Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 12 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi FeiChapter 12 Leaving Mo Fu, Part 1

In a room in Mo fu, Mo Dalang was tossing andturning in bed and couldn't sleep. He thought of his mother's dying words. Nomatter how ungrateful Qi YongChun was, it had nothing to do with RongYue.RongYue lost her biological mother. She already had it difficult in Qi fu. IfMo family also didn't care about her, her days would be miserable.

But these few years, he had never asked aboutRongYue. Even if he went to Pengcheng for work, he never asked about howRongYue was doing. He seemed to have forgotten such a person existed. Earlier,the maidservant reported someone called Qi Xiaojie was at the door.

He immediately thought of RongYue. It must be her.He was going to meet her but his furen stopped him. She sent the maidservantaway and told him not to open the door. They would discuss everything in themorning.

But it was snowing outside. How could such adelicate girl endure the cold?

But he couldn't do anything with the tigress around!He could only stare blankly until morning!

Mo Dalang dressed and was ready to leave, but wasstopped by the tigress. "Where are you going?"

Mo Dalang said, "My niece froze outside the door allnight. I'm going to let her in now. What? You still forbid it?"

Née Xu smiled, "Your Mo family only has this oneniece. How could I not let her in the door? But you don't need to show up. I'lldo it. Stay peacefully in this room all day. Don't go anywhere."

Mo Dalang wanted to resist but at his furen's sharpgaze, he immediately cringed back. He could only return annoyed to the room,alone with his anger.

Née Xu rolled her eyes at Mo Dalang. She turned to amaidservant, "Xiao Cui, invite Qi Xiaojie inside to the sitting room."

The girls on the horse carriage were almost frozen stiff. The driver Uncle Wang saw they were really pitiful and went early to a shop for them. He brought back two bowls of hot noodle soup. After drinking the soup, their bodies gradually warmed up.

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