Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

At night, Huaxia seemed to fall into silence.

But in fact, in countless dark rooms, many people were holding their phones and constantly checking popular microblogs. The traffic of Weibo might’ve reduced in recent years, but in terms of network gathering, Weibo’s major forums were still irresistible.

Every night, it was time for the night owls to come out.

Sleeping at 11 p.m.? Come on, the nightlife was just getting started!

Midnight? Their minds were just getting excited!

1 a.m.? Wait a minute, I will drowsily browse through the messages…

In this black life, many people concerned about the fashion industry was refreshing the microblogs, intended to read one last one before sleeping. However, just as they refreshed for the latest hot Weibo topic, a familiar name caught their eyes!

【 Weibo Hot Search Term No. 15: Fashion Entertainment Typesetting 】

…Fashion Entertainment? A famous domestic fashion magazine?

Wait a minute, what was wrong with Fashion Entertainment’s typesetting? They wouldn’t send it to the printing plant if there was trouble!

Many netizens who didn’t know the truth clicked on it to check, and see the microblog of several big people in the fashion circle. These people were well-known critics, photographers and designers. The thing they were saying now, without any exceptions—

【 Qi Zhen Sarakly: The theme of this isn’t is very good. I have known Lisa for many years. The collection of youthful clothing she designed gives off the right aura, and her works have been very popular in recent years. But I personally prefer the rebellious feeling from the two-inch photo! Hahaha. As for the typesetting problem… geez. 】

【 Shark Luo Man: This is a disaster for photographers! This is the first time seeing a two-inch photo. The person who did the layout must be drunk. Isn’t the photo wasted because of the magazine! @FashionEntertainment】

【 Alreat: After this typesetting mistake, I think that @Lisa Fei Sixin won’t want to work with @FashionEntertainment now right? 】……

The people being vocal were among the best in their fields. Now this group of people were unanimously blaming a second-tier magazine.

Many unknown netizens came out, stating things like ‘I’m just minding my own business’ or ‘who can give me the translation of what is happening?’

This made the topic became more and more popular. It was one in the morning, but it had already climbed to 10th place on the search rankings.

【 Heart Throbbing Love: I just read about the ‘typesetting event’ on Weibo. I want to say… the screen is dirty! 】

【 Life of Pleasure: I’ve bought so many issues of Fashion Entertainment and this is the first time I’ve seen this typesetting mistake. The person who designed this page should be fired tomorrow. 】

【 Zhao Wenjing Isn’t Quiet: That model is really handsome. Does he have a microblog? Pay attention to it! There were too few pictures on Muse’s website! 】

【 Eight to Eight: I’m not interested in this incident but he really is handsome! I looked through the magazine and the 2-inch model is more beautiful than most of the other models. His temperament is also better! Typesetting incident +1 】……

Such comments endlessly appeared on the Internet, causing talk. The original topic of ‘Fashion Entertainment’s Typesetting Event’ gradually transformed into ‘handsome model,’ ‘Who is he?’, ‘I want to a microblog of him with beautiful photos’ and so on.

It was true that the topic shifted, but the centre of the event couldn’t be forgotten.

By 8 o’clock the next day, it had already risen to 5th on the Weibo search rankings and many media and blogs published about in. Fashion Entertainment finally posted an announcement on their official website and blog, indicating that this typesetting was a mistake. The magazine had made the relevant personnel adjustments so readers, please forgive them.

At this point, the confusion of a whole night over the typesetting event finally slowly subsided.

But in this event, the one who undoubtedly gained the most was the ‘Blue Scarf Handsome Model’ Ming Yu.

It was only a 2-inch photo, but it was noticed by many people and they even searched for more HD photos. Due to the urgent demands of the readers, Fashion Entertainment released more photos from this issue onto their official website and blog. Of course, HD photos of Ming Yu had to be included.

Thus, when Ming Yu opened his Weibo that evening, he found that his tens of thousands of fans had shot up to nearly 200,000!

The number of followers had skyrocketed in just one deal due to this incident. For a young model like MIng Yu, it was simply a pie falling from the sky!

“Haha. Fashion Entertainment’s typesetting issue actually helped you, MIng Yu. If they had done it normally, you would never be able to get such attention. I heard that in today’s vote for the ‘18-year-old’ section on Fashion Entertainment’s website, you got the first place! Many readers left a message on the official website stating that they only like you!”

Ming Yu listened to Zhao Rui’s excited voice and smiled. “This is a good thing.” He didn’t make any other comment. Ming Yu observed Zhao Rui and stated, “Brother Zhao, you also stayed up all night. You should go back and quickly rest, yesterday was really hard on you.”

Zhao Rui waved his hand. “I don’t feel tired. I watched the voices of the navy be pushed down and my heart was pleased. I’ve never worked with the company’s PR department before and after Cheng Su left me…”

Zhao Rui’s voice abruptly stopped and he carefully looked at Ming Yu’s face. After confirming that Ming Yu showed no abnormalities, he smiled and changed the topic. “Ah Ming Yu, you have the shoot for Character tomorrow, so let me send you home. This time you also worked hard. In fact, you don’t need to stay here…”

The two of them walked out of the small lounge and headed towards the parking lot. Along the way, Zhao Rui made sure that he didn’t mention ‘Cheng Su.’ In his mind, Ming Yu had always been soft-hearted, so he would be sad.

In this regard, Ming Yu was really dumbfounded. Since he came to this world, he hadn’t seen the ‘big model’… oh right, he received a phone call but he only heard the man’s voice.

Soon, the white business car left Muse and headed west.

…Then what happened last night?

In fact, everything was simple. If Zhu Wei’s navy was a small river, then Muse was the Yangtze River.

As Huaxia’s number one modelling agency, Muse’s resources were abundant and the PR capabilities were also unique. It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe them as a giant.

The reason why Muse hadn’t been too concerned with this matter was because they had negotiated with Fashion Entertainment and given Ming Yu a better job. Everything was peaceful, and this event wasn’t at a serious level. Secondly, Ming Yu’s status in the company was really too low. After Zhao Rui referred to him as the ‘newcomer that the company was optimistic about a few years ago’ and ‘he appeared on the cover of Meditation Road and in Lanka’, the PR department slightly thought ‘Who is Ming Yu?’

A giant company was really hard to manage. Just the PR department of Muse alone had hundreds of employees, but they couldn’t guarantee that every model would be completely observed.

If Ming Yu hadn’t used his relationships to seek help, this event would’ve probably passed by quietly.

The small model was able to get a better resource as compensation, so there wouldn’t be any dissatisfaction. After all, any industry would have unspoken rules and all types of grudges suppressed, so this outcome was already considered good.

However, the target that Fashion Entertainment suppressed was Ming Yu.

He was the one who used his own strength to overcome countless supermodels in Europe and the United States to reach the pinnacle of the top models. How could he endure such humiliation where there wasn’t even a word of apology?

He needed to take action to make the other side remember him!

They wanted to buy a navy? Muse would invite celebrities and even buy a senior navy!

The industry support, it was a million times better than Zhu Wei’s navy.

As for Ming Yu, just pushing down Zhu Wei’s navy wasn’t enough. Fashion Entertainment needed to stand up and apologize for trying to suppress him with the typesetting. Therefore, he made Zhao Rui wait until the other side’s navy was running wild and then seriously informed him of what to say to the company.

There should be no mention of the navy. Just mention ‘Fashion Entertainment’s pressure!’

Yes, their position was really low in the company and they weren’t taken seriously. However, they represented Muse wherever they went! They represented the image of Muse Modelling Agency! Now Muse was being bullied by a second-tier magazine, could this really be accepted?

Today they dare to bully a small model, tomorrow they might dare to oppress Muse’s He Chaoman!

This would happen if they didn’t take action!

Ming Yu didn’t hear Zhao Rui’s speech in the PR department, but he could imagine that his agent used all his effort to persuade them. As a result, the situation was completely reversed in just one night!

“Ming Yu, you didn’t see it but when I finished talking, everyone in the PR department was staring at me. Even the director of the PR department, Shenxiang stared at my stupidly. Later, he secretly told me that he couldn’t believe I had said those words.” Zhao Rui paused before continuing emotionally. “It is also thanks to your suggestion that I connect Muse and Fashion Entertainment together. Otherwise, those PR people probably wouldn’t have acted so fast.”

Ming Yu smiled and shook his head. “Brother Zhao, I just mentioned it to you. You are the one who gave the speech in the PR department. This is your personal credit, I can’t accept it.”

Zhao Rui waved his hand again. “Ming Yu, there is no need to be so modest. Today I will take you for a good meal! Why didn’t I notice that you were so smart before? Ming Yu, what have you been eating recently? Tell your Brother Zhao, let me eat it!”

Ming Yu was so amused by the other person that he couldn’t help laughing. He carelessly blinked and provoked Zhao Rui into calling him shameless.

Thus, they drove together to a winner’s dinner in order to celebrate. The next morning, Ming Yu arrived at the location of the photo shoot. He was talking to Liu Qiant about things to pay attention to today when a handsome man took the initiative to come over.

Liu Qian’s voice slowly trailed off. He sneered and snapped out, “Why are you standing here, did something happen? You are blocking my sunlight. It is annoying so move.”

Since the last time Zhu Wei ignored them, Liu Qian didn’t have a good impression of him, despite Ming Yu saying that it was him Zhu Wei despised. Liu Qian’s temper was original prickly and he didn’t want to have a good relationship with Zhu Wei. In addition, he wasn’t afraid of what Zhu Wei could do to him.

Logically speaking, Zhu Wei should be furious and glare fiercely at Liu Qian.

However, in the face of Liu Qian who was deliberately making things difficult, Zhu Wei didn’t mind. He smiled, took a few steps to the side and then said, “Brother Liu, I am looking for Ming Yu. I have something to say to him.”

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