Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

Chapter 3 Friend Lis

It was already night time, so the doctors from the outpatient department had mostly gone off duty. The driver Old Zhang quickly took out his phone and dialed a number, and in a few minutes, a team of doctors came rushing in.

These doctors had always been proud and self-important since when were they at the beck and call of a mere driver?

Gu Xiqiao watched calmly as the doctor picked out the gravel in her wound with a pair of tweezers, not thinking more about receiving help from these mysterious people. They were only passersby that would never be able to meet each other again after this, after all.

But she didn't expect the driver to ask for a way to contact her family.

Gu Xiqiao lifted her head and fixed Old Zhang with a clear gaze, her jet black hair resting on her shoulder and making her seem meek and demure. "It's fine, just a small wound. I'll be able to get myself home later."

Call the Gu family? Su Wan'er probably wanted to choke her to death, Gu Zuhui hadn't even looked her in the eye since she joined the family, and Gu Xijin acted like she cared, but wanted to get rid of her anyway. If they received the call, it would probably further serve the 'Gu Xiqiao is a harbinger of misfortune' agenda that they had going on. They probably wouldn't even send a servant to help her out.

Under the lights, the girl seemed especially pale and fragile like a porcelain doll, and with how thin she was, she seemed quite sickly.

Before Old Zhang could reply, the nurse that was helping to wash her wounds couldn't help but speak. "How could you not tell your parents after being hurt like this? You probably fought with your family didn't you, young lady? I understand having a rebellious phase, but please go home and apologize alright? Parents are always like that, but you must know that they mean well. It's hard enough to work day in and day out, so don't worry them so much…"

And so the nurse continued nagging on and on, to the point where Gu Xiqiao could feel a migraine coming on.

Were nurses nowadays all so passionate?

"My mother is dead." Gu Xiqiao glanced at the nurse. "My father doesn't have the time to deal with me, either."

"Ah, I'm sorry." The nurse paused in her nagging, realizing that she said something that she shouldn't have. As she made up the details of a familial soap opera in her head, she gave Gu Xiqiao a pitying look. "Then you…"

Gu Xiqiao's expression was as calm and collected as always, but she was silently organizing her thoughts. As soon as she came back to when she was eighteen, she was given an unreliable system and was hit by a car as soon as she stepped out…Was there something wrong with her luck?

She was quite caught up on this and reached to massage her temples gently.

The nurse thought for a bit and decided to continued speaking. She was a nurse in-training and still hadn't had much experience in dealing with patients, so she decided to advise this 'lost lamb' from her so-called justice.

But didn't she know that her self centered sense of justice was the same as stabbing a knife into one's heart?

Old Zhang couldn't keep watching anymore and decided to stop the young nurse from speaking.

Before he could do anything, however, he heard a creak coming from the entrance, and a lean, tall man made his way into the room. As he walked, the room itself seemed to freeze with an invisible pressure.

The nurse felt a chill run up her spine, and she unconsciously clammed up and worked faster on cleaning the wound, before shivering and making a break for it.

Only after the door was closed did she look up at the sculpture-like silhouette.

He stood there silently, his aura so sharp that it seemed to be able to cut the air around him, giving off pressure to everyone that looked at him.

From this angle, the man had sculpted features and was quite handsome. The elegant angle of his eyebrows seemed to melt away the frost in his demeanor, highlighting a warmth to his features that made him even more alluring.

The young nurse was quite stunned, having never seen such a good-looking man in her life.

Jiang Shuxuan saw that her wound had already been treated and checked on the report that the doctors wrote on her, his thick eyebrows furrowing slightly like a single ripple on a calm lake. His gaze deep in thought but covered with a layer of frost, and even if he wasn't angry it was hard to maintain eye contact with him.

After a while, he handed the report to Old Zhang and asked him to get the medicine from the dispensary.

Old Zhang seemed to want to contact the girl's family because it wasn't proper to leave such a young woman at the hospital by herself late at night, but she was quite stubborn and didn't give him any information.

He had been worried about Mr. Jiang that had been waiting downstairs because it was his duty to send him to the airport, and it would have been hard for him to withstand the consequences of failing his mission. Now that Mr. Jiang came up by himself and didn't seem to blame him in the slightest, he calmed down quite a bit and went to get the medicine for her.

When there was no one else left in the room, Jiang Shuxuan looked at Gu Xiqiao with a frosty gaze.

After a while, he asked, "Who are you?"

Jiang Shuxuan's gaze was piercing, and it seemed to have the power to see into a person's very soul.

He knew that his car hit her, but it was never in his calculations. When he was in the car, he couldn't sense that anyone was in front of the car even with his strong sensory ability. This girl's mental power was quite raw and strong too, to the point where even he was wary of her.

With the mental power that she had, she was leagues more talented than all of those children in his family. Perhaps those people knew that he was interested in such things, so they made this girl appear in front of him?

It wasn't impossible, and so he couldn't help but start to observe her and size her up.

When a cold voice rang out from above her, and Gu Xiqiao lifted her head and looked at the man that was asking her with a confused expression.

Her gaze was as innocent as a newborn child, like a clear creek in the woods.

Jiang Shuxuan didn't know what to say all of a sudden, and coughed into his fist lightly to hide his sudden awkwardness. He felt a little guilty for suspecting a girl with such a pure gaze, and so his first impression of her was renewed. "I wanted to say that if you don't want to go home, you can come to stay at my place for a few days."

It was quite common for children to fall out with their parents, but for such a meek and gentle child to choose to run away from her home, how terrible would it have had to been for her to make such a choice?

Gu Xiqiao raised her eyebrows and was about to refuse, before feeling a shadow envelop her along with a loss of gravity.

Before she could react, she had already been carried up princess-style easily by the man.

She raised her head a little startled, but from her gaze, she could only see his well-defined jaw. This person must have been used to having his way that he didn't even give her a chance to refuse.

That being said, the warmth hidden in his dark orbs spoke no lies.

Gu Xiqiao pursed her lips slightly before lowering her head in defeat, hiding away her emotions.

The person in his arms was practically a light as a feather, and even a rifle was denser than she was. Jiang Shuxuan frowned as he thought about the reports he saw earlier—A weak constitution, anemia, a slight concussion, and serious wounds, wasn't that too severe for someone for her age?

How was she treated at home?

Gu Xiqiao was still spacing out before the system sounded out in her mind.

[Ding! The system has detected that this man is a respectable young man with good intentions! He has been added into your Friend List by default.]

A friend list? As soon as she got this new skill, she immediately closed her eyes and examined this new friend list that appeared in the system space.

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