Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

One of Huaxia’s second-tired magazines, Fashion Entertainment had been founded at the end of the last century.

On this earth, Huaxia’s cultural and entertainment development was extremely prosperous. Early in the last century, Huaxia produced several world-class superstars and at the same time, the fashion industry enjoyed rapid development. The emergence of major magazines, fashions shows and international big names in the second half of the last century allowed Huaxia to become a leader of the fashion industry.

Ming Yu arrived at Fashion Entertainment’s studio early and had been psychologically prepared. It was a second-tier magazine, with many top magazines above it. However, the strength of Huaxia in this world meant that second-tier magazines were just as good as first-tier magazines in his last life.

But despite this, Ming Yu was still startled when he entered the wide and spacious studio.

…Was this really the studio of a second-tired Huaxia magazine?

After glancing at the large number of people in the huge studio, Ming Yu turned to looked at his agent and asked. “Brother Zhao, the models taking photos today… there seems to be a lot of them?”

He looked at the row of dressing rooms. There were a few with closed doors, but those with the open doors contained four or five models. In addition, there were three photography booths set up in the studio at the same time. Ming Yu estimated that there were at least 30 models waiting here.

It was natural to enjoy the visuals of a group of tall, handsome and charming models. However, did a second-tier magazine really need so many models? And this was just today’s shooting schedule!

Zhao Rui listened to Ming Yu’s question and let out an embarrassed smile. Then he said, “We are shooting a few pages on the current trend of clothing, which is a main section of Fashion Entertainment. In general… there will be a lot of models.” And you aren’t a famous model.

Zhao Rui didn’t say those words, but Ming Yu inwardly sighed because he understood.

When he was studying Fashion Entertainment last night, he noticed that the six pages in the middle would introduce the trends of the seasons. For example, the Fashion Entertainment magazine he read yesterday talked about the ‘Central European style.’

Even if Ming Yu wasn’t entirely satisfied with the status of the original owner, he never expected the original owner to be reduced to the status of a second-tier magazine’s clothing model.

Ming Yu saw Zhao Rui’s bleak and helpless look, and comforted him with a smile. “It doesn’t matter Brother Zhao. We just have to start from scratch. Having Fashion Entertainment as a starting point is high enough.” The youth patted Zhao Rui’s shoulder gently as he spoke.

The gentle smile and tone of the handsome youth caused a lot of shock to his agent. Zhao Rui stared at Ming Yu for a long time, until a make-up artist’s assistant approached and asked, “Ming Yu? We are ready to do your makeup.”

Then he reacted. He watched as the small model calmly and politely responded to the assistant and followed the other person to the dressing room. Zhao Ruis’s eyes shook while he inwardly grieved. He had been with this kid for three years. Where had the kid learned to act like this?

Zhao Rui was lamenting when make-up was applied to Ming Yu, amplifying his beauty by 100 times!

“Ming Yu, your skin is so good. What skin care products do you usually use?”

“It is probably because I am still young. But Sister Lin, your skin isn’t bad. Are you…25 years old?”

“Hahaha, what nonsense are you speaking. I am 35 years old!”

Zhao Rui, “…”

How long had he known Little Yu? Say it! Where did you learn how to tease older women!!

The make-up artist finished Ming Yu’s make-up while Zhao Rui was feeling indignation. Today’s magazine shoot was too much. Many young models were huddled in Ming Yu’s make-up room.

Zhao Rui never knew that his young model had such a good mouth!

To the left person, “Are you also from Beijing?” To the right, “I’ve seen you before in magazines.” He coaxed the young and beautiful females (the oldest was 21) until they were calling him ‘Little Brother Yu’ and ‘Little Yu.’ Zhao Rui was surprised at the sight.

He remembered… the previous times when he took Ming Yu to magazines, he would call them ‘auntie,’ causing the photographers to become angry. Then what was happening today?

Of course, Ming Yu’s current attitude couldn’t be criticized.

Fashion Entertainment’s dressing room could accommodate four or five people at the same time, but there were only two make-up artists. Therefore, Sister Lin was putting the final touches on Ming Yu’s make-up when a sneering voice was heard from the side. “Sister Lin, my eyebrows are a bit unfinished. Can you help me fill them?”

The strangely cold tone, as if it was pulled through the teeth, caused Ming Yu to slightly frown.

Ming Yu looked in the mirror and saw a handsome and tall model standing to his side. The model didn’t wait for Ming Yu to speak as he laughed. “Ming Yu, long time no see. In the past six months, you seem to have changed a lot. Your face is more refined.”

At the end of his words, the model deliberately lengthened the tone, giving Ming Yu’s body a meaningful sweep. Needless to say, the other people present understood. He was implying that Ming Yu got plastic surgery!

Apart from the face, the fashion industry also looked at the temperament and body. However, the words ‘plastic surgery’ still upset some people.

The young man frowned slightly as he listened to the model’s words. He carefully looked through his memories before saying with a light smile. “My make-up is almost done. Sorry for the trouble, but can you wait a while? Sister Lin will be able to help with your make-up soon.” His tone wasn’t overbearing, angry or full of flattery.

The model saw that Ming Yu had the ‘taking the initiative to forgive’ attitude and hummed coldly. He planned to leave but everyone didn’t expect the handsome youth to curve his lips and asked, “Right, I don’t know your name. Six months have passed and your change is really big. I don’t recognize you.”

Sister Lin, “Pfft!”

Zhao Rui, “Pfft. Cough cough!”

Laughing people on the side: o(*≧▽≦)ツ┏━┓!

The handsome male mode;, “”@#%@%@!”

The angry looked male model stared at Ming Yu in the mirror and gnashed his teeth, as if he wanted to kill the other person with his eyes. But he saw Ming Yu smiling at him innocently, causing the extremely angry male model to laugh and say, “You better remember your words.”

Once the model left the dressing room, everyone could no longer hold back their laughter. Sister Lin put down the make-up she was holding and helpless asked, “Little Yu, you really caused too much damage. How did you know that Zhu Wei got plastic surgery? His fine-tuning was very clever. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t applied make-up on him earlier.”

Ming Yu, who had already seen the other person’s face-lift, pretended to be surprised. “He really got plastic surgery? Sister Lin, I was just guessing. I didn’t expect my guess would be right.”

Sister Lin laughed as she listened to these words. But after she completed Ming Yu’s makeup, she worriedly said, “But Little Yu, Zhu Wei is an extremely petty person. I recently heard that he is mixed up with the deputy editor of Fashion Entertainment. It is disgusting, but he can borrow power to do wicked things. So, you should be careful.”

Ming Yu smiled indifferently. “Thank you for your concern, Sister Lin. I will pay attention.”

The two people laughed and joked around, while Zhao Rui helpless watched Ming Yu and his ‘harem.’ The group of beauties teased Little Yu with a cheerful expression, before Ming Yu finally left the dressing room to pick his clothing.

There were many amazed eyes on them as they walked. Zhao Rui couldn’t bear it anymore and he asked, “Ming Yu, how did your mouth become so sweet today?”

Ming Yu raised his eyebrows with surprise. “Brother Zhao, I am just telling the truth.”

Zhao Rui, “…”

If he had a conscience, say it again!

Once Zhao Rui went to find someone to ask about the clothing, Ming Yu stood alone in the photography area and looked indifferently at the models taking photos.

Such a handsome young boy naturally attracted many people’s attention. They approached Ming Yu, who responded politely and won a lot of goodwill.

Why was his mouth so sweet?

Ming Yu had fought alone in the fashion industry for the last 12 years, so he was no longer a reckless young model. If he wanted to mix in such complex circles without a background to rely on, he could only endure, endure and endure as he climbed step by step.

Of course, this type of patience didn’t mean he could tolerate confrontations or provocations like Zhu Wei’s. If he endured too much, it gave people the impression that ‘he is easily bullied’, making his development more unfavourable.

Therefore, a kind but not too flattering, distant but not too apathetic attitude was the right way to walk in these circles.

Ming Yu thought for a long time as he waited for Zhao Rui. When he saw the other person, he originally wanted to ask why Zhao Rui took so long. However, he swallowed down his words when he saw the clothes Zhao Rui was holding.

The tall and handsome youth smiled faintly and gently asked, “Brother Zhao, I… was there a change of clothes?”

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