Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Green Bean Soup

Kang Jian's appearance was not classically handsome.

He was tall with a good body however while his nose was straight, his eyes were slightly small and he had an inner double lid. His chin was slightly squarish and his cheekbones prominent. When he was young, among a crowd of handsome male stars, he didn't particularly stand out. However as he got older, his appearance was more suitable for a going down a mature pathway. After he had undergone the styling for his role, he had the image of someone who looked casual and playful on the outside but hid a deep emotions on the inside. In this way Kang Jian became a "killer" of older women. {T/N: As in he's very popular with this demographic.}

At this time in his previous life, Bai Lang and Kang Jian were just ordinary friends. Kang Jian took a lot of initiative in this regard. If he wasn't calling to chat then he was turning up at Bai Lang's door with supper.

Afterwards when the ugly news regarding Bai Lang's family got around, Kang Jian began to contact him less. In contrast due to the release of his first movie and also UNI's advertisement, Kang Jian's star was on the rise and he became gradually known by the audience. Bai Lang naturally thought the reason for the decrease in contact was because Kang Jian was busy working.

It was not until a few years later when Bai Lang became famous again because of the popularity of "Who is Hosting Dinner?", that Kang Jian's frequent contact returned. At that time although Kang Jian could not be considered an A-lister, he frequently acted in small productions as either the male lead or in an important supporting male role. Compared to the popular again Bai Lang, he can be considered around same level of fame.

Thus Kang Jian never tried to hide the fact that he and Bai Lang were old friends. The two of them had different styles and thus there wasn't much chance of them competing against each other. Occasionally when they appeared in the supermarket together, they could create some minor news and give the fans a favorable impression of two close male friends being affectionate towards each other.

This was also the beginning of the two people's relationship.

The change in relationship was also initiated by Kang Jian.

Kang Jian was bisexual. He was okay with either men or women. According to what Kang Jian told Bai Lang, he actually preferred men over women, however the reality of his circumstances it was difficult for him to find someone good.

And Bai Lang was clean and beautiful, his personality was calm and he wasn't the type to quibble over small things. He also knew how to take care of others. After they got to know each other, it wasn't as though Kang Jian didn't have any genuine feelings. However at that time he was more concerned with his own career. Since Bai Lang had a lot of troublesome news, Kang Jian decided to not pursue him anymore.

But when Bai Lang became popular for the second time, Kang Jian's heart began to itch again. Also by that time Kang Jian had also familiarized himself with Bai Lang's personality. He was pleased with the fact that Bai Lang was low-key, and wasn't the type of person to nag or get jealous. After testing him a few times, he found out that Bai Lang didn't seem to have any prejudice towards homosexuals. So he seized the opportunity when Bai Lang was drunk and sealed the deal with him.

Afterwards Kang Jian spent some time pacifying the shocked Bai Lang.

He made long speeches about his long and difficult secret love for the other person, it was only because he really couldn't suppress it any longer that it burst out and he lost control.

In movies this type of infatuated and lovesick male character would often appear. Kang Jian's acting was dripping with emotions. It had to be said that Kang Jian's method was extremely correct. This type of "good friend turned lover" pathway was extremely effective on the innocent and naive Bai Lang. This way he would be more easily forgiven and accepted. Bai Lang at this time was still bearing the heavy burden of repaying Bai Li's debts. Something like having a relationship was a luxury for him.

However he didn't expect that Kang Jian's promise of love only lasted for three years.

Three years of giving him his whole heart, only won back that kind of betrayal from Kang Jian.

So that's why, after his rebirth, Bai Lang's phone was filled with Kang Jian's missed calls. This by itself wasn't unusual. The fact that he ignored it and did not even return one was the unusual part.

But Bai Lang had already made up his mind that in his life he didn't want any type of relationship with Kang Jian.

If he maintained a so-called "friendship" with Kang Jian, perhaps it would be easier to do what Bai Lang had decided to do in this life {T/N: prevent KJ's rise}, however Bai Lang already knew the sensation of betrayal from his past life. He hated it and thus he didn't want to also turn into that kind of person. Also more importantly, Bai Lang was afraid that in front of Kang Jian he would not be able to hide the feelings of anger and disgust in his heart.

Thinking about it now, the last time he had seen Kang Jian in his past life, the other man had still held his hand.

He had said, no matter how much the world changed, he would definitely stay beside Bai Lang's side.

And now, seeing Kang Jian once again standing in front of his eyes, Bai Lang felt a strong sense of revulsion.


Kang Jian was holding three big bags of sweet soup and had come to the set to visit someone he knew.

That person was of course his senior brother from the same company, Wu ShenEn.

The artists under the same management company often did things like this. Other than helping to give face to the person they were visiting, they could use this opportunity to make acquaintances and get close to the crew. Perhaps if the timing was right, they could turn these networks into opportunities for themselves.

So it was not the first time Kang Jian had come. He greeted Wu ShenEn then began passing out the soup to the crew in a familiar manner. Right now there were still several more scenes to film and so this kind of afternoon tea type event was well-received by everyone.

Bai Lang overlooked the smile that Kang Jian gave to him and continued chatting with Director Zhou. If he left the room now, then he would undoubtedly run into Kang Jian alone. He definitely didn't want that.

Fan Shan and Wu ShenEn also didn't leave. After all the topic of conversation had just turned to the direction of the script. The male and female lead were justifiably very anxious about it. In the end even the actress for Chen MeiYu, Yu QianQian, also came to join them. These people surrounded Director Zhou and sat on the long work table to drink sweet bean soup and continue their previous topic of discussion.

"Director Zhou, are you being serious? You guys really went to find that fanfiction writer?" Fan Shan asked curiously.

On it's official website, other than "Partners"'s official discussion board, there was also a fanworks section. Even if they didn't do this, such fanworks were bound to pop up for popular dramas. This way they could somewhat regulate it and only fanworks published on the official website were considered "authorized" by default. The premise was that it had to promote a healthy and positive image for the drama. Also the company owned the rights to everything published with its characters, and could prevent serialization or delete things that it found and deemed inappropriate.

Of course these rights were not exercised strenuously. After all the company didn't have so much free time that they could delete every unauthorized work on the internet. However since they promoted the news that the works published on the official discussion board's fanworks section had "influence" over the script, most fans were attracted to posting their works there. It was a good way of concentrating all the works in one place. After "Partners" had been broadcasting for two months, the relationships between the four characters gradually became clearer. The fanworks section during this time also began to spring up like mushrooms.

Director Zhou's manner towards Fan Shan was equally friendly. "It's better to ask Xiao Dong than me. He knows Scriptwriters Xu's intentions better than me."

The producer Chen DongLi also didn't make them run around in circles. His lips twitched and he said, "Previously we did make contact. It turns out she's a female student that's quite young. All her documents are still being kept by her parents for safekeeping. When we came to her door, they nearly took us for scam artists and tried to run us out. Really unexpected."

Chen DongLi was a fatty of approximately over a 100 kilos. At this time he had already finished every last drop of the sweet soup and still looked unsatisfied.

Bai Lang saw this and pushed his portion which he hadn't touched towards him. Chen DongLi pretended to reject it a few times then began drinking it vigorously.

The other people were surprised by this behaviour, some were also disdainful. They saw it as Bai Lang trying to suck up. However using someone else's gift? This method was too low ba. As for Bai Lang, he just really didn't want to eat anything that Kang Jian had brought. He was grateful that someone was willing to take it off his hands.

"So what's the result?" It was Fan Shan asking again. "Will you really put me and Jiang XinCheng together?"

Chen DongLi didn't answer. Yu QianQian used her soft and gentle voice to interrupt, "Ai, I think the probability is low sister Shan. What the fans like is precisely Jian XinCheng's loyalty. If he suddenly changes the person he likes, then he'd be acting out of character." In the drama her character was very feminine and she was also like that in real life.

Fan Shan felt unhappy. However on the surface she smiled. "That's why it’s called the scriptwriter's power ah. QianQian, don't underestimate them. Otherwise how can Lin QuanXi and I argue to this degree but in the end still end up together? In real life it wouldn't be possible, however isn't the scriptwriter still able to write it out naturally?" In just a few sentences she pinned a big label on Yu QianQian which read "looks down on scriptwriters".

Yu QianQian froze slightly. Then she smiled, "That's right ah. It's my lack of experience. Sister Shan is right."

"But XinYa, hearing you talk like this really breaks my heart." Wu ShenEn called her by the female lead's name, pretending that his heart was really hurt. "Isn't this 'looking at other people's bowls while eating from one's own?'" {T/N: Similar meaning to wanting your cake and eating it too.}

Although he was pretending to be in character, really what was trying to point out was Fan Shan's greediness.

Fan Shan's expression slightly changed. Then she sighed. "This is also what the fans want for me ah. You don't know but fans on the website are always asking this question ne. Otherwise why would I be concerned about it? Jiang XinCheng, you should add oil too ah. The fans want me to pass on this message to you. They're all looking forward to what you can do." {T/N: "Add oil" = work hard/good luck. I left it as Chinese since I'm pretty sure all everyone knows what it means.}

Her many years of experience was not for nothing. Fan Shan's technique of using her words to artfully put down others was not bad. However her last words seemed to be pushing the fire she had raised on herself towards Bai Lang. She also didn't want to fight Wu ShenEn in the open. If she pushed out his direct competitor Bai Lang then she could distract a lot of Wue ShenEn's animosity away from her.

The previous Bai Lang wouldn't have understood this. But now he couldn't be more clear. He smiled and replied, "Sister Fan is so passionate about supporting the fans, it really makes one envious. Actually I don't really understand these things so I can only follow what the script says."

His reply was extremely calm and neat, but when Fan Shan looked at the smiling Bai Lang in the eyes, she experienced a feeling of embarrassment.

Chen DongLi had finished the second bowl of soup. He acted as though he completely didn't understand the exchanges between the four from before and said, "These things are still under discussion. That fanfiction writer's age is really too young. Her parents are so very strict. The scriptwriter still wants to observe the trending topics for a while longer and then make a decision."

Hearing this reply, Fan Shan had no choice but to drop the subject in disappointment. Of course, Wu ShenEn's facial expression was not much better. Because it showed that things could still be changed and that the scriptwriter was still thinking about things.

Kang Jian finished passing out all the sweet soup. When the discussion had reached a natural pause, he very astutely found an opening and came over to make his greetings.

"Brother Shen, Director Zhou, brother Chen, it's so lively over here." Kang Jian said. "What are you guys talking about? Let me join in too."

Director Zhou laughed and said, "We were just talking about how your green bean soup is very good ah. There's even konjac in it. It's so filling."

Kang Jian's eyes lit up and he immediately continued the subject. "Yes Director Zhou. This is purchased from the hundred year old shop that the programme "Local Delicacies" previously recommended. I saw it and wanted to bring some for everyone to try. I didn't realize that the store doesn't take preorders, and you can only go there to line up to buy. Luckily I got there early and just managed to bring it here in time for afternoon tea."

After speaking, Kang Jian brought over a chair for himself in a familiar manner. He placed himself in between Wu ShenEn and Director Zhou. Although this moment might look casual and careless, in fact he had directly inserted himself into this small group under the eyes of everyone.

Fan Shan smiled. "You're very thoughtful. If it were me I definitely wouldn't line up. In the future if someone got you as their boyfriend, then they will be really lucky."

Kang Jian grinned in an embarrassed manner. "Sister Fan you're laughing at me. The real good boyfriend is definitely by senior brother's character Lin QuanXi. He's so popular with girls, no one can beat him. I'm not worried. As long as I follow him I'll definitely be able to find a girlfriend."

These words were very safe and at the same time praised Wu ShenEn. However directly following the previous topic of conversation, Wu ShenEn felt like it sounded ugly. His face fell. Fan Shan who also realized this looked over with a playful expression, she squinted her eyes and didn't reply.

Kang Jian laughed a few times and realized no one was going along with him. He also thought it was strange. Instinctively he looked towards the "familiar" Bai Lang for help. "Ah Lang, this is the same green bean soup place I mentioned on the phone to you before. Do you like it?"

The silent Bai Lang suddenly had his name called. Fan Shan said curiously, "'Ah Lang'? Do you two know each other?"

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