with joy.

He finally found a way to deal with Erhuo perfectly.

He thought that he should make more attempts in the future!

[I guess I should do more practicing. As long as I master such a skill, it will be a piece of cake to deal with the peerless creature in chaos…” Xiao Monarch, who had totally lost his good image and sense of values, left the Space.

Three days after, Zhao Pingtian and Rou’er came to Ye Xiao with anxiety.

Ye Xiao smiled when he saw them like that. He confidently said, “Rou’er, come here. Let me improve your cultivation first. Hmm. In consideration of your current capability, you can have only three dan beads, before it reached the limit of your improvement with dan beads…”

Then he took out a jade bottle. Inside the bottle, there was a black dan bead which looked like just a cloud of fog.

Rou’er was shaken immediately when she saw that.

Her eyes were filled with astonishment.

[The energy… The energy in this dan bead is much stronger than the Ultimate Essence of Originality… This is much purer. It is incomparable!]

“This dan bead… It is a hundred times better than the Ultimate Essence of Originality I had three days ago!” Rou’er was shaking because of excitement, but it didn’t stop her from blurting it out.

Ye Xiao smiled.

He thought, [Definitely.]

The Ultimate Essence of Originality he took out three days earlier was the subsidiary products of cultivating the East-rising Purple Qi. It was the origin of the extreme yin energy when the energy of ice and energy of fire were running inside him. That was why it had such great value to Rou’er, who was a soul of the death. However, this time, the dan beads Ye Xiao got from Erhuo were exclusive dan beads that Erhuo made with a soul power it had been collecting all the time.

The energy was from the Chaotic Soul Clouds, which meant the essence of all those super powerful cultivators’ souls. For Rou’er, who was cultivating her soul, it was the most valuable dan! Those dan beads were indeed incomparable!

A hundred times?

It was definitely more than a hundred times better!

It was totally a material difference!

“I made the dan beads according to your current status. It should fit you perfectly. It couldn’t help you become the soul of Yang energy like the Yin Dan did, but it also had significant power. If I am right, as long as you take this dan bead, you will never fear the sunlight anymore. You won’t be restrained, because your soul, your mind, and your energy will bond together.”

Ye Xiao blandly said, “When you take the second one, you will finish concentrating your spirits. When you take the third, you will be able to split up your soul at your will!”

He then took a long breath and said, “It is not the most important. In fact, if things go right, after that third dan bead, you will be very likely able to marry Zhao Pingtian. You will be able to stay together for real…”

Rou’er blushed all of a sudden. Zhao Pingtian was totally beaming with happiness!


The two of them had been dreaming for it so many years, yet it had always been so far from them.

Rou’er never had a real body. That was such pain and torture for both of them.

Now the dream was coming true! [Is our dream coming true?]

[Are we going to be together for real?]

The two of them were both thrilled and filled with joy.

“When Rou’er took the third dan bead, she finished the soul cultivation… After she got the Yin Dan, she will become a real person.”

Ye Xiao smiled and said, “However, we have to wait for the day we ascend to the Human Realm Upon Heavens. In the Qing-Yun Realm, there is no way I can get all the materials it needs to make Yin Dan.”

“However, with these three dan beads, there is no need to be hasty anymore…” Ye Xiao spoke slowly, “Rou’er, even if you want to… Uh… Even if you want to try to get pregnant, it is possible. When you became a soul of Yang energy, all you need is a Divine Spirit Dan bead to get the capability of giving birth to a child.”

“We can wait. We will have that day eventually!” Rou’er and Zhao Pingtian’s eyes were glittering with excitement.

Rou’er was especially excited.

As a woman, to give birth to a baby for the man she loved was her responsibility.

However, she had once lost hope for that, because she was a ghost. She thought it was impossible to do that for her man, not even after she had a solid shape in the future.

That had been troubling her.

Although Zhao Pingtian had told her many times that he didn’t care. He took it as the greatest blessing to spend his life with the woman he loved, so he wouldn’t ask for more. However, Rou’er cared. In fact, she had even tried to convince Zhao Pingtian to find a concubine.

Now as she heard the unexpected good news, she nearly passed out because of the excitement.

Rou’er bowed to Ye Xiao with tears streaming down, and said, “Thank you so much, master. Thank you, for bringing us hope… We are… We are never able to return the favor for what you have done for us…”

She was sobbing and couldn’t continue talking.

Ye Xiao looked gently and softly said, “We go through difficulties together. We never turn our backs to each other.”

He stopped and then solemnly said, “We were, we are, and we will always be supporting each other. Pingtian is my brother, my family. It is what I should do to help my brother out. Please do not mention returning the favor or anything like that.”

Zhao Pingtian, who was such a tough man, actually couldn’t help having tears in his eyes. His breath became heavy, and with a snuffling voice, he said, “That’s right! Master is right! We are families. We go through difficulties together. We never turn our backs to each other. We were, we are, and we will always be supporting each other!”

He was thrilled and sentimental, because of what he himself had said. In fact, he nearly mumbled it out.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun also had their eyes glittering fever.

[He is the same master to Zhao Pingtian, and also to me!]

[I will spend my life to travel the world with the master!]

[We go through difficulties together. We never turn our backs to each other. We were, we are, and we will always be supporting each other!]

[We will never regret!]

[Never regret!]

The three of them made up their minds at the same time.

“For the next a few days, you three just stay low. Do not take any moves. I have to improve you all first. Your mindsets are much better than ordinary cultivators, but it takes more time to truly make use of that. After the improvement, with your mindsets, you will get used to your new strength very soon. You will be just like the top assassins in Land of Han-Yang again…” Ye Xiao seemed to be happy.

He hadn’t been able to find any traces of the organization’s base before, and he didn’t know anything about those men in black clothes. He always seemed to be calm and steady, but in fact, was anxious inside. However, things were different at the moment.

The clue that led to the Sky Eye Mountain might reveal the truth, that things were worse than he imagined, at least they got to know something important. That was a great progress. It was much better to know how bad things were than to be knocked out by the unexpected truth!

“After the war, I think we will have to leave this world for the higher realm, Human Realm Upon Heavens.” Ye Xiao said, “Please work hard on your mindsets. You have to catch up. I trust you in your practical experience, but the mindset is not as easy as fighting experience. It is about a lot of stuffs. Experience, views, willpower… Improvement of strength is easy to accelerate, but wisdom and experience need to be accumulated for a long time. You never get it in a day.

“In this world, I have plenty of ways to help you to reach the top fast. However, in the Human Realm Upon Heavens, you will be on your own. I am afraid that even I will only be a tiny shrimp up in that world.”

Zhao Pingtian, Ning Biluo, and Liu Changjun gave a positive response loudly at the same time.

Their eyes were full of fever and longing.

[Human Realm Upon Heavens… Am I really capable of that ascending?]

Ye Xiao didn’t hesitate to take out the Divine Yin Yang Fruits for the three men.

The three guys did have a better mindset than ordinary cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm. When the fruits were inside them, there was less spiritual energy leaking out than others. Erhuo, the stingy cat was so happy to see the three men leaking out energy. It stopped feeling bad for losing the soul power to Ye Xiao, just got out the Space, started to absorb the energy crazily. Rou’er was also absorbing the energy from the dan bead Ye Xiao just gave her.

What surprised Ye Xiao was that Rou’er digested the dan bead faster than he expected. Her soul cultivation level was rocketing, breaking through several difficult phases pretty quickly. Ye Xiao thought that after three of that dan bead, Rou’er should be able to reach the top of the level, which was as powerful as the top of Dao Origin Stage. It surprised him in a good way, but he was confused.

The three men were leaking spiritual energy, and Erhuo was busy collecting the energy. It snatched a little time to explain to Ye Xiao and said, “That’s not a big deal. I made those great dan beads. The soul energy is extracted from the essence of the superior cultivators’ souls that we found in the Sky Soul Mountain. Those ancient cultivators, even the weakest among them, were beyond Wu Fa’s level. The essence of their souls should be fabulous!

“Rou’er cultivates the soul. As long as she accepts the energy, and has endless soul energy coming in, she can keep improving fast. Not a lot of people like Rou’er could have such an opportunity in history. However, her cultivation foundation is weak. Although she has the soul energy of the great dan bead which was enhancing her in her spiritual soul, soul of the death, spiritual mind, and the soul itself, she doesn’t have much of another efficiency of the dan bead. She will probably stop improving at the top of level nine of Dao Origin Stage. In fact, in spite of the special technique, she is worse than ordinary Dao Origin Stage top-level cultivators. It’s not a big deal, is it?”

Erhuo was surely arrogant, so it didn’t have a compliment to Rou’er. No matter what the truth was, Ye Xiao had never heard of a cultivating soul that could reach the top of Dao Origin Stage. Now as he had such a powerful supporter, he didn’t worry about finding the moles anymore!

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the camp was silent. Dense spiritual qi and essence of souls were filling up the entire place. Pure souls of death were moving everywhere.

Jun Yinglian and Xuan Bing automatically protected the others. With these two ladies watching, nobody would disturb the improvement process. Besides, Ye Xiao was there too.

It was so quiet and peaceful. Ye Xiao made a long breath with relief.

Perhaps he was going to leave this world soon!

In fact, he didn’t really like the Qing-Yun Realm. However, he only felt a bit of pain and sorrow in the heart…

Ye Xiao couldn’t help coming up with an idea to run away from this place as fast as he could. He felt that he couldn’t face this world after the war. Maybe it was cowardly to escape… but… he truly didn’t think he could be a powerful man!

He closed his eyes, looked calm and casual. However, deep inside his heart, the wound was bleeding, healing, and bleeding again!

Who he was remained a mystery!

He couldn’t find his birth parents… Ye Nantian, the Ye Clan… didn’t end up well with him…

Ye Xiao buried all the pain in the heart, the very in-depth bottom. The pain was there. He just buried it.

When he was alone, the pain would rise up and he couldn’t help it.

The rising pain would stir up the waves in his heart!

The pain was a secret to both Xuan Bing and Jun Yinglian.

He tasted it alone. He suffered alone.

Sometimes he felt that it was happy to still feel it…

The sore happiness.

[After all, I had it once.]

Ye Xiao grinned with self-mockery.

On the other side of the wall, Jun Yinglian and Xuan Bing were sitting on the floor outside the camp. They didn’t move, but their lips were slightly moving. They didn’t say it out though.

They were talking through mind connection.

“Have you found anything different from him recently?” Jun Yinglian asked Xuan Bing.

“Oh, a lot. He changed a lot.” Xuan Bing answered.

“What is it? How?” Jun Yinglian asked.

“Staying with him again, I felt that he… I felt that he is much quieter than before… There are lots of dead voices inside him… Anyway, he is unhappy.” Xuan Bing looked pretty worried. She sincerely felt sorry for him.

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