Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 16 part2

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 16.2 Stripped Naked

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How could Sangui not follow Zheng daren's orders? Heimmediately, and with experience, stripped Shizi until he was clad in only asmall pair of shorts.

It seemed like he normally helped him take off hisclothes a lot!

The room had a heater burning. It was as warm asspringtime. Even if he was stripped naked, there was no fear of him catching acold again.

Qi RongYue also took off her thick, bulky coat. Hertall and slender body appeared even more so. She sat at the bedside and openedher newly-bought needle pouch, revealing long and short silver needles. Shefirst inserted needles into Shizi's eight acupuncture points on his head. Thenit was the six points on his heart, nine points on his waist, eighteen pointson his feet, and twelve points on his shoulders and arms. The person almostturned into a hedgehog.

The people saw how fast and accurate she inserted needles.Her actions were very skilled as if she had done this on hundreds and thousandsof people. Their hanging hearts finally settled. It seemed like this Qi Xiaojiereally knew medicine.

The needles were gently stirring against Shizi'sbody. After fifteen minutes, Qi Xiaojie started to pull out the needles. Shedidn't carelessly withdraw them, but pinched them and lightly spun them a bit,before slowly pulling them out.

Each needle was pulled out the same way and took along time. Even the people watching felt tired, but Qi Xiaojie's face didn'tchange and looked calm.

This was what a good basic doctor should be like!

After the last needle was pulled out, Qi RongYue coveredZheng Shizi with a brocade quilt. "Don't put on his clothes yet. I have toperform acupuncture after two hours and then his fever will finally recede."

Zheng daren and Zheng furen's faces were happy."Then when will he wake up?"

Qi RongYue replied, "He will wake up when the feverrecedes. Then we can check on his brain injury."

Zheng daren was shocked and hurriedly asked, "Isn'this brain injury just hitting his head? Is there something wrong?"

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