Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1751 - 1751 Gratitude for the Spirit Gathering Pill

Chapter 1751 - 1751 Gratitude for the Spirit Gathering Pill

1751 Gratitude for the Spirit Gathering Pill

By the time Father Fan rushed over, Chi Shuyan had almost finished trading her pills. She and Fan Yin left the bazaar early, and the three didn’t meet there.

Most of the items in the ancient bazaar were medicinal herbs or other items, and very few people in this era were willing to use medicinal pills to trade. So, when Chi Shuyan set up a stall to trade medicinal pills, she was practically mobbed.

In particular, some people later discovered that she was trading very rare medicinal pills, such as the Spirit Gathering Pill, the Marrow Recovery Pill, and the Marrow Cleansing Pill. Which one of them wasn’t a very rare medicinal pill that drove people crazy? Immediately, there was a swarm of people as they almost went crazy. What Fan Yin had said to Father Fan about people fighting over the medicinal pills was true. Even the vendors next to Master Chi immediately packed up their goods and hurriedly queued up. One could imagine how popular her medicinal pills were.

Although Chi Shuyan had been mentally prepared before she came, she was still in a daze after trading her pills. She hurriedly left with Fan Yin and found a hotel nearby to stay in.

Fan Yin didn’t agree at first and insisted on taking her back to the Fan residence. His father had already arranged a guest room for Master Chi. Why was Master Chi staying in a hotel?


Fan Yin looked depressed, but Chi Shuyan insisted on staying at the hotel. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to inconvenience the Fan family, but they had a big family business and there would always be a lot of shady things in major families, and Chi Shuyan didn’t like trouble. Hence, when she checked into a nearby hotel, she explained a little more, in case Fan Yin thought too much. Only then did Fan Yin’s face soften a little.

What Master Chi was worried about was indeed the case. At that moment, Fan Yin also thought of Fan Ping, who had always been at odds with him. If Fan Ping found out that Master Chi was the expert who refined the spirit tea, or who had given Fan Yin the level 6 Advancement Pills and the Marrow Cleansing Pills, Master Chi would probably run into a lot more trouble in the future.

Of course, Fan Yin also had his own selfish motives. He absolutely didn’t want Fan Ping to get to know Master Chi. He was afraid of this kid’s glib tongue. If that happened, Fan Yin would probably cry to death.

Thinking this, Fan Yin no longer objected to Master Chi staying in a hotel. Besides, this hotel happened to be owned by his Fan family. Fan Yin directly booked the presidential suite for Master Chi at the front desk. This time, Chi Shuyan didn’t refuse.

Taking the room card, Chi Shuyan curled her lip and asked, “Do you want to go up and have a seat?”

If it wasn’t for his father’s phone call just now, Fan Yin would have liked to hang around. He had just given his father his location, and his father should be here soon. Fan Yin hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, “Forget it, Master Chi, my father is still looking for me. I won’t go up and sit for a while. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. If you want to shop or eat anything, just tell me. Don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

“You really won’t come up to have a seat?” Chi Shuyan curled her lip and repeated herself.

Fan Yin gritted his teeth and refused in the end. In any case, he still had a chance to catch up with Master Chi tomorrow!

“Okay, I’ll go up first! Say hello to your father for me later!” Chi Shuyan said.

“Of course! Of course!”

Before she left, Chi Shuyan threw a bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills to Fan Yin, saying that this was his reward for the evening.

Fan Yin was in disbelief and pleasantly surprised and excited, but he hurriedly refused. Master Chi had already given him enough face by being willing to give him three Marrow Cleansing Pills in a trade; how could he accept any more gifts?

Chi Shuyan didn’t give Fan Yin a chance to refuse. She threw the spirit bottle at him and entered the elevator to go upstairs!

Fan Yin gripped the spirit bottle tightly in his hand. He didn’t know whether to accept it or not. He fiddled with the cork, and the dense spiritual energy which leaked out struck him in the head. Fan Yin hurriedly put the cork back in and nervously put the bottle in his pocket. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

He didn’t expect such a good thing to happen. Fan Yin was very glad that he was the one accompanying Master Chi, and not anyone else.

“Dad, you’re finally here!” Fan Yin grinned and laughed unhurriedly, but Father Fan was anxious. He couldn’t wait to ask about the Marrow Cleansing Pill, but was afraid of being overheard.

Grabbing the kid’s collar and pulling him to the side, Father Fan gritted his teeth and asked again, “Where’s Master Chi?”

“Master Chi said she wanted to stay in a hotel! I brought her here and booked a room for her!” Fan Yin said honestly.

Father Fan, on the other hand, was furious. His son had actually wasted such an easy opportunity to win over a high-level alchemist, and he even brought her to the hotel himself?

Father Fan regretted handing over the task of picking up Master Chi to such an unreliable kid.

How could Fan Yin not see that his father was angry? He hurriedly explained, “Dad, I didn’t do it on purpose; it’s Master Chi who doesn’t want to stay at our Fan residence, alright? Besides, I think Master Chi made a good decision; Fan Ping, that rascal, has been watching me lately in order to find Master Chi. If I really take Master Chi back to the Fan residence this time, wouldn’t that be letting someone else bother her?”

What he said wasn’t wrong. Thinking of how ambitious Fan Ping was, Father Fan’s anger subsided a lot. Moreover, Ah Yin was indeed thoughtful. He wasn’t afraid of Fan Ping getting to know Master Chi, but he was worried that the other party would pester Master Chi and anger her. The losses would outweigh the gains for the Fan family.

Father Fan also accepted his son’s arrangement for Master Chi to stay in a hotel.

But Father Fan didn’t forget what his son had said on the phone about the Marrow Cleansing Pill. He lowered his voice and suppressed his excitement. “Does Master Chi really have the Marrow Cleansing Pill? She didn’t use them to trade for other items, did she?” If his son was smart, he should have stopped her immediately!

Fan Yin didn’t get what his father was thinking at all. He nodded and blurted out, “She did, she did. Master Chi said that she brought these medicinal pills to trade for some older and slightly rarer spirit herbs. She traded with a lot of people! They really started fighting. Those people were too crazy!”

Father Fan’s vision turned black, and he was lost for words.

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