Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1302 - Awesome Hong Dali

Chapter 1302: Awesome Hong Dali

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Primordial Blood Emperor Log! That was the secret manual of Yun Qingfeng, the Grandmaster of Wushen Palace. Later, the Devil Lord Tang Zhen achieved a breakthrough to the limits of heaven and man with this secret manual. Now, this Hong Dali actually said he had it…

This moment, everyone became extremely excited. Their eyes turned red as they stared at Hong Dali as if he was the secret manual.

“This Hong Dali actually has the Primordial Blood Emperor Log! What kind of background does he come from?”

“Who knows? He didn’t seem very powerful when he fought previously, right? Does he need to sell secret manuals for money if he mastered such a skill?”

“But he actually dared to say that he has that secret manual in front of so many people. Is he tired of living?”

Even Ling Feng frowned. Although the situation seemed dangerous, it was not a ten-thousand-army formation. It was not impossible to resolve it with his strength. Now that Hong Dali said that he had the “Primordial Blood Emperor Log”, the situation suddenly became complicated.

“Ah,” Hong Dali didn’t mind at all. To him, such scenes were small cases. “Actually, it’s nothing. If you don’t mind, I can write it on the big rock outside for everyone to see.”

Hearing that, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

To write the “Primordial Blood Emperor Log” on the rock for everyone to see?

“This little brother, if you do this…” Ling Feng frowned slightly. This secret manual was the treasure of their Wushen Palace. It was lost two thousand years ago. Was it really with this young man now? But why was he willing to take it out so easily for everyone to see now?

“Hehe. Actually, it’s nothing.” Hong Dali winked at Ling Feng. “We’re all on the same side. You will understand later.”

At this moment, someone asked loudly, “Little Brother, is what you say the truth? You’re really willing to write the secret manual on the rock for everyone to see?” What he asked was what everyone else wanted to know. Everyone nodded vigorously.

This situation was interesting.

Hong Dali stood beside Ling Feng. It was not practical for him to drag Hong Dali aside to ask him about the secret manual separately. Yet, he was unwilling to share the secret manual with so many people—this secret manual was like his own wife. Who would wish to share their wife with so many people, right?

It was like Zhang Wuji mastering the Nine Suns Divine Art. And someone said for him to engrave the Nine Suns Divine Art on a rock for everyone to master to strengthen their bodies—Zhang Wuji was not as broad-minded as Hong Dali.

“En, I will really write it on the rock. However, there’s a condition.” Hong Dali chucked and said, “I need time. After all, it’s impossible to finish writing the secret manual in a day. Especially since it’s to engrave on a rock. Hence, everyone can wait here. Everyone has to agree not to make any moves. I will then write the secret manual for everyone.”

Hong Dali’s words were like a joke. No one could guarantee that he would really write it. At this moment, Ling Feng finally said, “You don’t have a choice. Either you agree, or we’ll fight!”

Although Ling Feng sounded strong-willed, everyone knew they were not his match. Someone immediately shouted, “That young man cannot be trusted. It’s best to take action first! If we can take him down, it won’t be too late to make him write out the secret manual!”

Some other unknown people began to shout with him. “That’s right. We’ll attack him together. Otherwise, there’s no need to continue fighting. We must not fall into their trap!”

Hu Ziming didn’t know whether to take action or not. He whispered to Cang Yulong hesitantly. “Dali is a very mysterious person. We’ll wait and see. Otherwise, we might become cannon fodder.” En, he was a character worthy of being on the Dragon Potential Ranking. He was smart…

Everyone here was all martial arts masters. They naturally knew that if Ling Feng was allowed to continue his ways, after a while, no one would dare to take action again. This time, the ten most powerful people in the Pugilistic World immediately attacked together.

Fists were raised and the blades of swords were like rain in a storm charging toward Ling Feng.

“Humph! Right on time!” Ling Feng snorted coldly and released explosive power from his body, driving toward a few attackers. The energy was like a substance. The actions of those masters seemed to have slowed down. Then, Ling Feng stepped forward and slowly raised his fist.

“Boom Boom Boom—”

A chilling dull sound was heard. Almost no one saw Ling Feng making any moves, yet they saw the results of the combined blow.

The more than ten people who were attacked flew back from Ling Feng’s move. They landed on the ground and stepped back. Those who were stronger took three to five steps back. Those who were not so good retreated by seven or eight steps, had blood on the corners of their mouths, and somewhat suffered from some internal injuries!

The reason why these people were able to stay alive was that Ling Feng could not figure out what Hong Dali meant. Hence, he held back his strength. Otherwise, they would have become corpses lying on the ground.

Seeing that they were not able to take Ling Feng head-on, everyone retreated to wait and see. No one else dared to attack.

Actually, these people had prepared a lot of weapons such as bows, arrows, and gunpowder. But because Hong Dali, the walking secret manual, was here, no one dared to do anything. It became a deadlock situation.

Although these people were cautious in taking action, they didn’t dare to believe everything Hong Dali said. Some smarter people said, “We can hold back our attacks. But this little brother said he knows of the ‘Primordial Blood Emperor Log’, he should at least prove it, right? Otherwise, it won’t be easy to make us all wait here foolishly.” The meaning in his words was very obvious. If this kid dared to bluff them, they would shoot him!

Ling Feng understood his meaning. He humphed coldly. “Who are you to negotiate any terms?”

That person talked back immediately. “At most, we’ll fight it out and go down together!”

At this moment, Hong Dali laughed as he walked out and said, “To be honest, although I know of this secret manual, I didn’t master it.” He really didn’t master it. But he remembered the secret manual. “Let’s not fight. I’ll just write a bit of it, won’t you all know if it’s real, then?”

Everyone was shocked now. However, since they could possibly see the secret manual without making any moves, they didn’t care if he was speaking the truth. It wouldn’t be too late to do anything after they saw it, anyway. Hence, everyone nodded. “This is a good idea.”

Instantly, Hong Dali commanded someone to move a rock over, borrowed a brush, and began writing.

It was easy to tell if a secret manual was real. Hong Dali had just written a general outline when someone shouted, “This, this should be the real secret manual! And it does look like the legendary ‘Primordial Blood Emperor Log!’”

Hong Dali said in a bad mood, “What rubbish is that? Will I write something that is fake?” Then, he stretched his hand. “Don’t talk nonsense first. I’m tired. All of you can do as you deem fit!”

At this moment, Hong Dali had become a nouveau riche from a little rascal. Everyone took a step back and said politely in unity, “Mr. Hong, do rest early!”

Even Ling Feng was dumbfounded—he had been famous for so many years, but he had never seen these people from the Pugilistic World care so much for him, so sincerely…

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