Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1746 - Leave after Taking the Advantage

Chapter 1746: Leave after Taking the Advantage

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Ye Xiao drew out the sword and swung it. The bloodstain and the poison on the blade were cleaned, and the sword became brand new again.

“I really don’t have time for this. I have something more important to do!” Ye Xiao jumped up quickly. Erhuo left with him after collecting the soul of Jiang Zhinan. The man and the cat flew up to the sky.

Ye Xiao was going toward the poisonous fog, which had been the only thing that might bring the Destined Toad back!

When Ye Xiao was talking to Jiang Zhinan, Erhuo checked the inner core, and it told Ye Xiao what it had found from it. The Destined Toad could still be saved from death!

Ye Xiao didn’t believe it. After all, the ninety-eight dan beads and the body were all exploded. He was going to grab the inner core in the hand. How was he going to believe that the toad was still alive?

Erhuo patiently explained it to Ye Xiao. The Destined Toad knew that it was not going to survive the fight against the powerful North Sky King’s Army, so it exploded the ninety-eight poison beads and gave up its body, which allowed it to kill all the enemies with one strike. However, it hid its soul and spirit inside the inner core. The ninety-eight poison beads had exploded, but the purest energy of the poison was put into the poisonous fog, and the blast had sent the fog high to the sky beyond the clouds. After the enemies were killed, the toad’s soul might return. When it returned, it would get the poison and energy back from the fog over the clouds. The toad lost its body and the poison beads, but it kept the most important part of its life. When the toad’s soul returned to the inner core, it could occupy a human body, so that it could go up to the sky and claim its poison back. After that, it might become another legend in the world!

The Destined Toad was wrong about two things though. First, unfortunately, Jiang Zhinan was dead. If Jiang Zhinan ate the inner core, Jiang Zhinan would become a legend instead of the toad. Second, Ye Xiao took away the inner core and gave it to Erhuo. When Erhuo was checking the inner core, it realized what the toad was planning, so it killed the toad’s soul!

The toad actually died with a great grievance.

Ye Xiao got the information from Erhuo, so he knew what had happened. The Destined Toad was dead, but there was something he had to deal with. In fact, it was something valuable that he should go and collect–the pure poison of the Destined Toad!

Ye Xiao and Erhuo flew up to the sky. When they saw the fog, they were shocked. Ye Xiao thought that the sky beyond the clouds would be quite unattractive because of the explosion of the ninety-eight poison beads. However, nothing really changed that much. There was just a mass of something black, which seemed to be getting smaller and smaller!

Erhuo made gestures and told Ye Xiao it was the pure poison of the Destined Toad, which was also the world’s most powerful poison. Ye Xiao was troubled. The poison seemed to be rather overwhelming. There were some dark holes floating around the poison. It could actually bring damage to space, which was so unbelievable. If he took the poison into the Boundless Space, maybe the Boundless Space would be destroyed!

Erhuo shook its head and said, “Poor master. Do you think the East-rising Purple Qi is just for fun? The pure poison is overwhelming, but the pure purple qi is unbreakable as well. The pure purple qi is the natural enemy to all poisons in the universe. You can easily take the poison if you wrap it up with the pure purple qi… Well, you are lucky to be weak this time… If you are powerful, the pure purple qi will clear the poison, and that is a huge loss!”

Ye Xiao was glad, so he ran the East-rising Purple Qi immediately. Just as Erhuo said, the pure poison was getting smaller and smaller after the pure purple qi wrapped it. In the end, it became a dark poison bead that was as small as a bowl. Ye Xiao set up a small room in the Boundless Space to keep the poison!

Ye Xiao was going to give the poison bead to the Poison King, but Erhuo stopped him. The Poison King was too weak. No matter how powerful the Worldly Poison Art was, the Poison King couldn’t handle the pure poison. The Poison King had to reach the top of the Immortality Stage to master the pure poison. If he made good use of the pure poison, it might help him a great deal in reaching the Undead Stage!

Ye Xiao took the poison bead, and he hurriedly got down to the ground. Hawky and Bab went to him, and they quickly rushed to the cave where the ladies were hiding in. In the end, they destroyed the cave, kept it a secret under the ground. He destroyed the cave where the Poison King had been hiding too but only broke it a little.

The five of them didn’t stay. They got through the Foggy Miasma Mountain and hurried on the road.

“Master, why didn’t you destroy the other cave thoroughly?” Xuan Bing asked.

“The cave you were hiding was much easier to find. The smell in the cave was like a bright sign.” Ye Xiao said, “If a woman stayed in a cave, the smell can’t be covered…

“So I left the other cave to draw people’s attention.

“When they found the cave that the Poison King had hidden in, they might give up searching for another cave.

“Only the Poison King and I stayed in that rock cave, so it would give the enemy the wrong information.

“I just did what had to be done.”

Two hours later, they had already gone thousands of miles.

Ye Xiao didn’t even check the loot in the Boundless Space. The most important thing was to leave far away as soon as possible. Decisiveness was one of Ye Xiao’s good characters.

He had killed one of the most important generals of the North Sky King. The general was an Undead Stage. It must be something that shook the Human Realm Upon Heavens.

He might get into a huge trouble for leaving one second later.

Life and death, leaving earlier and later, things happened within a blink of an eye.

Ye Xiao would never make a stupid mistake like that!

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