Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 232.2 - The Promiscuous Adulterers Are Dishonored and Punished Part 2/3

Chapter 232 The Promiscuous Adulterers Are Dishonored and Punished Part 2/3

Wang Shengmin explained: “I like the **** excitement because when I was eleven, my second sister returned to her maiden family. My father had hugged her and shouted, ‘My darling, your father missed you to death.’ I thought my father was like that because he liked her. Who knew……

“Who knew my father would take off her clothing behind a rockery and tangle with her? At the time, I was still young so I asked my father and second sister what they were doing. My father took off my pants and pulled out my ‘little bird’ and asked me if I felt comfortable.

“I said yes and my father pointed to my second sister and said, ‘Do what I just did and you’ll be more comfortable.’ That day, I experienced a taste that I had never experienced before. From then on, I started to look for women, but none was as exciting as my second sister.

“Later, my second sister didn’t come back very often, so I turned my attention to fifth sister and eighth sister. Bai Yiniang found out about me and my eighth sister and threatened me. Then I tangled with Bai Yiniang too.”

Heavens! The Dali Court Justice was thunderstruck when he heard Wang Shengmin’s confession. He was shocked into a mess.

After he heard Bai Yiniang’s confession, he scolded the family even more for being obscene and immoral.

Bai Yiniang said, “Laoye is different in that aspect. He likes stimulation. I wanted to gain his favor, so I had choice but to give my eldest daughter to him. She wanted to avoid him, so she could only seduce the Assistant Minister of Revenue at the time, Yu daren. Yu daren was drunk that day, so my eldest daughter pretended to be a maidservant and seduced him.

“Later, Laoye wanted my youngest daughter [Wang Yiping], but my youngest daughter was already entangled with her fifth brother and despised her father. She had no choice but to use her sister’s method and climbed onto First Mu Laoye’s [Mu YingRui’s] bed. That’s what happened. I had no other choice. I was afraid of losing Laoye’s favor and losing a way to survive in Duke Yingguo fu.”

Finally, it was Wang Yiping’s confession: “I’m also forced. I don’t want to be like this, but what could I have done? My biological mother was an actress. She taught me how to seduce me, how to compete for favor, how to scheme against people, and how to harm people since I was young.

“My Di mother is vicious and treated the yiniangs and Shu children harshly and ruthlessly. If we didn’t have a plan, we would be swallowed without leaving anything behind. That animal Wang Shengmin *** me. I told my yiniang. My yiniang not only didn’t care, but she blackmailed him to have an affair with her.

“If I didn’t deceive Mu YingRui and became his wife, do you want me to end up like my fourth sister? Fourth sister didn’t die from illness. She was forced to commit suicide by my father……”

Finally, the last witness Liu Yanhong was sent to the Dali Court Justice by Zi You. She proved that Wang Yiping, Wang Shengmin, and Bai Yiniang were adulterers.

The Dali Court Justice was shocked! He didn’t understand how Wang Yiping and Darong Ka were tangled together.

Darong Ka was recommended by Taizi to the Emperor. He was on Taizi’s side. But why did someone on Taizi’s side get involved with Wang Yiping?

The Dali Court Justice looked up in fear at Zi You. He didn’t want to join any Wangzi’s camp. He was a neutral faction. He would be loyal to whoever became the Emperor in the future.

But now, he discovered such a secret. What should he do? Taizi was secretly trying to win over a minister! Or why else would Darong Ka treat Wang Yiping’s leg?

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