Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Once an online topic heated up, it was difficult to cool down. But at this time, Ming Yu was calmly searching the Internet in the Muse Building’s lounge.

Luo Ru sat on one side and carefully organized the information, sorting the invitations by type. Zhao Rui also smiled as he saw the statements on the Internet, with no signs of anger at all.

A day passed and the sunspots were still tenacious. Zhao Rui just cried out, “The ability of the public relations department is really good! Shen Xiang, that kid’s ability can’t be underestimated. He is perfectly maintaining this topic!”

Were the actions of the sunspots really autonomous?


Indeed, these posts, it was basically the own remarks of the Weibo users. However, Muse’s PR department involved themselves and helped the small number of sunspots survive.

If Muse’s powerful PR deparment hadn’t lent their nuanced support, this topic would’ve been submerged by things like ‘Ming Xiaoyu is very adorable’, ‘I love God Xi’ and ‘Ming Xiaoyu is amazing.’

Ming Yu had been part of the industry for many years, so he wasn’t a naive rookie. After the show was broadcasted yesterday, Shen Xiang, director of Muse’s public relations department, looked for him and asked if he would agree to this method to help sustain the heated speculation.

The small number of sunspots would keep Ming Yu’s topic fresh, not allowing the topic to die down within three days.

The fashion industry, the fashion industry, the waters of this industry were very deep.

Apart from the few people standing at the peak, everyone was trying hard to climb to a higher status.

The suggestion of Muse’s PR department was actually considered a very clean method. They didn’t hurt anyone and took the initiative to increase the visibility of their second-tier model, which any new models would dream about.

However, Zhao Rui was a little hesitant after hearing this. Luo Ru saw Zhao Rui’s hesitation and couldn’t help adding, “Don’t worry Brother Zhao. Ming Yu’s reputation won’t receive any damage. Most people still don’t know who Ming Yu is, so we have to use this to push him forward.”

Shen Xiang smiled as he heard this and turned towards Luo Ru, who gently nodded at him.

Ming Yu glanced at the two people before walking direction in front of Zhao Rui. “Brother Zhao, I agree with this proposal.”

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu with a startled expression and eventually nodded.

In fact, in Zhao Rui’s heart, he was hoping that Ming Yu could smoothly climb up. Don’t cause any big issues, continue to prove himself with his own strength and gain gans.

However, Zhao Rui didn’t wonder why they could get these resources?

If a magazine offered Ming Yu a job, there was nothing to say. It must be due to his reputation. Then if Muse gave resources to Ming Yu, it must also be due to his ability!

Just as no pies would fall from the sky, these small sunspots would’ve been drowned out a long time ago by the general public.

Everything steadily developed under Muse’s PR department’s prediction. After two or three days passed, they voluntarily ceased their support to these sunspots, letting them disappear naturally. By then, Ming Yu would’ve gained a high profile and added a lot of fans.

But at this time, things started to develop beyond Muse’s imagination.

Muse just wanted to maintain the topic in order to keep Ming Yu in the public eye. However, as more and more of Ming Yu’s fans supported their idol, their power couldn’t be controlled by others!

Many of Xi Ze’s fans became fans of Ming Yu and started to speak up for him.

This mighty army directly allowed Ming Yu’s Weibo to reach 1.5 million fans, an increase of more than 400,000 fans in two days!

But the more frightening thing was the increase in the number of fans on the Muse website!

Shen Xiang’s people carefully checked the system and there weren’t any problems. It was hard to believe, but Ming Yu’s fans on the official website increased by 100,000 in two days, for a total of 270,000!

For a time, all the forums and microblogs were discussing this matter, making the support for Ming Yu louder and louder. This momentum exceeded Muse’s official expectations! In the case of the search terms rankings list, #Xi Ze# quickly climbed to first place. But the second place was #Ming Yu’s smile#. Even the sixth place was just #Ming Yu#!

So far, Muse’s PR department got a big fruit and intended to close the topic, letting things develop naturally. But perhaps because it was brought to the light, but these wild sunspots wanted to counterattack to the end.

【 I want to laugh and cry. It is obvious that he bought fans, this method is really low. 】 【 Really low+1 】

【 Buying fans, buying the navy, is the public relations person someone who just graduated from university? 】……

The sunspots wanted to struggle, but how could Ming Yu’s fans and passersby turn a blind eye?

【 Why are sunspots such jerks? Who bought a navy? My fan certificate will fall on deaf eyes, so I will just curse you. This rookie confessing to the god, who would be provoked? Horizontal scrolling message: I won’t accept it! 】

【 Hahahaha, Master Po is so talented! I don’t understand where so many sunspots came from.】

【 Master Po is really great! Criticizing Ming Xiaoyu for buying a navy. If Ming Xiaoyu really bought a navy, I will do a live broadcast where I eat shit! 】 (The literal translation is ‘eat xiang.’ I found an explanation on urbandictionary, but don’t know if it is reliable or not)

【 I firmly believe that Ming Xiaoyu’s strength is real, but I suddenly want to see the person eat shit. _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 I want to see them eating shit +1. 】

【 I want to see them eating shit +2. 】


【 (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻ Don’t eat shit! These group of people, you aren’t good!!! 】……

These voices continued to appear, causing the topic to be carried away by the fans. They watched the sunspots come forward then surrounded them as a group, ridiculing them.

This made the powerless sunspots angry and jittery. It ended up raising the heat on the topic again, causing a slight impact. However, these soft attacks completely lost their power from something posted on a microblog.

Do you think it was Xi Ze’s microblog?

No, no, yes~

[The real Sir Wu: Remember the words you secretly said to me after recording that problem [/Cover face] [/Cover face]. Next week, should we go out to eat barbecue? @Ming Yu 】

Ming Yu’s fans: !!!!!

What words?!!!

What did he say?!!!

“Wu Ming CP’ fans: Our pairing seems to be around the corner!!!

Ming Yu was startled when Zhao Rui that Wu Yuzhen had suddenly inserted himself into the battle of fans, making more people ignore the sunspots, turning their gazes to the pink bubbles around Wu Yuzhen and Ming Yu instead.

He thought about it and understood that Wu Yuzhen was really trying to help.

Therefore, Ming Yu quickly wrote a reply on Weibo.

【 Good, we will go eat barbecue [/Smile] 】

Then he opened his phone and sent Wu Yuzhen a text message: [Sir Wu, thank you for helping me. I will invite you to dinner next well.]

After a moment, Wu Yuzhen replied: [I can’t wait for your meal.] He was a decent gentleman, so Ming Yu didn’t mind making further contact with him.

At this point, the situation on the Internet had developed in the direction of the ‘Wu Ming CP.’ There were even some media outlets who released an article about Ming Yu that was officially arranged by Muse.

Things on the Internet were great and Ming Yu was benefiting.

Looking at the number of Ming Yu’s fans that kept on rising, Zhao Rui sighed and concluded. “I’m still not good enough. I couldn’t grasp the situation like Shen Xiang or make a decisive decision. Ming Yu, it is fortunate that you resolutely accepted Shen Xiang’s proposal. Otherwise, I don’t know if the current situation would’ve happen.”

After hearing this, Ming Yu first looked at Luo Ru and the two people exchanged a smile. Then he turned to look at Zhao Rui and added to the first. “Brother Zhao, you are a bit indecisive but it isn’t a drawback. I believe that you will make great progress in the future. But… it requires you to work harder.”

Ming Yu’s tone was mild, not harsh when he was saying this. But Zhao Rui thoroughly engraved it in his heart.

It was true that Zhao Rui had always been good to him, Ming Yu clearly knew this. However, Zhao Rui really needed to grow up. Ming Yu didn’t know why Zhao Rui was favoured by a number of senior Muse staff, such as Shen Xiang, but only someone with actual strength could move forward.

Zhao Rui nodded heavily at Ming Yu’s words and started to reflect.

On the other side, something happened that no one expected!

Just as the ‘Wu Ming CP’ topic was becoming hotter and noisier, a microblog that hadn’t updated in two months suddenly posted a new message—

【 Xi Ze: I will be waiting for you @ Ming Yu 】

∑(っ °Д °;)っ!!!!!!


【 God Xi was hacked, God Xi wasn’t hacked, I think that God Xi was hacked! 】

【 What wait what wait! God Xi is waiting for Ming Xiaoyu to overcome him? Ahhhhhh! I’m looking at you, I also said that I want to go beyond you, ahhhhhhh! 】

【 God Xi cares about Xiaoyu, he isn’t looking at you! God Xi cares about Xiaoyu!!! Ahhh, I’m so excited that I ran three laps downstairs! 】

The ‘Wu Ming CP’ that was just heating up?

Eh? What was that?

God Xi was better than him!

God Xi’s Weibo message, who cared about the ‘Wu Ming CP?’

How many people could make God Xi specifically microblog about them? Find and show me!

A fan said that God Xi and Ming Xiaoyu were both Muse models, so maybe it was just the older generation taking care of the newcomer?

But when someone found that Xi Ze even followed Ming Yu’s official website, everyone was stunned—

Such concern, it didn’t couldn’t be explained by advising a newcomer!

God Xi, come out quickly and said that your Weibo and Muse accounts have been stolen ahhhhh!!!!

At this moment, the sun slowly slid to the west, creating magnificent rose red clouds in the sky across Beijing. In the towering Muse building, a man angrily rode the elevator to the top. He kicked open the door and his opening sentence—

“Xi Ze!! What type of medicine are you eating? Do you know the impact of your words?”

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