Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1873 - The Great Master Ye

Chapter 1873: The Great Master Ye

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“As you just said, I wanted to shock the world by a great victory in that fight. I wanted to rule the Limitless Ocean and become the sixth Sky King. I would be recognized as one of the most powerful men in the world. I had a plan of building my own place and recruiting an army, so I could conquer the entire world! I wanted to destroy the five Sky Kings and take over their territories. I wanted to start a new world which would only belong to me!

“That was my plan. I didn’t care if the kings would fight me together!” Ye Hongchen blandly said. He was casual, but what he said could shake the world.

Ye Xiao said, “When you fought the Glaze Sky King, why did you give up? Why did you submit? Did you realize it was difficult to defeat them all?”

Ye Hongchen looked at Ye Xiao and said, “No. The five Sky Kings are powerful, but I wasn’t afraid of their power! When I clearly knew how powerful the Glaze Sky King was, I was ready to defeat him. However, at that moment, I broke to a new level!”

‘A breakthrough?’

Ye Xiao was surprised. ‘Is that your reason?’

‘It is normal that a cultivator has a breakthrough during a big fight. It is a good thing. How come he submitted? He became stronger. It doesn’t make sense!’

“Yes. You must feel confused. Technically speaking, my martial art had a breakthrough, the Transmigration Eye. It is a hard martial art, but it is amazing. I can see through the past and the future with the Transmigration Eye.”

Ye Hongchen said, “People in the Human Realm Upon Heavens knew that I had sharp eyes. I never misjudged any man, because of my Transmigration Eye!”

Ye Xiao didn’t say anything and just waited.

“Because of the special martial art, I never had a traitor in my team. If I want a man to be great, he will be great. If I want to do something, I will succeed.”

Ye Hongchen blandly said, “The Seven Golden Lotuses are good examples. People think that I treat them so well that they are loyal to me. In fact, I have done a great job of having their loyalty. With my Transmigration Eye, I saw the truth of them. They are powerful, talented, and honest. I knew they could become great, and they would be influential in the world.

“Each of the Seven Golden Lotuses is a great general, a great leader.

“In fact, my men are all powerful and great. They are all heroes.”

“With all these men, after defeating the five Sky Kings, I would easily build a kingdom of my own. It wouldn’t be difficult for me to unite the world. A long-lasting peaceful world was right ahead of me!” Ye Hongchen said.

“Why did you give up?” Ye Xiao said.

He had to ask this question because anybody would ask when hearing what Ye Hongchen said. Since he was so close to success, why did he give up?

“The Transmigration Eye is tough. I have spent a great deal to cultivate it. I could see the past and the future. My success comes from this special technique. When I wanted to make a further step, it didn’t work. I couldn’t have any improvement on this special technique. However, when I finally got that breakthrough, I saw so much about the future… the future of the world.” Ye Hongchen said, “It was a disaster…”

Ye Xiao was surprised.

‘A disaster’

‘If it was a disaster for such a great man, how miserable was it?’

‘How many people had to die?’

‘The rise of a king comes with a lot of death.’

“If I kept going further and conquered the world, the Ye Clan would become the center of the disaster. My children would kill each other for power. Three generations later, my kingdom would collapse, and my people died. The Ye Clan was too weak. I shouldn’t be eager for quick success and instant benefit!

“I could kill some of my children, who I knew would become evil. It could be a warning to the clan. However, I didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t kill my own children. I couldn’t raise my sword to my family. I was not a king.”

Ye Hongchen’s cold eyes changed.

“In fact, if it became a disaster, it wasn’t just about the Ye Clan. The seven lotus clans would die. My seven brothers would die. They are loyal to me because I am loyal to them too!

“I couldn’t let my clan die or my brothers die. I couldn’t accept the consequences!

“That was what I saw with my newly-improved Transmigration Eye. When I defeated the Glaze Sky, things would be out of my control. I would be the biggest and worst enemy to the five Sky Kings. I had to keep fighting forward and the world would fall to a disaster, or I had to stop and die in the Sky Kings’ hands!”

Ye Hongchen said, “If I kept following my plan, my people and I died… If I gave up, my people survived. One of my children would become a true king who would unite the world someday! That was why I chose to stay away from the martial world for a hundred thousand years.”

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