Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 15 part2

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi FeiChapter 15.2 Acupuncture

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Pengcheng's old doctors couldn't treat the injuries,but this little guniang [young girl, woman, lady] could?

Zheng Daren winked at her, hinting at her to notspeak nonsense. They already had no more solutions. Even if they were doubtfulof her, they still needed to grasp onto this hope.

Qi RongYue was invited in. The little manservant's faceimmediately showed happiness. He rushed to Qi YongRue and pleaded, "Qi Xiaojie,you're here! Our Shizi has been unconscious for three days and nights!" He wasnot originally convinced that Qi Xiaojie could cure Shizi. But when the oldPengcheng doctors Zheng Daren invited said that the first-aid treatment waswell done or Shizi's injuries would have been more serious, he finally believedthat Qi Xiaojie knew medicine.

He told this matter to Zheng Daren, but Zheng Darensaid that Qi Xiaojie was just a little guniang. How could she treat Shizi'swounds? Only until all the old doctors in Pengcheng were invited over and couldnot treat Shizi, did Zheng Daren go to Qi fu to seek treatment.

Qi RongYue sat next to Shizi's bed. She first lookedat his complexion. It was more pale and haggard than it was three days ago. Healso had stubble on his chin.

She reached out to feel Zheng Shizi's forehead. Asshe expected, the temperature was very high. If the high fever did not go away,he was unlikely to wake up. After another day or two, even if he woke up in thefuture, he would become a fool.

"Xue'er, bring the needle pouch over!" She reachedout to take off Shizi's clothes. Zheng furen hurriedly went over to stop her."Qi Xiaojie, what are you doing?"

Qi RongYue said, "I will apply acupuncture on Shizi.Naturally, I need to take his clothes off."

Zheng furen was female. She naturally thought morethan the simple-minded laoyes.

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