Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 6 - The Feeling of Being a Nouveau Riche

Chapter 6: The Feeling of Being a Nouveau Riche

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Hong Dali was oblivious to the worries of his parents. Currently, he had his own worry—to squander 230,000 yuan in two hours’ time. Considering the purchasing power of the yuan in this world, this was definitely a difficult task. Through his previous conversations with Tang Muxin, in which he had elusively asked about the purchasing power in this world, he perceived that the purchasing power of the yuan in this world was five times greater than in his previous life.

Which was to say that 230,000 yuan here would have been worth about a million in his previous life.

Now, he had to spend that amount of money within two hours. It would require a miracle for Hong Dali to complete such a task.

But regardless of how difficult or impossible it might seem, for his penis, he had to squander away this much money.

“Are you really on planning to visit the Ye Lai Xiang nightclub in order to squander?” Within the short traveling time of five minutes, Tang Muxin had already asked this question six times. “Have you thought about how you’re going to squander your money? Don’t tell me that you are only going to order the most expensive wine and the best host… hostess!”

“Your level of insight is still too low.” Hong Dali leaned against the backrest, proudly sitting with his legs crossed. “There are many ways to squander. I am choosing the easiest and most effective option, hehe.”

“You stupid prodigal, I am not going to bother with you anymore!” Tang Muxin humphed angrily and turned her head away.

“Young master, we have arrived.” The driver stopped the car and got out of the car first. He earnestly pulled open the car door for Hong Dali and said, “Young master, please alight.”

“Yep, not bad.” Hong Dali stood at the entrance of the nightclub and saw that it was ablaze with lights. He nodded in satisfaction. “This looks much more appealing. We spent such a long time playing poker just now, yet we won a few hundred thousand yuan instead of squandering our money. That really annoys me.” With a snap of his fingers, he said, “Come on, let us immerse ourselves in splurging, immerse ourselves in squandering! I am booking this entire place for today!” Doing stuff like booking an entire place was definitely not a novelty for the original owner of this body. Hong Dali wasn’t at all worried that his actions would appear abnormal.

“Book… book… book the entire place!?” Tang Muxin felt that the number of times she had been on tenterhooks today was more than every other time in her lifetime. This prodigal Hong Dali actually planned to book this entire place?

“Of course, I must book the entire nightclub. How can I squander if I don’t do that?” Hong Dali smiled cheekily and directly barged through the entrance of the nightclub. “Give me your attention, everyone. Your guest is here!”

The two security guards at the entrance looked at each other. They had been able to see Hong Dali alighting from a super-luxurious limousine even from far away. Hence, they didn’t dare to be impetuous. They respectfully asked, “Hello, sir, may I know your intentions here…”

Upon asking the question, they curiously glanced at Tang Muxin, who was following beside Hong Dali, and the sturdily built bodyguard-slash-driver at the rear, who was wearing sunglasses. They discreetly wiped away their cold sweat. Which family is this arrogant young master from? He is only 17 or 18 years old, but he is already bringing a lady to visit a nightclub? He seems to have mentioned something about squandering just now. Could he be the one from the legends… the superprodigal from the Hong family!?

Arriving at this conclusion, the two security guards didn’t dare to hesitate even the slightest bit. One of them brought the trio inside while the other hurriedly went up to report to the owner of the nightclub. “Boss, we are in trouble! We are in trouble! No, we are in luck! We are in luck!”

The security guard howled all the way as he ran up the stairs. Just as he barged into the owner’s office, he was instantly kicked out—literally. “What’s the problem with you? What is it about trouble and luck? Speak properly!”

“Yes, yes, Boss. Something good happened, something extremely good!” The security guard spoke with his fastest speed ever. “The superprodigal from the Hong family came to our nightclub for no apparent reason! Boss, that’s the most infamous prodigal in history! The one who is superb at squandering. Boss, we will definitely make a fortune tonight!”

“The superprodigal from the Hong family!?” Upon hearing the security guard’s words, the owner jumped up from his chair abruptly. “You mean the one with the name Hong Dali, that superprodigal? The one who can squander tens of thousands of yuan without even blinking an eye?”

“I am 80% sure that it is him!” The security guard was full of sweat due to the excitement and said, “They alighted from a limousine. When they were walking over they mentioned something about squandering. I am at least 80% sure that it is him!”

The owner excitement clapped his hands and continuously circled around the room. He continuously said, “This is Heaven’s gift to us, Heaven’s gift to me! This prodigal always squanders in large amounts. Our nightclub hasn’t made any profit for a long time. With his visit here, this is definitely a good time to boost our sales!” Having thought of that, the owner’s eyes lit up. He anxiously said, “Inform the staff that they are to satisfy all of his requests, whatever they may be! As long as he is happy here, he will frequent us again. If that happens, the situation here could really change for the better! This will save the business, save the business indeed!”

“Yes, Boss!” The security guard immediately ran downstairs, passing the message to all of the staff on the way.

As for Hong Dali, he was following the security guard into the nightclub. But when they reached the main hall, Hong Dali furrowed his eyebrows.

The decorations and design of the nightclub gave a luxurious and imposing appearance. But in reality, the customer base seemed to be rather limited. The dance floor was built on an enormous scale, but there were only a few people dancing inside. The surrounding seats were only scarcely occupied. The overall impression he received wasn’t quite what he’d had in mind.

How was he expected to squander with such a small scene?

Hong Dali stood at the entrance to the hall with his arms akimbo. He behaved like a nouveau riche giving directions to his underlings. “Calculate the expenditure of all the people here. I am booking this place for today. Charge all of their bills to my tab!” Oh my, this feeling was really wonderful! Although it seemed dumb, the feeling of being a nouveau riche was what he had always dreamed of! Now, his dream had finally come true! Hong Dali’s face was covered with tears of joy 1 .

“Oh my…” Beside him, Tang Muxin let out an exasperated sigh. She covered her face with her hands, wishing that she could find a hole to bury herself in. She felt utterly embarrassed today! She was the princess of the Tang family, gorgeous and talented. Since when had she ever done such an embarrassing thing?

As for the driver, he didn’t know whether to smile or cry. This young master definitely had his own unique way of doing things.

“This…” Throughout his years of working here, this was the first time the security guard had seen a customer making such a request. He hesitated, not knowing if he should agree. Fortunately, the other security guard, who had gone to report to the owner, came over and whispered the boss’s message in his ears. After which, both of them nodded firmly at the same time and said, “OK!”

Immediately, one of them earnestly led the way to the nightclub’s singer. He seized the mic from the singer and placed it in Hong Dali’s hand. He respectfully said, “Well, Young Master, since you are planning to book the entire place, shouldn’t you inform the other customers?”

Inform them? Yes! Of course, he had to do that! The correct way to squander should be to do it in an outright and confident manner!

Hong Dali raised the mic to his mouth and coughed slightly. After gaining the attention of all the customers present, he loudly said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!”

Upon hearing someone greet them in such a manner, all those present turned their gaze toward him. When they saw a 17- or 18-year-old teenager on the stage, they were unsure what was going on. They softly discussed amongst themselves.

“What’s that kid doing at such a place?”

“He’s quite handsome. Maybe he’s the new gigolo here?”

“I like his looks. Later, let’s ask the boss how much he costs for a night!”

“Pfft, your way of living still hasn’t changed even after all these years.”

Many of the young women present were secretly thinking, This young man is quite good looking. His clothing seems branded too. It’s likely that he is the son of a rich family. It might be a good idea to try and hook him.

This young boy’s looks are really appealing. If I can hook him and train him, it should be quite interesting.

Although everyone had different thoughts and ideas, they quieted down shortly.

Then, they heard Hong Dali say in a loud voice, “I am in a good mood today. It is rare for my fiancée to accompany me out. Therefore, I am booking this entire place for today. Everyone’s expenses will be placed on my tab. Of course, that does not include tips.”

A nouveau riche! This is what a real nouveau riche looks like, do you see? He booked the entire place without much consideration just because he is in a good mood!

Tang Muxin stamped her leg angrily at the side. “Who’s your fiancée!” But she only dared to say that in her mind. She didn’t have the courage to object directly.

Instantly, the sounds of astonishment filled the place. The gaze toward Hong Dali from the young ladies changed. Their eyes had a golden shine in them—they were looking at Hong Dali as if he were a mountain of gold!

As if that wasn’t enough, Hong Dali continued, “Oh, right, one more thing. I am seeking to hire a few sidekicks. Oh, that is what is called a ‘lackey’ in the legends. Young and beautiful women are prioritized first. I am a foolish and rich guy. Those interested, come and look for me now. The monthly salary is 10,000 yuan, tips counted separately. Positions are limited, and this offer is only available now!”

Hiring lackeys! Foolish and rich! A monthly salary of 10,000 yuan! Tips counted separately! Slots limited!

When Hong Dali finished his words, the place immediately erupted. The monthly salary was as much as 10,000 yuan! They could purchase a large apartment after just a year’s work. One should know that the average salary of a quite well-to-do white-collar worker was only about 3,000 to 5,000 yuan!

Not only that, the tips were counted separately. Looking at how he splurged, they could expect the tips to be very substantial.

In the blink of an eye, no less than ten young and moderately good-looking women screamed and pounced toward him. Upon reaching Hong Dali, they almost wanted to pounce onto him and hug his legs.

“I can do it, I can do it! Please take me away, please provide for me 2 !”

“Pick me, pick me! I can cook, and I can also warm the bed!”

“You should pick me. I have a tender voice and a soft body, and I will easily succumb to you!”

At the start, only women were attracted, but soon after, even men rushed over. They surrounded Hong Dali and yelled at the top of their lungs to be heard. “I can… I can… I can fight and kill, regardless if they are old or young. I am the optimal choice for a lackey!”

Tang Muxin was speechless. She covered her face with her hands, stamped, and said, “This prodigal has really thrown my face away today! My lifelong legendary reputation! If anyone finds out about this, how am I supposed to face them?”

Hong Dali gleefully did a random selection. He pointed at a few young ladies who caught his eye. “The few of you will do. From now on, you will be my sidekicks!” Then, he pointed at a few fierce-looking and sturdily built men. “The few of you shall be my lackeys. If I ask you to go east, you cannot go west. If I ask you to go and catch dogs, you cannot catch chickens. Any of you have any problems with that?”

The ladies and young men instantly stood to attention. “Definitely no problem!”

Hong Dali nodded his head in satisfaction. “From now on, you will address me as Young Master, hehe.”

His lackeys loudly replied in unison, “We will obey whatever Young Master says!”

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