Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1761 - All Crazy?

Chapter 1761: All Crazy?

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“Our… Our brothers… The ten of us had never thought that… I couldn’t even imagine it…” Qiao Wu started sobbing. “The young man in the clan who was recognized as the most earnest man actually did such a vicious thing to us… As I think of it now, I am sure the men we sent out before must have died in the bastard dog’s hands…” Qiao Wu’s eyes were holding tears.

The other two men showed the same expression. ‘Heh heh… We are deaf again. Is Ye Changqing a bastard dog? I didn’t hear it!’

“The f*cking bastard! He poisoned us in the most secretive way. We didn’t notice anything at all. When the poison took effect, it was already too late…” Qiao Wu murmured.

Ye Xiao didn’t know what to say. ‘Why is this tough guy talking all these pointless words? Of course, he wouldn’t let you notice! He wanted to kill you, didn’t he? Who the hell do you think you were to him?’

“We fell for it… The bastard actually kept chasing after us… The other seven brothers sacrificed themselves to save us… They all died!”

Qiao Wu cried loudly to the sky and said, “They were all Immortality Stage cultivators! If they weren’t poisoned, one of them could kill all the enemies! Ye Changqing poisoned us… This is such a humiliation…”

He clenched his two fists hard, and the veins on his head popped. “I won’t accept this! I am humiliated, and my brothers were humiliated! I will take revenge! I will kill that bastard’s entire clan to vent the anger in my chest…”

The other two men looked at each other and didn’t say a word. ‘Well, we hate the man as much as Qiao Wu does, but we can’t let anybody kill the man’s clan… We can’t kill the Great Master Ye and Master Yunduan, can we?’

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and then blandly said, “I think there must be something you don’t know yet. The Heaven’s Leaf has been gone for over one hundred thousand years. You should have done a lot of accumulation during the days before the time to return. Maybe you are careless, but this is such a stupid mistake! The young generation in your clan might be deceived, but I don’t think the elders in your clan are so easily deceived as well!” Ye Xiao humphed and said, “The older a man is, the wiser he must be. Your elders can’t be idiots!”

Qiao Wu was embarrassed. He said, “There is something you don’t know, Master Ye.”

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. He said, “Is there anything wrong with the leadership of the Great Ye Clan?”

Qiao Wu was surprised. He said, “I can’t tell you. It is the secret of the clan.”

Ye Xiao blandly said, “Well, I won’t ask then. I won’t try to find out other’s secrets.” After that, he walked fast ahead.

Qiao Wu made a sigh. Tears were still on his eyes. He followed Ye Xiao ahead to the Hall of Life and Death.

What Ye Xiao asked was the secret that only the leaders of the Great Ye Clan knew. How could Qiao Wu tell Ye Xiao?

However, his response told Ye Xiao that there was a problem with the leadership of the Great Ye Clan.

Qiao Wu felt that Ye Xiao was somehow pleased to hear the bad news… It seemed like he was gloating about it!

Qiao Wu trusted his own feelings. He was confused. ‘Why is he happy about it? It doesn’t fit the description of this great doctor, does it?’

Ye Xiao finally understood.

There was nothing unreasonable.

When Ye Changqing came to the martial world, maybe he did want to just gather information for the clan. As he arrived at the City of Chaos, he realized how easy it was to use the name of his clan to build his own force in the city…

He had changed!

‘No matter who represents the clan, he gets the same support. Why can’t I just be the heir?’

It was Ye Xiao’s guess, but he knew it was more or less the truth.

The glorious life in the great martial world…

Ye Xiao made his guests comfortable then he saw Chihuo approaching happily. Chihuo walked to Ye Xiao and said, “Hi! Kid, you are back!”

Ye Xiao trembled. He was surprised.

‘Is this really Chihuo?’

‘He did call me kid, but only before he became my subordinate… Besides, since when would he say hi to others?’

‘Where the hell does he learn that from? That is…’

‘Who the hell does he think he is to pretend to be cute?’

The first guess Ye Xiao had in mind was that Chihuo failed to reach the Undead Stage, so he lost his mind… To put it another way, the old man might have gone crazy because of his failed attempt… Anyway, Ye Xiao decided to be careful!

A crazy Immortality Stage cultivator was more dangerous than a normal one. Even though Ye Xiao was already at the Immortality Stage, he could be easily defeated by the old man!

Ye Xiao cautiously said, “Chihuo… I mean… Old friend… Are you… Are you okay?”

Chihuo jumped up high and laughed. “What are you talking about, kid? Am I okay? I am great! I can’t be better!”

Ye Xiao was so scared. He started to sweat heavily staring at the old man and almost passed out.

An old man, who was at the end of his life, walked close to him and said hi before jumping high like a kid…

How scary was that?

What scared Ye Xiao more was that Chihuo actually just jumped and ran away, whistling music…

Whistling music…

Ye Xiao freaked out!

‘How long have I been gone? How did the old man become like this?’

‘Did he truly become crazy because he failed to reach the next stage?’

As he turned around, he saw Meng Youjiang. Meng Youjiang was wandering over, whistling jaunty music, shaking his head like a boy.

“Old Meng… You… You…” Ye Xiao froze.

‘I can understand why Chihuo went crazy… What happened to Meng Youjiang? What the hell is wrong with everybody?’

Meng Youjiang laughed and said, “My greetings, Lord Monarch! Finally, you are back! What a good thing to celebrate…” After that, he actually jumped up high too.

Ye Xiao was so confused and sacred. “What…”

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