Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Missed Call

By the time they left the shoot, it was already 10PM in the evening.

It was long past the scheduled shooting time. However since the result was worth it, everyone bore their tiredness.

Hong Hong brought the car over to pick him up. "I've moved everything over already. Tomorrow I'll take care of the rent for your old place."

In the afternoon while Bai Lang was working, Hong Hong had asked him for the key to his home and helped him move over to the new place without any delay.

"All of it? Even the things in the fridge?" Bai Lang was sitting in the backseat.

Hong Hong turned the steering wheel. "Yes. Is there anything else that needs to be done?"

"No." Bai Lang thought about it. "Are you hungry? Do you want to have supper?"

As it was the first day with a new assistant, Bai Lang this small boss ought to have taken him out to eat.

Hong Hong paused for a long time before replying, "Okay."

It looked like he was actually unwilling but because of the future needs of working together, he had agreed.

Bai Lang smiled a little. However he told Hong Hong to take him to the new house that Chou Qian had given him.

Once they arrived, the previously cold and luxurious living room was now filled with boxes. It was lucky that Bai Lang's old apartment came with furniture, otherwise if he had to move it all over it would really be a big headache.

Bai Lang asked Hong Hong to sit and went to the fridge to confirm that Hong Hong had indeed moved all the contents over.

After busying himself for ten minutes, Bai Lang brought out two steaming hot tomato egg noodles from the kitchen. From the pale gold broth a fragrant steam wafted out. There was also a egg flower and a few pieces of tomato. It looked both light and delicious.

"It's just tomato egg noodle soup. See if it's too your liking." Bai Lang put down the bowl and called his guest over.

Hong Hong's expression was a little bit strange. Since Bai Lang had gone to busy himself in the kitchen, he hadn't given any opinions. Now he took the pair of chopsticks and started to directly eat. Since his second mouthful, [su-su-su] the sound of slurping echoed in the room. Bai Lang felt satisfied in his heart and so slowly began to eat his own bowl.

In his past life Bai Lang only discovered about his heart problem a few months before death. At that time the impact on Bai Lang had been quite heavy. Probably it was for this reason that Bai Lang lost his head and agreed to Kang Jian's request to come out of the closet in such a manner. After all he didn't have long in the world, so there was no point dragging it out. {T/N: Er author wrote it like this, but just to be clear his lifespan might be shortened somewhat especially if he doesn't take care of himself, but it's not like he's going to drop dead on the spot or anything unless he's placed under immense shock/pressure and neglecting himself like in his previous life.}

But even so, Bai Lang had also thought about taking care of himself well. The doctor had told him have a regular lifestyle and a healthy diet. Bai Lang had also spent some time researching it. It just so happened to be that on the cooking programme two years prior, Bai Lang had been given a chance to see many star's cooking and in order to achieve a good effect for the show, Bai Lang had also spent a lot of time researching cooking and recipes.

As he cooked more and more, Bai Lang developed an interest in it. After his rebirth, Bai Lang still didn't like to eat things cooked from outside. He liked to get fresh ingredients to make things himself. It was more to his taste as well as being more healthy.

Tonight when inviting Hong Hong to eat, Bai Lang had some vague notions of gleaning his friendship however he didn't hold out too much expectation.

Perhaps now his body had affixed with a brand however he was still himself. As time went on if they were meant to be friends then they would still be friends. After today's shoot, Bai Lang really felt as though he could think about things in a more relaxed and open manner.

As for dinner, Bai Lang also took his opportunity to give Hong Hong an introduction. He told him about the schedules and contacts that Xiao Yang had arranged for him and compared it with Hong Hong's. After all the switch had been quite sudden.

It was at this time that Hong Hong brought up the fact that during today's filming, that Bai Lang's phone had rung quite a few times.

Around half were from Xiao Yang. Hong Hong saw it and directly answered it. He simply said that Xiao Yang was unlikely to call again to make a fuss over his job again. As for why and how…. Bai Lang looked at Hong Hong's calm expression and decided it was probably better not to ask for the reason.

When the noodles had not even been half finished, Chou Qian opened the door and came in.

When he saw the two people sitting there eating hot noodles, he looked quite envious.

"Supper? So good." Chou Qian came to the dining room and draped himself over the back of Hong Hong's chair.

Bai Lang looked over at him. "I saved some. If you want to eat I can make you a bowl."

"Hang on second," Chou Qian paused, then asked curiously, "Did you make this?"

Bai Lang drank some soup and nodded.

Hong Hong had just been loudly slurping his soup. This sound was clearly enjoying the food very much. Chou Qian couldn't help but feel his mouth water. "This isn't right ba. Isn't it me that should eat first? This is my house and that's my bowl, isn't this my noodle!?"

Hong Hong glanced over at Chou Qian then suddenly stood up and in one breath finished his bowl and placed it down. "Thank you for your hospitality. It was delicious."

Bai Lang smiled. This was what a cook liked to hear the most. "Go home and rest early. See you tomorrow."

Hong Hong didn't delay. He also didn't ask Chou Qian for his opinion. After saying goodbye he left decisively.

Only Chou Qian was left in the dining room. After he finished staring at Hong Hong he narrowed his eyes at Bai Lang. "How come you treat Er Hong so well? Do forget it's a buyout ah, buyout." {T/N: As in he's the exclusive buyer, purchased the whole thing, no one else can share lol.}

Bai Lang was still holding his bowl to drink soup. "I even left an extra egg for you. Do you want to eat or not?"

"I want to." Chou Qian sat down at the dining table like a lord at his manor.

Five minutes later, Bai Lang brought out another bowl. Since he was so quick, it can be estimated that he wasn't lying when he said he had pre-prepared it.

Chou Qian felt slightly appeased. Following that he copied Hong Hong and was soon slurping loudly. Bai Lang looked at him sideways then continued eating his own noodles.


Of course after one was full and satiated, other desires would arise.

After eating his supper, Chou Qian didn't delay to press Bai Lang down to do it a few times.

After Bai Lang was once again done until he fell into an unconscious sleep, he prayed in his heart that this was just because he was new that Chou Qian's interest was so high.

Otherwise if every day was like this, then he really needed to think about if he could clutch onto his small life.

However on Chou Qian's side, after his bout of exercise, he lit a cigarette and in his heart several thoughts was circulating.

This was the third day after Bai Lang had come to his door so Chou Qian had arranged for people to investigate regarding Bai Lang's experiences and behaviour these past two years. The report had recently been sent to his hand.

However the things in the report completely didn't match up with the things that Chou Qian had experienced personally these last three days.

It was as though Bai Lang had completely changed his personality. He was no longer innocent and stubborn, but had changed to become capable of tolerance and endurance.

Also, there had been Fang Hua's unexpected phone call.

"Chou Qian, what's going on with you and Bai Lang? He's being kept by you?"

"What, doesn't it look like it?"

"Are you being serious? Two years ago didn't he reject you? What kind of methods did you use?"

"Heh, you're wrong this time. He needed money. I gave him money. It's that simple."

"He needs money? What kind of money?"

"What's the reason for you asking for many questions?"

"Okay fine, don't tell me. But I have to tell you, once you break up, tell me immediately. I'll take him off your hands!"

"Take him off my hands!? Fuck, you also want to keep?"

"Keep my ass you bastard. Not everyone is like you. I think he's not simple and has real ability. If he's ruined by you then it would be a pity."

"Real ability? Him?" Chou Qian looked at the report in his hand. "Who told you?"

"I saw it with my own eyes. Don't interfere with his professional career and don't ruin his name, you hear me? This time have a good relationship followed by a harmonious break up okay?"

"I only bed willing partners. Which time hasn't it been a harmonious break up?"

"I can already tell you have no sincerity. Okay, I know now."

"What do you know?"

"You changed his assistant, now change me to be his manager. And then let's see how things turn out!"

"… Are you serious?"

"You think I have time to joke around with you!? I'm busy to death, I'm hanging up now ah!"


Now even the things that Fang Hua was saying didn't match the report at all. Chou Qian felt like there was something not quite right, but he didn't have anything to go on.

He looked at Bai Lang who was curled up in the sheets. His white skin was contrasted and made even more pale by the dark suede bed-sheets. His long eyelashes left a shadow on his face. Even when asleep he had a tired expression. He was lying on his side and gently breathing, completely with his guard down.

Chou Qian's lingered on Bai Lang's smooth shoulder, followed by his collarbone and neck.

Thinking about the warmth of their bodies moving together earlier, Bai Lang's obedient cooperation… Chou Qian snuffed out his cigarette, trying to suppress a sudden urge. He lowered his head and once again bit Bai Lang neck. The smooth skin had a youthful elasticity. Chou Qian couldn't help but use a little bit more force. He was pleased when he saw Bai Lang frown slightly in his sleep.

Little white rabbit, what are your motives really?


In the following week what made Bai Lang the most surprised was that his manager changed persons.

In his previous life, Bai Lang was only given a stable manager once "Partners" became famous. Before that, because most of his activities were training classes and only had "Partners" as his one job, so having an assistant was enough. And the first manager that Total Entertainment assigned him was a person called Chen Song. He had been working for around 8 years. His experiences were not deep but not shallow either, for someone like Bai Lang who was only just becoming famous, he can be considered an appropriate choice.

However this time Chen Song had not been working for more than a few weeks before he was suddenly changed to Fang Hua. When Bai Lang heard this news, he initially didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. Of course Fang Hua had a lot more resources but it also meant that from now on the "butterfly effect" will become greater and greater. He could no longer rely on the knowledge he had from his previous life, and the changes will become greater.

But since Bai Lang had already decided that this was a new life with new opportunities, then he could only do his best to grasp them as they came.

This time Bai Lang had at least ten years of experience in the industry. With that, he should be able to at least reduce the number of detours on his path.

Also, after Fang Hua become his manager, Bai Lang also unexpectedly gained a little brother Rong SiQi.

This was because of UNI's design. In the end they decided to go with Bai Lang's suggestion.

After that day, a more detailed short film outline was created and the concept of the roles became more gradually refined. The new version compared to the old version was so much better that other people who had differing opinions shut their mouths. Thus, in the coming days, Bai Lang became busy filming UNI's advertisement. In this time he also had to take on the role of Rong SiQi's acting tutor.

It's just that even though his days were filled with satisfaction, the ghost of the "past" still refused to fade away.


A few days later, very early in the morning, Bai Lang was in the shower. The previous night Chou Qian had continued his regular practice of not letting Bai Lang go until he was completely exhausted, and so Chou Qian as per usual was lying lazily in bed, half awake and half asleep. At this time the mobile phone that Bai Lang placed by the bedside table started ringing.

One ring, two rings… until the sixth ring, the digital music penetrated Chou Qian's ears and woke him up.

However Chou Qian's first movement was as usual to stuff his ears with the pillow, not willing to let go of his dream state.

Unexpectedly, the mobile phone which went silent after the seventh ring, once again started a new round of ringing.

One ring, two rings, three rings… it was continuing to ring…

Chou Qian finally lost his temper. He reached out and grabbed Bai Lang's phone. Without opening his eyes, he connected the call.

"Hello?!" Other than anger, his voice also had a deep and nasally sound.

The person on the other end was shocked and there was a moment a silence. Then he said, "I, I'm looking for Bai Lang. Can I ask if he's there?"

"He's taking a shower! What do you want!?" Chou Qian heard the sound of the water running. He spoke impatiently with his eyes still closed.

"Eh, shower?" The man on the other end's voice was both confused and questioning. "And can I ask you are…?"

"Are you an idiot!? Shouldn't you say your name first ah!?" Chou Qian immediately starting swearing. "Hasn't anyone taught you before!?" The Chou Qian who had not opened his eyes of course had not looked at the name displayed on the screen.

"Sorry sorry, I'm Kang Jian. He knows me. Then I'll call again another time. Sorry for disrupting you." After he spoke he didn't wait for Chou Qian's reply and immediately hung up the phone.

This hanging up actually woke Chou Qian up for real.

"What the hell, so early in the morning!?"

Impatient Chou Qian opened his eyes and squinted down at the screen. He saw the "missed calls" notification showing up on the screen.

Who the hell was Kang Jian, never heard of him!!

Because he was unfamiliar with how to work the phone, he wasn't sure what he pressed but somehow the missed calls history popped up on the screen.

Kang Jian

Kang Jian

Kang Jian

Kang Jian


Seven calls in total, all in the last five days. All missed calls from "Kang Jian".

Chou Qian frowned. His eyes which originally could barely open quickly became very clear.

When Bai Lang came out of the shower in a towel, he saw a cigarette dangling out of Chou Qian's mouth while the other person was currently impolitely playing with his phone. He didn't have the hint of guilt or any appearance of wanting to hide the fact that he was invading someone else's privacy.

Seeing that Bai Lang looked slightly speechless, Chou Qian unexpectedly decided to provide an explanation for once. "Just before someone called Kang Jian called you. I picked up."

Bai Lang stilled. He thought, it's like this, then continued to dry his hair with the towel. "Oh."

"Why don't you pick up his calls?"Chou Qian flicked the phone. "Is he an ex-boyfriend?"

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