Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The talk show Zhao Rui had chosen for Ming Yu was called ‘Liu Chao’s Super Show.’ (TL: Play on names because Super is actually ‘Chao’ as well)

Chao Chao, the name sounded a bit humorous, but it was because its owner was very funny and witty.

Yes, Liu Chao’s Super Show was called this because the host’s name was Liu Chao!

As a late-night talk show, ‘Liu Chao’s Super Show’ was ranked 9th on the list of ‘My Favourite TV Shows in Huaxia’ and was arguably one of the most popular talk shows in China.

The host, Liu Chao looked very ordinary but he could make all types of funny expressions. He often teased the guests and staff with a smile, gave brain teasers to test guests or let the guests play Truth or Dare. In short, this was the show’s policy: If Liu Chao wanted you to show something, you have to show it!

Once Ming Yu arrived at the station for the official recording, he noticed that there were only two guests invited for this episode of Liu Chao’s Super Show. The other guest was someone he actually knew— Wu Yuzhen!

Wu Yuzhen was greatly surprised when he saw Ming Yu, but the two chatted quickly and studied the manuscripts given by the program editor. They got familiar with the process and paid attention to some of the key points in the recording process.

A talk show like this definitely had a manuscript. It could even be said that most television shows had a set of special manuscripts to familiarize guests, allowing unexpected accidents to be avoided.

In this program, Liu Chao Chao’s manuscript didn’t have a lot to it. In order to allow more jokes, Liu Chao Chao informed guests of a few controversial issues he would bring up. In most cases, the guests needed to play along—

After all, the point was to create jokes.

The make-up artist applied light make-up to Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen, they tidied up the clothing and the talk show recording began. Wu Yuzhen’s fame was higher so he sat closer to the host, while Ming Yu was sitting on the outside.

Ming Yu recorded many shows in his previous life. He was often present on the famous model series in Europe and the United States called ‘I am a Supermodel’, to the point where he could be considered a half permanent guests. Ming Yu had recorded many talk shots. He wasn’t as good at making jokes as the host, but it was easy for him to maintain a lively atmosphere.

“Then backstage at the Pei Feng fashion show, you actually wore that jacket inside out? How can that be? Ming Xiaoyu, you are definitely kidding right? I heard that Pei Feng’s fashion show has dozens of rehearsals. The designers also use a ruler to measure the distance you have to move!”

While talking, the host Liu Chao immediately pulled down his mouth to make a ‘panic-like’ look. Coupled with his slightly uneven eyes, a funny effect was created, causing Wu Yuzhen to laugh.

Early on in the program, Ming Yu reluctantly accepted being called ‘Ming Xiaoyu.’

At this moment, Ming Yu nodded with a helpless expression. “Dozens of times? If it really is dozens of times then I must be tired from the stage. But I really almost wore the clothing inside out. There were too many people in the background, everyone was nervous and we needed to take the time to perfect the clothing.” After saying this, Ming Yu paused before turning to Wu Yuzhen with a smile. “Sir Wu, I think you must know this more than me right?

Wu Yuzhen was surprised for a moment before quickly responding, “Yes, it really is busy behind the scenes of a catwalk…”

Not only did he not give the host a chance to speak, he took the intiative to throw the topic to another guest.

Ming Yu had always been good at this tactful but not too flattering method. He didn’t want to monopolize the whole show and secondly, Wu Yuzhen was very smart. The two of them were good friends and he was always helpful to Ming Yu.

If he could ensure that everyone had a turn and it was a round table recording, then why not?

Ming Yu honestly wanted to record a ‘Hello, everyone is good’ program, but the host Liu Chao was extremely unhappy!

Who was Liu Chao? The host of a domestically famous talk show!

His talk show had a ‘don’t talk about news that breaks a guest’s privacy’ policy, but this was too much!

Whenever Liu Chao asked about a relatively explosive topic, Ming Yu would lightly deflect the topic, giving a perfect answer. He even jumped in sometimes to help if Liu Chao tried to spring a trap on Wu Yuzhen!

Where did this person come from?

If they didn’t break any news then it was too boring!!

As Liu Chao became more suppressed, he exchanged a look with the director and laughed. “I didn’t expect the life of a model to be so hard! You often have to practice your posture and form every day. It certainly must be very hard! Since Sir Wu and Ming Xiaoyu came to our Liu Chao’s Super Show today, then of course you should relax!”

Ming Yu slightly frowned at these words and the host’s sinister smile.

Liu Chao clapped his hands and said, “According to the old rules, let’s play a brain teaser game! I will suffer a little as your elder brother. Sir Wu and Ming Xiaoyu will be in a group, I will be alone. We will take turns and whoever loses will have to do Truth or Dare!”

Truth or Dare was a fixed segment of this show. Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen naturally knew about it, but the didn’t expect this episode to turn out to be the one where Truth or Dare was played.

Even so, the two people weren’t worried. Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen exchanged glances before accepting Liu Chao’s proposal to start the game.

Liu Chao, “Most people in the world are born in what place?”

Wu Yuzhen, “Birthing bed.”

Ming Yu, “What does Sleeping Beauty fear the most?”

Liu Chen, “Insomnia.”

“A man with a broken marriage. He grabbed a knife. What does he want to do?”

“Cook for himself.”

“What type of grass has the strongest vitality?”

“One that is easily swayed.”


The showdown started with ‘Liu Chao Chao’ vs ‘Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen.’ But gradually, Wu Yuzhen started to fall behind the tempo of the other two people, and could only help when Ming Yu’s speed slowed.

Liu Chao was obviously a sharp hand at brain teasers. Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen combined weren’t his opponents. After the first failure, Ming Yu chose truth while Wu Yuzhen chose dare.

A wily smile appeared on Liu Chao’s face. “Ming Xiaoyu, please answer. Who do you think is the most handsome person on this stage?”

Ming Yu, “…”

After a moment’s hesitation, Ming Yu took out a red note from his pocket. He shook the brand new 100 yuan bill and replied tentatively, “Isn’t Grandpa Mao the most handsome?”

Liu Chao, “(╯‵口′)╯︵┴─┴”

Liu Chao: Sir Wu, please hug Ming Xiaoyu for 30 seconds!”

Wu Yuzhen, “…”

Ming Yu, “…So should I lie down while recording?”

Wu Yuzhen reluctantly hugged Ming Yu for 30 seconds and Liu Chao was barely satisfied. In the next brain teaser, Liu Chao ended up being the loser. He was unexpectedly defeated by the ‘Wu Ming’ combination and could only lament.

As for Liu Chao’s punishment after choosing dare… ah, the scene was too bloody. Let’s not mention it.

After Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen lost the game a second time, both consciously choose truth for the punishment. They wouldn’t give Liu Chao an opportunity to ‘punish’ both people.

However, Liu Chao’s smile became more cunning at this result. He first winked to the director before speaking. “Today is the first day of December. It is also the day that the official supermodel rankings are released. This list was only released one hour ago, so I believe that Sir Wu and Ming Xiaoyu shouldn’t have seen it yet.”

Wu Yuzhen turned to look at the big screen and nodded with a smile. “Ah, we were still recording an hour ago.”

Ming Yu looked carefully at the two lists on the big screen. He slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the top 10 names on the two lists, finally seeing the first male name listed.

Liu Chao continued with a smile. “So, the question I want to ask Sir Wu and Ming Xiaoyu. Out of all the models in the fashion industry, who do you most want to go beyond?”

Wu Yuzhen and Ming Yu were stunned for a moment at this question.

After hesitating for a moment, Wu Yuzhen calmly replied. “The person I most want to go beyond is myself. I want to break my own achievements, going forward step by step in a steady manner, as long as I can break through. I think my biggest enemy is myself.”

Liu Chao, “….”

That answer didn’t mean anything!

For the first time, Liu Chao hated that he put forward such a question at all. He could see his bonus for this episode flying away from him on merciless wings.

Liu Chao didn’t have any hope as he looked at Ming Yu and impatiently asked, “Then Ming Xiaoyu, who do you want to go beyond?”

Who else could it be. Of course, it is yourself!

It was such a good response that Liu Chao could naturally answer for Ming Yu.

However, under the bright spotlight, he saw the handsome young man smile and declare calmly, “The person I most want to go beyond is Xi Ze.”

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