Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 14 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi FeiChapter 14.1 Zheng Fu Sent People Over

Qi RongYue did not refute and only lightly said, "IfMo furen would give me the dowry list, I will leave immediately afterwards!"

Mo furen drily laughed twice. She turned to Xiao Cuiand said, "Go find Nanny Chang and tell her to bring sister-in-law's dowry listover."

It seemed that Qi RongYue did not have plans to stayin Mo fu. That was great. Mo furen did not have plans to have her stay anyway.They were in sync. How beautiful.

Within fifteen minutes, the dowry list was sent overin a box. Mo furen opened the lid and took a look. She couldn't help but say,"When your mother married into Qi fu that year, she took away half of Mo fu'sfortune." This was one of the reasons she was determined to dislike Qi RongYue.

What should have been given to her children wasgiven to an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. Could she not hate?

Qi RongYue took the box Mo furen handed over and didnot open it. They had no use for this sort of thing in Mo fu. They didn't needto take out a fake one to trick her.

She curtsied to Mo furen. "Please pay my respects tomy three uncles. I'll take my leave now!"

Mo furen pretended to detain her, "Eat lunch beforeyou go! It's so cold outside. It's better to warm yourself up first!"

Qi RongYue shook her head, "Thanking Mo furen foryour kindness. I have urgent business to attend to. I'll leave now."

Looking at Qi RongYue and their maidservant'shurried backs, Mo furen mumbled to herself. "Can one person's change be sodramatic? Even the walking posture is very different."

There was no wall in this world impervious to wind. The news of Qi RongYue coming to Mo fu soon spread throughout Mo fu. Mo Erlang lived in the east courtyard. He heard about this from the servants and wanted to go to the front hall to see. But his trading company coincidentally had some business and he couldn't leave. He had his little manservant go to the north courtyard to inform Sanlang to let him see if RongYue had some difficulties.

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