Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 14 New Mission

The two sisters didn't talk anymore on the entire way to the school, and upon arriving, Gu Xiqiao got off the car without a second word, leaving Gu Xijin there.

After getting off the car, Gu Xijin looked at the silhouette that had already made quite some way into the distance and scoffed. "Heh, you good-for-nothing Gu. Xi. Qiao."

Was this dirty illegitimate daughter starting to put on the airs of the second daughter of the Gu family? How laughable.

She could let her experience hell with a single command!

The parallel class was on the fifth floor, and when she got there there was a small crowd gathered at the entrance of the class. Someone saw her, and shouted out, "Hey she's here,make way!"

The root of this occurrence was Wu Hongwen that was standing in the middle of the crowd.

He couldn't sleep at all last night. Every time he closed his eyes, all he could think of was that delicate face, and the more he thought of it, the more he couldn't fall asleep.

Gu Xiqiao saved him courageously while everyone else fled without a second thought, and if he told himself that he wasn't moved, it would be a lie.

Meanwhile, he hurt her, albeit without meaning to do so, but that was the reality of the situation no matter how bad he felt.

Because he couldn't fall asleep, he woke up and searched his shelves for quite some time before finally finding the love letter from earlier. Wu Hongwen couldn't quite remember how this love letter was sent to him—Would such a cold person send him a love letter in the first place? As confused as he was, he still pondered on how to make it up to her.

The most handsome guy in First City High was the topic of everyone's gossip, and so there were a lot of people that came to spectate. They were mostly students from the parallel classes that were on this floor, and they crowded the hallways and chattered so much that it was annoying.

Gu Xiqiao's mental power hadn't recovered yet, and she was still going through a terrible migraine.

She cursed lowly, and the system spirit quickly created a soundproof barrier around her. At the same time, someone from within the crowd shouted, "The discipline teacher is coming!"

The students of their age were all still quite afraid of disciplinary teachers, and the parallel classes had always been the subject of scrutiny by the disciplinary committee of their school because they tended to act out sometimes when compared with the other classes. Upon hearing that the disciplinary teacher was coming, the crowd quickly scattered like a bunch of well-trained soldiers.

The only students that were left were the students of this class. They didn't see the disciplinary teacher, but no one was thinking of looking for the person that shouted the false alarm.

Gu Xiqiao walked into the class expressionlessly.

Seeing her frosty expression, Wu Hongwen suddenly didn't know how to start talking with her, as if there were something chocked in his throat. He had thought of Gu Xiqiao's reaction before he came here—Would she be happy, or would she refuse him? Whichever one he thought of, things weren't going out as planned.

She didn't react, and her long eyelashes curtained her clear eyes while her expression was calm and collected. It was quite different with the gentleness that he had a glimpse of earlier last evening.

[Beauty Qiao, Wu Hongwen's affection towards you is very high, but from my calculations, it seems like he isn't very lucky, something bad might happen to him.] After creating the barrier, the system spirit suddenly spoke up.

Gu Xiqiao sighed softly. "Hey, can you change this bad habit of yours of analyzing people randomly?"

[No, but you can help him!]

"That's a matter for later."

Seeing that Gu Xiqiao didn't give him any attention, Wu Hongwen was a little flustered. His eyes were black yet bright, and the shape of his face and jaw were quite well proportioned. His eyelashes were naturally curled and he had a high nose, and even though he was a student from the rocket class, he always played basketball with the students of the parallel class. He looked more handsome and fit than the average high school student, and even though everyone wore the same school uniform, he made it look stylish and form-fitting.

Someone saw the car that came fetch him once, and it was one of the most expensive ones on the market. After that, he became more popular in First City High, even becoming almost as popular as Xia Zijun that graduated a year earlier.

It was hard to get a hold on him usually, so now that he appeared in their class, these students couldn't help but stare.


"Class is going to start." Gu Xiqiao took out her phone and looked at him.

"Oh…" Wu Hongwen put down the item that he was holding onto Gu Xiqiao's desk before walking out of the door. Upon arriving back at his class, he finally came back to his senses. When did he come back, and why didn't he have any memory of doing so?

It was a little unbelievable, but he eventually found a reason for his spacing out. He… was bewitched by her looks?

After he left, Gu Xiqiao started communicating with the system spirit.

[The system has detected that Beauty Qiao's physical condition is too weak, so I have created a workout routine for you so that you can reach peak physical condition!]

[Mission completion reward: 1000 points.]

[Mission failure punishment: Level Two Punishment, blindness for a week!]

[Ding! Daily Forced Mission activated: Workout for one hour.]

[Mission completion reward: 1 point]

A raise of an eyebrow. "The heck, didn't I beat up a bunch of gangsters yesterday?"

The system spirit rolled its eyes. [Stop daydreaming, that was only after you had Master status.]

Gu Xiqiao was speechless.

The girl that sat behind Gu Xiqiao poked at her back after seeing that Wu Hongwen had left. "Hey classmate, why did you ignore him?"

Gu Xiqiao smiled gently and gave her the box of chocolates that Wu Hongwen had placed on her desk. "Here, take this."


"Take it."

The girl blinked and nodded, blushing softly as she accepted the metal box.

After dealing with the girl, Gu Xiqiao took out her papers and resumed to revise. Xiao Yun saw this and remembered how the former solved the difficult question on the board a day ago without breaking a sweat. Xiao Yun took one of the math papers that were placed on Gu Xiqiao's desk, and the was solved as expected.

"Uhm…Can I borrow your math papers?"

A polite smile. "Of course."

After looking over all of the math papers that Gu Xiqiao did, Xiao Yun had a complex expression on her face. She was the Mathematics representative of their class and had even participated in several Mathematics Olympiads and competitions in the two years prior, with excellent first-grade results that added twenty points onto her final results. She was only sent to the parallel class because her Chinese was too weak.

As the student that could be said to be the best at Mathematics in First City High, she was still stunned by Gu Xiqiao's papers.

Gu Xiqiao's handwriting was delicate and nice to look at, while the way she solved the questions were concise and her steps were easy to follow. Even the papers that were filled with equations and densely packed were easy on the eyes. Most importantly, she had seen the answers to this paper, and she didn't get any of the questions wrong!

Xiao Yun stared at the papers for a long time and examined it thoroughly, and concluded that this person's solutions could be compared with the 'exam robot' Luo Wenlang.

After looking over at the math papers, she took out her Chinese papers and facepalmed upon seeing her terrible 60 points.

[Ding! Special Mission activated. Mission Details: Help Xiao Yun improve her Chinese before the national finals come around.]

[Mission Reward: 100 points.]

Gu Xiqiao put down her papers and looked over at Xiao Yun before her lips twitched slightly.


That was even lower than Gu Xiqiao's English marks, was she really a person from Hua Xia?

"Isn't it too hard?" Gu Xiqiao could feel her headache again. Xiao Yun's Chinese grades were so bad that even their teacher had no idea how to help her, and even though the point rewards were very enticing, but it was practically hopeless. If the teachers hadn't given up on helping her, they wouldn't have let her enter the parallel class in the first place.

The parallel class was practically a free-range area that wasn't cared about by the teachers.

[Beauty Qiao, please believe in yourself and you can do anything! You can use points to buy special medicine to increase her memorization ability and learning ability!]

"How many points?"

[9 Points per piece, and you can get a discount if you buy five!]

"...It isn't good to take shortcuts, let's take it slow."

[...] How could she be so stingy!

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