Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 10 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi FeiChapter 10 Returning to Pengcheng, Part 1

Everything was perfect in the current Qi fu. Theonly thing marring that perfection was Qi RongYue. Her existence reminded himall the time that he once relied on a merchant's daughter's dowry to rise up inofficialdom.

That day, Qi YongChun went to Pengcheng government'sprefecture and dissolved the father-daughter relationship between Qi YongChunand Qi RongYue. He also sent someone to the Qi family ancestral halls andstruck Qi RongYue's name off the genealogy records. From now on, Qi fu and QiRongYue had no relationship.

Née Liang sent Nanny Li to the farmstead personallyat night to kick out Qi RongYue and Xue'er. Let them fend for themselves onthis cold winter night. If they died, it was for the best and exactly what theywanted.

After doing all this, the wife and husband sat athome, waiting for Marquis Yongping fu's people to come.

But they waited and waited and no one from MarquisYongping fu came. Qi YongChun felt something was wrong. Even if MarquisYongping fu did not want to find fault with a weak woman, but Pengcheng's headof the Zheng family was not easy to talk to. That Zheng Wenfan was only afifth-rank senior provincial government official, but he came from MarquisYongping fu and never put his immediate superior officer [Qi YongChun] in hiseyes.

Now that this happened, how could he possibly havegiven up the opportunity to censure and hold him accountable?

The more he thought, the more he felt something waswrong. Qi YongChun sent men to the Zheng family for news. Marquis YongpingShizi had not yet woken up and was looking hard for a doctor. They had no timefor anything else.

Qi RongYue and Xue'er were kicked out of thefarmstead by Nanny Li and Wang pozi. As Qi RongYue expected, they were given notime to get dressed or retrieve their belongings. Fortunately, Qi RongYue hadgreat foresight and already wore the clothes and packed the belongings on herbody. Even if they were kicked out, at least they wouldn't freeze to death.

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