Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Martini

After the end of the luxurious banquet, the guests were all ushered into the adjacent reception hall by the hotel staff.

Here there was a large dance floor, couches, as well as several bars. The lighting was low and with the addition of the DJ playing sometime slow and sometimes fast music, the entire atmosphere turned into that of a club.

A few young people were delighted by this. They immediately threw off the previous formality, which was rather like being at a wedding, and ran to the dance floor to bump and grind. This was an entertainment company's party after all. Most of the employees had outgoing and lively personalities that were always up for a challenge. Since the company had organized such a good party, then it would be remiss if they didn't have a great time.

Thus the entire venue's atmosphere became very high.

The red, purple, blue and green electronic lights flashed and the DJ's music also became faster and more frenetic, the bass was strong and the beat of the music made people's eardrums as well as the floor thump. There was more and more people crowded onto the dance floor. Other than the employees, there were also a quite few artists that couldn't control their instincts and decided to throw their images to the wind for this night.

Bai Lang didn't join in this fun. He thought he was already someone who was over 30 years old in his heart, so this kind of frenetic activity only made him feel tired.

Very early on he sat on a couch and found a comfortable position. He ordered a glass of juice and watched the lively dance floor. As for Rong SiQi this real young person, he sat next to Bai Lang like a wallflower. After Bai Lang asked him curiously why he didn't go and join the fun, Rong SiQi bluntly replied that he might fall over, and so Bai Lang couldn't ask anymore.

However the two of them were both people of note. After UNI's advertisement filled the streets, the two people became two of the most admired stars in the company. Many artists wanted to get to know them and so of course wouldn't miss this opportunity. So after they sat down, Bai Lang and Rong SiQi were constantly visited by colleagues wanting to say hello and so they also weren't bored.

The same type of scene could be seen on the other side of the hall.

And this one was much bigger.

The film emperor Su Quan and Total Entertainment's big boss Qiu Qian were casually sitting. Every now and then they would exchange a few sentences and careful observers could immediately sniff out the fact that these two probably were old acquaintances. Otherwise since after joining Total Entertainment, Su Quan had spent most of his time overseas, how could he have gotten to know the boss so well?

An Su Quan, who usually disdained talking to the public about his personal life, was in an unusually good mood this night. When people asked him about his life overseas he also didn't mind responding a few sentences. Of course people only dared to ask him polite type questions, after all even if they were high level management, when they were stared at by Su Quan's deep, magnetic eyes and received his half-smile, they all felt like their heads were swimming.

The only person that seemed unaffected was the big boss Qiu Qian.

As usual he was still wearing a flower print shirt over which he wore a black suit. A few buttons which hadn't been buttoned up showed his wheat-colored tanned skin and the gold chain on his neck. He leaned back lazily on his seat next to the exceptionally handsome film Emperor, however his sensual charisma didn't lose to Su Quan when catching the eye.

When Qiu Qian sat down he had ordered a martini, listened to the chatter around him and gazed lazily at the dance floor.

It looked extremely casual but only Qiu Qian knew that from this angle he could see in a direct line to the corner where Bai Lang was sitting. Although it was far away however there was nothing blocking his vision.

At this time Qiu Qian could also see Ya Qi stopping to talk to Bai Lang. At the same time he spoke he also looked over at him.

Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes. His expression didn't flicker when he saw Bai Lang also following Ya Qi to glance over this way. However very quickly he looked away again. Afterwards he said something which made Ya Qi leave in a huff.

Qiu Qian gazed darkly at Ya Qi's leaving back for a few seconds before he looked back at Bai Lang. He could approximately guess what Ya Qi had just said to Bai Lang. After all Qiu Qian had heard the entire recording of everything that had transpired at "The Regal Suit".

And so, after hearing this, what would Bai Lang's reaction be….?

Qiu Qian slowly sipped his drink and decided to wait.

Just like how earlier today Qiu Qian had been waiting for Bai Lang to open his mouth.

Open his mouth to ask him, since the two of them were both going to the same party, if there needed to be some kind of other arrangement… {T/N: I believe QQ wanted BL to ask him if they should go together.}

However no matter how long he waited Qiu Qian didn't hear this question. Right now he decided to give Bai Lang another chance.

However at this time a voice spoke next to his ear, interrupting his thoughts.

"Are you bored? Want to go somewhere?"

Qiu Qian's gaze moved and saw that Su Quan who was sitting next to him had finished his conversation. In his hand he was also turning a martini glass. As it tinkled lightly, on his mouth there was a relaxed smile. As for the people he had been talking to, they all seemed to have received Su Quan's signal that their conversation was at an end. They immediately busied themselves doing their own things and talking amongst themselves, leaving them alone.

"Do you need me to remind you that in this kind of event, the understanding boss is the one that leaves first." Su Quan raised the corner of his beautiful lips and his eyes were bright like shining stars in a sea of darkness.

Qiu Qian was already very familiar with this appearance. He only paused then nodded. "Fine. Should I take you home first?"

Su Quan shook his head. "Since it's a rare opportunity, let's go to the Blue Parrot."

Qiu Qian agreed. He downed everything in his glass in one smooth motion and at the same time his gaze once again returned to that corner.

Very good, Bai Lang was still talking to Rong SiQi. Qiu Qian made a low "hmph" sound then put his glass down. He stood up decisively then jerked his head. "Let's go."

Su Quan smiled. He followed suit to put down his glass and got up gracefully.

Qiu Qian an offhand farewell to the people around him and then strode towards the front door of the large hall.

The most important people inside the venue were on the move. Naturally everyone's attention was roused. Qiu Qian was a boss that usually liked to have a good time. He wasn't conservative at all. Thus a few employees immediately rushed over to try and ask him to stay. They said things like: boss how come you're leaving ah. Stay a bit longer. We still haven't had time to get you drunk yet. And similar types of jokes.

Qiu Qian waved his hand. He told them to have a good time and his footsteps didn't stop.

Su Quan followed behind him, elegantly smiling.

However at this time there was a sudden flash of light, aimed directly at these two people.

It was a white light, clearly from a mobile phone's flash camera.

Qiu Qian and Su Quan's movement suddenly stopped. And the people next to them began to sweat.

Because most people at knew that what Su Quan hated the most was being followed and having his photo taken. Thus he didn't even accept interviews often.

The reporters and paparazzi who followed him all afterwards inexplicably had some kind of ugly scandal or other such problems. Afterwards people understood that unless they had strong power, they couldn't go after Su Quan. Behind him was some high person taking care of him.

As for this end of year party, there wasn't any outsiders. There weren't any paparazzi and everybody was relaxed having a good time.

So thus the person who took the photo could only be an employee. However this type of act was also forbidden.

It was a young girl holding her phone who had taken the candid shot. Just then she had been so excited she had lost her head. After the flash appeared the atmosphere around her changed immediately and many eyes turned towards her. She immediately realized her mistake. Her face went from green to white. "Oh, I, I, I…."

Su Quan's lip turned up. He put his hand over Qiu Qian's shoulder and his magnetic eyes were fixed on the person with the camera.

"Delete the one you took just now and take it again. I prefer to be prepared before taking a photo."

Su Quan's voice was neither fast nor slow, and his mesmerizing smile made the young girl stammer.

"O..okay, I've de-de-deleted it. I'm, I'm sorry. I, I didn't mean to…"

Su Quan pressed closer to Qiu Qian. Other than his hand on his shoulder, he also tilted his head a little bit towards Qiu Qian. "Okay. It's a rare opportunity so help me and Ah Qian take a photo together."

The young woman's mouth opened and closed. She looked as though she wanted to refuse however she was stared at Su Quan and eventually, still shaking violently, she took a few photos.

Before he left, Su Quan kindly added a few sentences. "Later I'll ask my assistant to come ask you for a copy. Don't delete it too quick."

The young woman looked as though she was about to cry. "O-okay…"

Because in her phone the photos were all blurry and beyond recognition. However she was too scared to ask him to retake it.

Also because of this small disturbance, all the people in Total Entertainment came to know two things.

Number 1, Su Quan was just as difficult to bother as the rumors. They needed to take care.

Number 2, Su Quan was familiar enough with their boss to call him "Ah Qian".

Bai Lang saw this too and felt as though he could see from the very beginning to very end.


Half an hour later.

Gentle jazz flowed through a dimly lit space.

The blue light made the stylishly decorated private booth gave a somewhat romantic feeling.

This was the feature of the "Blue Parrot" bar: everything was related to blue.

Qiu Qian and Su Quan left the end of year party and as Su Quan proposed, they came here to have a drink

This was a bar that where only members were allowed to enter. It had the highest privacy and protection from being disturbed. It was the place many wealthy and powerful people chose to relax and pass their free time.

At this time Qiu Qian again ordered a glass of ice martini. Su Quan had changed to a lime vodka.

In his half-hidden private booth, their conversation naturally flowed more freely.

"This time you left and came back to China in a rush. Did you settle everything properly?"

Su Quan sat on the soft couch. His hand was under his chin as he asked this question casually.

"Just about," Qiu Qian stirred the ice in his cup.

"Still don't want to tell me the details? Is it to do with the Qiu family?"

"Even if I told you you wouldn't understand." Qiu Qian glanced at Su Quan. "You've left Xindao for so many years. Who else do you still remember?"

Su Quan smiled. "It's the place that I grew up in. I won't forget it that easily."

Qiu Qian drank from his glass. "How come you want to come back to China so suddenly?"

"Why are you asking it like that? Sounds like I'm not welcome?" Su Quan joked.

"I wouldn't dare." Qiu Qian didn't follow him to joke. "As long as nothing happened then that's good."

A warm expression appeared on Su Quan's face. "It's not what you think. I'm fine. It's only that I wanted to come back so I did."

Qiu Qian looked at Su Quan then said, "If you need help just speak. After all you're a person from the company."

Su Quan's beautiful eyes curved. He changed the subject. "How is Xiao Hai? How old is he now?"

"Five. Extremely noisy." It was Qiu Qian's turn to smile.

"Last time I saw him he was still a tiny little thing. Time flies so quick."

"That's right. Kids grow up in the blink of an eye." Qiu Qian's eyes crinkled. He looked like a doting father.

Su Quan gazed at him with a surprised expression.

However what he didn't know was that right now Qiu Qian was thinking about what the heard "overheard" a few minutes ago.

Just then when Su Quan had gone to the bathroom to wash up, Qiu Qian had taken out the earphones from his bag. This type of action, which had been labelled by Hong Hong as "perverted", was something Qiu Qian was becoming more and more interested in recently.

…. From inside his ear.

"Ah Bai~ You're back. Hug hug…."

There was the sound of rustling clothes. "It's so late. How come you're not asleep yet?" Then there was the sound of a kiss.

"Hehe, I'm waiting for Ah Bai and daddy to come home ah."

"Next time don't wait up. Otherwise you won't be able to get up in the morning again."

"But even if I lie in bed I can't sleep ah," Qiu XiaoHai replied in a milky, childish voice. "Where's daddy?"

Bai Lang paused a few seconds then said. "Your dad has some things to do so isn't coming back. Let's sleep first."

"Oh. Then today Ah Bai can sleep with me, right?"

"Okay. Go and lie down on the bed. I'm going to take a shower first."

"En en! I will take off my clothes and wait for you oh~"

"…. wait, why are you taking your clothes off?"

"When you and daddy sleep you're both naked ah. I also want to sleep naked with you!"

After a moment's pause, Bai Lang said in a helpless voice. "Who said?"

"I saw it, daddy sleeping with Ah Bai. Daddy said I wasn't to wake you up so I was very quiet."

"… thank you. Let's… keep this as our little secret, okay?"

"En, I won't tell daddy that I also slept naked with you."

"… No, that's not it. I mean, what you saw, me and your dad, we were just hot…."

"But I told Ah Zan, what should I do ah."

"… tomorrow, let's take some little rabbit buns and go to his house to play…."

Qiu Qian heard Bai Lang's completely helpless voice and could totally imagine the expression on his face.

Suddenly, Qiu Qian downed his entire glass. He said in a good mood, "Time to go home and sleep. Let's go!"

Su Quan went still. His heart really felt shocked.

He could tell that there was definitely something that had made Qiu Qian change.

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