Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 13 - The Legend of the Lackey

Chapter 13: The Legend of the Lackey

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Going to school was a big deal. All things aside, which grade and class, who the class president was, who he got along with in school, and who his arch enemy was, he should at least know these. It was easiest to give himself away in these places. What should he do?

While Hong Dali panicked, the clock continued ticking. He still had to return home with the driver first.

Hong Dali did not forget about Ling Xiaoyi before he left. “You may stay here for the time being. I’ll leave my number so you can call me if you need anything. You will take charge of this place from now on.”

Ling Xiaoyi felt slightly dejected that Hong Dali was not intending to bring her along. After all, the Hong’s family villa was like a legendary palace in the mountains. Even if she didn’t get to stay in the villa, it would have been great to be able to catch a glimpse of it. Ling Xiaoyi decisively tried to get Hong Dali’s pity. “Young Master, could you let me accompany you back? I’m afraid to be alone here. Um, even if I have to come back here alone tonight.”

Is this girl trying to throw herself at me? Hong Dali scanned Ling Xiaoyi. Although she couldn’t be compared with Tang Muxin, she could be considered a beauty herself. In time, she could have the flair of a queen. I’ll just bring her along with me. Hong Dali asked the driver, “Urm, is my car here?”

The driver responded respectfully, “Yes, Young Master, it is right outside.”

“Let’s go, then!” Hong Dali strode outside arrogantly, not forgetting his lackeys. “Lackeys, lead the way. What are you waiting for? Make haste, let’s go home!”

“Yes!” Three lackeys aggressively made way for Hong Dali, using their bodies to push the crowd aside to set a path for him. It was as though they had gained power through being Hong Dali’s lackeys.

The nine lackeys, together with Hong Dali, Tang Muxin, and the driver—twelve people in total—walked mightily in a line out of the Ye Lai Xiang nightclub’s door. Three black luxury cars were parked outside the nightclub. On the front of each car was a shiny golden angel logo, and on the back was an angel with wings in a praying pose. Hong Dali could hear three lackeys exclaiming: “Oh my god, it’s a Prayer Angel! A Prayer Angel! One Prayer Angel is worth more than 1 million!”

Prayer Angel? More than 1 million? Isn’t that the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce on Earth?

Not bad, not bad, only a car like this is compatible with a status like mine. It would be pointless if it were a normal car.

Hong Dali beamed with satisfaction and laughed. “Lackeys, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in the car and set off!”

Three black Prayer Angels lead the way for Hong Dali’s stretch limousine. The high-profile yet luxuriously low-key vehicles attracted countless bystanders. Those questioning how the lackeys had been accepted stomped their feet in disappointment, wishing to reincarnate in order to gain another chance.

Within one night, the story of Hong Dali’s nine lackeys spread throughout the streets and alleys. Everyone knew the superprodigal had recruited a few lackeys and that they’d traveled around in Prayer Angels and worn the more expensive Maluni suits. The lackeys held their heads high wherever they went, looking extremely impressive.

Everyone said, being able to become Hong Dali’s lackeys, they had to have done something good in their previous lives. There was no chance of becoming his lackeys if they were not born with it.

Of course, with regards to these rumors, Hong Dali couldn’t care less.

He was grinning from ear to ear, looking at the numbers in the system.

“Host’s current squandering value: 327,845 yuan. Do you wish to redeem attribute points?”

Of course! Hong Dali responded without thinking, “Redeem all the attribute points and add them to my health stat.” In no time, Hong Dali felt warm and fuzzy all over. His health had improved a little more. That felt good!

Now that his health stat was 45, he felt much stronger than before, not so weak that even a gust of wind could sweep him off his feet. This felt normal. It was definitely worth celebrating.

The cars soon reached the main gate of the Hongwu Villa. Tang Muxin, who was sitting beside him, sniffed. “Dali, don’t tell me you are intending to have me sleep at your place tonight?”

“Need you to ask?” Hong Dali felt strange. “You’re my fiancée. Isn’t it normal to sleep at my place? We can go to school together tomorrow.”

“Sleep at your place? Go to school tomorrow?!” Tang Muxin jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. “How do you expect me to face our classmates like that? I might as well die!” Sleep at the house of Hong Dali, the prodigal? Go to school together? How was she supposed to hold her head high in the future? Just going home with him would make her feel regret for the rest of her life. If she stayed, she was bound to have nightmares for life!

“It’s not a big thing, you’re overreacting.” Hong Dali pouted. The only on his mind was trying to trick Tang Muxin into telling him which grade and class he was in. In the time they had spent together, she had never mentioned which class they were in. That could mean that they were in the same school but not in the same class. At this moment, a thought came to Hong Dali’s mind, and he smiled sheepishly at Tang Muxin. “Oh, Xinxin, since we’re engaged, how about I come to your class? Or you could come to mine?”

Tang Muxin was taken aback and rejected him. “Go to hell, I will never step into your class! Your class is known as the death class. I still wish to study well and advance to university. Do you think everyone is like you? All you think about is squandering!”

“I won’t do it, then. Why get so worked up?” Hong Dali shrugged it off, but in his heart, he was smiling. Death class? Hehe, it will be easy with this clue. I just need a lackey to go find out which class is the death class in school tomorrow. It won’t take more than a few minutes, hahaha!

Since he had achieved his goal, Hong Dali had no reason to make things difficult for Tang Muxin. “Um, if you really don’t wish to stay here, there’s nothing I can do. I’m not one to force things upon others. How about this, come to my place and say hi to my parents. I will ask a lackey to send you off after. How does that sound?”

“That’s better, hmph!”

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