Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Chapter 163


Chapter 163:Who is whose robbery?

Just every time I meet the Taizi, how can he be robbed or I being robbed ? Is it predestined that we should be valued by each other?

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help shaking her head and grinning.

Dongfang Ruoxue looked at everything in front of her, with a smile on her mouth: “This mountain is in the painting, it is a rare beauty!”

“Yes, the mountain can survive in your paintings…” An Qingran chuckled.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Where? In order to get your paintings, the people in the capital don’t know how many people they are asking for and how many lawsuits they are suing! ” An Qingran said in serious.

“Well, I’ll give you one another day. I don’t know what you want to draw.” Dongfang Rouxue eyes contains smile.

“Well, I think I’ll draw a picture of two girls climbing mountain in the autumn!”

“Your painting is really so humorous …” Dongfang Ruoxue said with a frown on his eyes. “But it is also desirable, but if this mountain comes in winter, it is snowy and the plums are in the snow, it is more artistic!”

“Well, when we come back in winter, we’d better call more people. After finding plum in the snow, we can go hunting together…”

“Amitabha, in the pure land of the Buddhist gate, you dare to say!” Dongfang Ruoxue smiled bitterly.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m the daughter of the General. Who in the General’s Mansion is afraid of blood? Even if there is a snub hell, the General with his team, for the people to fight after death still into hell? There’s no sense in that. Another reason is that I think my cousin Lian Muhan can shoot the best arrows. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if he also came? “

Hearing this, Dongfang Ruoxue didn’t speak for a long time and said: “I don’t know what will happen then. We can say everything now. Time is too fast, and I am afraid that things will be different…”

“Why is there such a sadness?” An Qingran said in surprise, did now have the intention to be peace treaty*?

[make peace with rulers of minority nationalities in the border areas by marriage]

Dongfang Ruoxue just smiled and didn’t answer.

An Qingran feels sad. If it is true, isn’t she going to leave the capital? Then she can only hide her mind about Lian Muhan in her heart. And hasn’t she helped her in this life?

When she was worried, she didn’t pay attention to her feet. She just stepped on a stone. The stone was loose again. As a result, her body fell back involuntarily. In a critical moment, she reacted very quickly. When she twisted her body, the place was loose and lost balance. She fell straight back. It’s too late for Dongfang Ruoxue to reach for her, Rendong and other maids in order not to disturb the conversation of the two young ladies, they just followed them from afar. If want to come now, it’s too late to reach!

However, An Qingran didn’t fall to the ground, but fell into a warm embrace and raised her eyes in surprise, but she saw a beautiful and elegant face. The whole face exuded a kind of tranquil atmosphere, and his eyes were like water, with slight waves!

She looked at the young man in white dress. How could he looks so familiar?

When she heard that Dongfang Ruoxue called him brother, she understood that he was Dongfang Ruan, the first Gongzi of capital!

However, before she said thank you, Dongfang Ruan asked : “Are you ok?”

An Qingran nodded: “Thank you very much, Gongzi…”

“It’s just a small thing…” With that, he just nodded, turned around and left, and soon disappeared in the woods.

“How could he be here?” An Qingran said with emotion, she had not yet thanked her. Fortunately, he saved Rendong in the last incident!

Actually, she didn’t know that she was the one Dongfang Ruan wanted to save.

Dongfang Ruan is a weak person. Such a person should not be emotional, it will be dark when he is emotional.

The last time he saw in Lou Fu, Dongfang Ruan was stunned as seen a fairy. His heart couldn’t calm down any more. This time, when he learned that An Qingran would come to Yuehua temple, he supported Dongfang Ruoxue. And he protected his younger sister, so naturally he could not leave a trace.However, he did not expect that An Qingran was rescued by Dongfang Jin first. when he looked at Dongfang Jin’s eyes understood that his pet and domineering, he was afraid there was no hope!

Fight with the Taizi?

Last night, he couldn’t go to sleep. Later, when he came to the yard, he only looked at the direction of the wing room. There were countless emotions surging in his heart, but he didn’t move at all….

“Brother is probably afraid that we are in danger, always secretly protect it!” Dongfang Ruoxue smiled at this time, “Fortunately, he is there, otherwise it’s not good for you to be scared!”

After this small and dangerous event, the two played again. An Qingran thought to herself that she couldn’t decide where Dongfang Ruan was guarding them in the dark, which made her feel uneasy, and then quickly went down the mountain.


An Qingran finally went back to the General’s Mansion. Right in front of the door, her mother anxiously waited for her, until she saw her, she was relieved: “Qingran, come to my room immediately after seeing your grandmother!”

Lian Jinyu’s rare serious expression made An Qingran confused. What happened to her mother?

Did something happen?

When she arrived at Beiyuan, the old lady saw her face looking uncertain: ” Went to Yuehua Temple this time, but it went well?”

“A little thing happened, but it’s alright!” An Qingran chuckled.

She didn’t want to have trouble, if only nobody knew about it.

Otherwise, I don’t know how to pass it.

Such a shadow catcher*. Can’t tell her that she was robbed and humiliated?

Make groundless accusations

The old lady didn’t ask deeply. She said kindly, “you are the smartest girl. Don’t do something happen. That let me feel bitterly disappointed…”

An Qingran didn’t quite understand what she said. How could she let her feel be bitterly disappointed?

But she was thinking and sleepy, and didn’t think about it. Besides, her mother was waiting, so she nodded her head perfunctorily. The old lady sighed: “Go back and have a rest soon. It’s hard for you to bear such a heavy responsibility. Have been praying before Buddha to protect the family and blessings…”

An Qingran finally said farewell to the old lady and went straight to dongnuage. The maids were very careful, as if their mistress in a bad mood.

An Qingran hurriedly went in: “Mom, do you have something to look for me?”

Lian Jinyu said with a flat face: “An Qingran, do you admit the mistake?”

It’s very cold!

From childhood, my mother never said a big word about herself. What’s the matter today?

An Qingran forward in a stupefied way: “Mom, what’s going on? What’s wrong with the child? “

“just, you only went out for three or four days. The story of you and the Taizi is spread all over the capital. Saying that you were dating the Taizi in the name of go to a temple to pray. Tell me, did you see the Taizi?”

“I see…” An Qingran’s head was buzzing in a mess. Her mother’s face was like this. She mentioned the Taizi again, which showed that she was really disappointed in herself.

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