Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman

Chapter 214 - I’ll Personally Find Him

Chapter 214: I’ll Personally Find Him

Old Mistress Zhou added, “It would be best if you can bring him back! Let’s hope that all the work won’t be for nothing especially since the news was from a month ago!”

“You! What good would it be for you if my son doesn’t come back!” Second Old Mistress Shi was infuriated.

“Second Aunt, Old Mistress Zhou, please don’t worry!” Shi Fengju quickly added, “Since Second Brother has been spotted in Dezhou, we will be able to identify his whereabouts even if he is no longer there!”

“Fengju! Second Aunt can only count on you! Even if you have to resort to tying him up, you have to bring him back!” Second Old Mistress Shi cried.

Shi Fengju and Wang Shi quickly went to console her.

“Zhou In-law, since there is news about my nephew, how about we put this matter aside first! After all, won’t everything be resolved once we find and bring him back?” Wang Shi quickly said.

Old Mistress Zhou’s heart was in a mess at the moment. As Second Old Mistress Shi was sitting uneasily in her seat and did not have the mind to resume the argument, Old Mistress Zhou could only sigh, “Fine, then I will wait for your news! It isn’t early anymore so we’ll be taking our leave now!”

“You and your daughter-in-law can go back if you want, but my daughter-in-law has to remain behind!” Second Old Mistress Shi declared.

“No way!” Old Mistress Zhou said coldly, “I have to bring my daughter back with me. When your son is back, ask him to come and fetch her himself!”

“Going back will also be good!” Wang Shi chimed in, “Sister-in-law, Jingyi came here in a hurry today and didn’t tidy up the things in her house so let her go back and accompany Zhou In-law for a few more days. When Fengming is back, she’ll naturally return!”

Second Old Mistress Shi let out a sigh, “Since my sister-in-law has already spoken, what else can I say!” She got up and said indifferently, “I am going back first, Older Sister Wang Shi! Fengju, come with me for a moment, I still have a few things to ask you!”

Shi Fengju glanced at Wang Shi. After bowing to Old Mistress Zhou to bid farewell, he left with Second Old Mistress Shi.

Seeing the change on Old Mistress Zhou’s expression which seemed like she was about to make a fuss, Wang Shi quickly smiled, “My sister-in-law has always been quick-tempered. She must be in a hurry to tell her husband about the news! Please have some pity for them as they have been worrying about their son for two years. Now that there is finally news, it’ll surely put a smile on their faces! Zhou In-law, please don’t be offended! How about staying in our household for a night? It won’t be too late to go home tomorrow!”

Old Mistress Zhou’s expression relaxed a little. She shook her head and said, “No need for that, your household must also be very busy! If we stay behind, we’ll only be adding to your troubles! I hope that my son-in-law can be brought back soon to ease the worry in my heart!”

“That’s true! Zhou In-law, you are very right!” Wang Shi secretly heaved a huge sigh of relief after she heard from Old Mistress Zhou. Accommodating an important guest really was difficult.

In response, Nanny Jiang went to call out the three in the guest room. When the three came out, they bade farewell. Wang Shi only saw them off at the entrance of the main courtyard, and Sang Wan brought them all the way to the second gate after that.

Before they boarded the carriage, Old Mistress Zhou suddenly smiled at Sang Wan, “When my Jingyi returns here in the future, I will have to trouble Young Mistress Shi to take care of her! I’ll give you my thanks first!”

Sang Wan quickly stopped her and returned a smile, “Old Mistress Zhou, you are being too polite. Jingyi is my sister-in-law, and we get along well, there’s no need for words like that!”

Old Mistress Zhou sighed and said, “Other than being kind, my daughter is really useless and doesn’t know anything. Ai! Young Mistress Shi, you have to give a few pointers to her in the future. I’m being very sincere here. If she was half as capable as you, she wouldn’t have ended up like how she is now…”

“Mother! What are you saying! We should go back now! Sister Sang Wan, you can go back now; you don’t have to bother about us!” Zhou Jingyi was feeling extremely embarrassed.

She was present when Sang Wan first entered the household, and she saw with her own eyes how Sang Wan was not welcomed by Shi Fengju. When she suddenly heard that the couple got along well, she was bewildered. But when her own mother was being so direct, won’t she just be making things awkward for Sang Wan?

Even though Old Mistress Zhou found her words inappropriate as well, but as a mother, she only had the best interest for her daughter. Regardless whether her words were inappropriate, she could not help herself and quickly apologized, “Young Mistress Shi, please don’t put what I said to heart! I am just feeling so sorry for my daughter, ai!”

Sang Wan forced a smile, “Old Mistress Zhou, you’re thinking too much. Jingyi and I are in-laws, we’ll get along even better in the future. Jingyi is very good, and I believe that when her husband returns, he will be able to see her good points too!”

“Hehe, I do hope your words are true!” Old Mistress Zhou smiled. After urging her daughter to board the carriage, they finally left the Shi household.

Sang Wan’s heart was heavy as she walked back. After reporting to Wang Shi that she had sent Old Mistress Zhou and her family back, she returned to Ning Garden1.

At first, she thought that Shi Fengju would be back to see her before leaving the household after returning from the second family’s place, but he did not. In the evening, Zhan Huan brought back word that Shi Fengju was busy today and would be back slightly later than usual.

Sang Wan suddenly felt ill at ease. The sky had become completely dark After waiting for more than an hour, the sky had become completely dark but Shi Fengju was not back yet.

“Young Mistress, since Young Master will be home late, why don’t you have dinner first? You shouldn’t wait anymore lest you end up starving! And if you do, Young Master will be worried!” Nanny Li suggested after seeing the way she was.

Sang Wan was a little absent-minded and nodded, “I understand! I don’t really have an appetite, so pick two dishes to place on the table and leave the rest for Lord!” Then she asked what the soup of the day was. After hearing that it was pigeon soup, she ordered the servants to leave it on a small fire for Shi Fengju.

Nanny Li knew she was being considerate to Shi Fengju and was happy, but she also felt sorry for her. With a smile, Nanny Li said, “The soup was cooked for almost half a day, it will definitely taste delicious. Young Master won’t be able to drink all of it! This old servant will ladle a bowl for Young Mistress to kickstart your appetite.”

Sang Wan did not want to refuse her goodwill and nodded.

Shi Fengju still was not back after dinner. When it was almost time to sleep, he hurriedly returned home.

Sang Wan had already let her hair loose and taken a shower. She tied her beautiful hair behind her head and put on a casual silk robe with white orchid embroidery. She went up to him and complained, “Why are you back so late? Won’t the sun come up again tomorrow? What’s so important that you had to finish it today?”

Shi Fengju held onto her hands and squeezed it hard as he smiled, “I will tell you later, I’m feeling a little hungry now!”

Sang Wan hurriedly spoke, “The dishes are being heated in the kitchen. How about having them in the chamber?”

Shi Fengju had no objections. He ordered a servant to fetch some warm water to wash his face and an outer robe to change into.

After dinner, Shi Fengju said to Sang Wan, “I will be going somewhere far tomorrow. If it’s fast, I will be gone for less than a month. If it’s long, then I will be back in two months. You have to stay at home properly.”

Sang Wan’s expression suddenly changed, “Why do you have to travel all of a sudden!”

Seeing her reaction, Shi Fengju was both happy and sad. He held her hands and said gently, “I am going to Dezhou. Second Aunt and Second Uncle don’t feel secure enough to let others go, so I will go there personally to ease their worries! We have to bring Second Brother back no matter what, but since he is still a master of this household, the servants won’t be able to force him back if he doesn’t want to! It is fortunate that the river is no longer frozen so I will take a fast fleet there and be back quickly! You have to stay at home and take care of Mother; stop everything else for now and wait for me to come back!”

Sang Wan paused for a while as her mind was still blank. There was no way she could convince him not to go, so she nodded reluctantly, “Then please come back quickly, and be careful out there! Oh right, does Mother know about this?”

Shi Fengju shook his head and smiled, “After I left Second Uncle and Second Aunt’s place, I went to settle everything on the business side of things before rushing back. I’ll let Mother know about it in a moment!”

Sang Wan forced a smile and said, “You go then, but come back early to rest. I will help you to pack everything you need for the trip.”

Shi Fengju smiled and nodded. He suddenly stretched his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace before lowering his head to peck her cheeks a few times. Then he said softly, “Sang Wan, I don’t feel this normally when I leave for work, but right now, I don’t want to separate from you at all. Wait for me to return!”

Sang Wan’s heart felt a little empty too, and nodded as she conceded with a smile, “Hurry up and go to your mother’s place. Remember to come back early to have a good rest!”

Shi Fengju smiled before letting go of her.

When Wang Shi heard that he would be travelling for a month or two the next day, her expression darkened and said, “Why are you in such a hurry? Finding someone is important, but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t! You won’t even have enough time to pack your luggage tonight! I don’t want to say this, but this is really unreasonable! She can be worried about her son, but that doesn’t mean that she can bully someone else’s son! You too, why do you have to listen to her!”

“Mother!” Shi Fengju smiled and said, “What difference does leaving early or late make? Sang Wan will help me to pack the things I need and I can purchase anything else I may need on the trip there! It isn’t the first time I’ve been somewhere far so I know what I must do! Second Aunt and Second Uncle miss their son a lot; if Second Brother can be found, it’ll be good for everyone!”

Wang Shi still felt indignant, and complained a few more times. Knowing that her son was resolute and would not change his mind, she then reminded him a few times to remain safe. Shi Fengju did not mind her nagging and sat down by her side with a smile as he nodded his head.

“Enough, enough! I won’t continue nagging at you since you are leaving in the morning tomorrow. Go back for a good rest because you’ll have to rest on the boat tomorrow night, ai!” Wang Shi said, and could not help but complain about Second Old Mistress Shi a few more times.

Shi Fengju smiled and agreed, “Mother, there’s also another matter I wish to talk to you about. Cousin Fangzi will be back in a few more days…”

Wang Shi’s eyes glimmered a little and she looked at him suspiciously, “Right, she will be back after the ritual, I mean, where else can she go! Let’s not talk about it now and wait after you’re back!”

Shi Fengju said, “Mother, Sang Wan already tried to convince me, but I really don’t want Cousin Fangzi as my concubine. I’m sure Mother is already aware as well, so I will settle everything else when I’m back. I’ve already informed Sang Wan that during the days when I’m not around, she will serve Mother well!”

Wang Shi felt another wave of unhappiness and did not know what was wrong with her son, but at the moment, she knew it was not the time to talk about it and nodded unhappily, “Then we’ll wait for you to come back before we talk about this again!” She grunted and added while she looked at him, “I may be old but I’m no fool! I’m also tired of you being hesitant! Don’t worry, I won’t eat up your wife when you aren’t around! I will make sure she is well and waiting for you to be back!”

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