Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth of a Legend

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Headache… A splitting headache was all she could feel at the moment. Countless information and memories overwhelmed her brain. And at the same time, a voice rang in her ears.

“Su Huiqing, what are you up to this time?” The man furrowed his eyebrows, and as he spoke, his voice was coated with anger.

“Sh*t!” Su Huiqing furrowed her eyebrows. They considered her endurance level as one of the best in the mercenary regiment. But at that moment, her lips were pale and her fingers trembled. And with a layer of sweat coating her forehead… one could tell that she was in excruciating pain.

Despite how she looked, a glint of impatience and disgust flashed past the handsome man’s eyes in front of her.

The headache refused to subside, but by then Su Huiqing had already calmed down. Although she was still not quite aware of what was happening to her.

The new grenade she developed most likely exploded in front of her. But how was she even alive after experiencing such pain?

In the next second, countless foreign memories swarmed into her brain. Su Huiqing massaged her temples. Upon raising her hand, she saw a pair of fair, slender, and delicate hands in front of her. Those hands were so fair that it could blind people under the sunlight.

How could such a beautiful pair of hands belong to her?

She had trained with a gun for so long that her palms became rough.

“Tch.” Su Huiqing finally understood what had happened. This was probably not her body.

Upon realizing that, she could not help but raise her head to face the man in front of her.

The man was very stylish and had handsome and distinct features. His sharp eyes had a hint of natural dignity and power in them. He was wearing a silver-grey dress shirt with a tie loosely hanging around his neck. With the first button of his dress shirt open, she could see the bulging muscle lines.

He was the type of guy who would leave girls screaming if he were to walk on the streets.

‘If he wasn’t looking at me as if I was trash, perhaps we could have had a good chat,’ Su Huiqing thought.

The man held his anger in and rambled a bunch of words at her. Yet, the girl in front of him seemed lost in her thoughts and had her attention elsewhere. He clenched his fists, and his gaze held a hint of mockery and ridicule. “Your mother valued Anan because she gave important suggestions to the Su Corporation! Who are you to push her down the stairs? If you weren’t the Missy of the Su Family, you would be nothing.”

His aura was powerful. If she was a normal person, she would have trembled in fear because of his presence.

But who did he think Su Huiqing was?

How could she—someone who could bomb the King of the mercenaries with an explosive that could explode in a mere ten second, and more so, while chewing on a gum—possibly be afraid of him?

“I don’t care what I am, but—” Her memories slowly pieced themselves together. Su Huiqing fixed her gaze on the man in front of her with her hands in her pockets. She curled her lips up and in that split second, an evil glint flashed past her eyes. “I still can kick you out of my house.”

The usually lifeless girl suddenly became bright. The man blinked his eyes in disbelief upon seeing this. But the girl had already turned her head around, and thus, he could not see her expression.

“Su Huiqing, what are you talking about?” The man looked back at her and scoffed, “Look at who you are talking to!”

After living for so many years, she had received countless looks of admiration, worship, or even infatuation… But never was there an instance where someone dared to look at her with despise and mockery. Su Huiqing curled her lips up.

However, she was still eager to know what had happened. She did not have the mood to teach this man how to conduct himself.

She stretched and casually said, “Uncle Chen, send our guest off.”

With that said, she walked away.

With his body frozen to the ground, he looked at Su Huiqing’s departing figure with narrowed eyes. There was even a doubtful glint in his pitch-black eyes. But in that split second, he recalled what the girl had done and could not help but pull a cold and mocking look on his face. “How could you not apologize nor explain after you injured someone? You are the legendary Missy of the Su family, indeed.”

All he got was a slam of the door.

‘Since when did she become so daring? Or was this her new tactic?’

Thinking until there, a look of disgust appeared on the man’s face. He loosened his tie and raised his foot. When he was about to take a step forward, a middle-aged man stopped him. Uncle Chen gave him a warm and gentle smile before he bowed and gestured him to the door. “Young Master Zhang, this way.”

“Uncle Chen, you know that Su Huiqing was being too much. Although Anan is not Auntie Su’s biological child, she is still Uncle Shen’s daughter! Don’t you think that Su Huiqing went overboard?” Although Zhang Mingxi did not like Su Huiqing, he respected Uncle Chen a lot. Thus, he could only furrow his eyebrows.

He did not understand why Uncle Chen had to be so protective of that useless trash, Su Huiqing.

Uncle Chen did not reply and only smiled, but there was a hint of coldness in that very smile. “This way, please.”

This time, Uncle Chen did not even address him as ‘Young Master Zhang’ anymore.

Zhang Mingxi pursed his lips and threw an odd look towards Su Huiqing’s room. “Uncle Chen, tell her not to regret her decision.”

After he had said his piece, he turned around to go down the stairs with gloomy eyes. He then curled his lips up to form a smirk. ‘Su Huiqing, one day, you won’t be the Missy of the Su Family anymore. When that happens, what would it leave you with?’

Upon seeing that Zhang Mingxi had left, the smile on Uncle Chen’s face immediately disappeared. He then turned around to look at the door that Missy slammed closed, and he pulled a worried gaze.

He heaved a sigh and the image of Missy’s casual smile flashed in his mind. Not to mention when she said, ‘I still can kick you out of my house.’ His heart took a dip.

Was that his Missy?

In the past, as long as Zhang Mingxi mentioned it, she would be willing to risk her life for him.

Earlier on, Zhang Mingxi had asked Missy to go to the hospital to apologize to Shen Anan. If it was in the past, Missy would have gone long ago.

However, not only did Missy refuse to go, she even asked him to scram.

Wait a minute! Judging from how infatuated Missy was with Young Master Zhang, she might be crying.

“Missy, Young Master Zhang left.” Uncle Chen immediately knocked on her door. “If you have any regrets, I’ll get someone to chase after him.”

The room was still as quiet as ever and Uncle Chen’s heart took a dip. “Missy, open the door…”

In the room, Su Huiqing was sitting in front of her dressing table. Atop it, a bunch of high-end cosmetic products was sprawled over.

Su Huiqing did not look at those products and instead was only looking at the person in the mirror.

Two words immediately came to mind—Redneck Punk!

Anyone who had seen her purple spiky hair probably thought of those two words too, right?

Su Huiqing fumbled around her dressing table and took a pink hair clip to clip her fringe up. Using her slender finger, she took the makeup remover and as well as a few cotton pads. She then walked to the bathroom to wash her face. It was not until she had completed cleaning her face that she looked into the mirror.

The mirror reflected a young face. Her skin was flawless, smooth, and tender that moisture squeezed out of it.

Her eyebrows were as long as those drawn on ink painting. Not to mention, her thick and long eyelashes as well as her pair of pitch-black and bright eyes. Even with a layer of mist surrounding her face, her tall nose bridge and pearly white teeth were still visible. Her every feature was so beautiful from her eyebrow to her jaw. She did not even need to feel bad if ever she flaunted them.

Her hair was purple and it looked so striking that it could blind a person’s eyes. After removing the make-up on her face, her purple hair color could no longer hide her beauty. Instead, it made one feel as though only such a bright color would match her outstanding facial features.

A person’s hair usually helps a person look more beautiful. However, when it came to her, it was the opposite—her face made her hair stand out.

She was wearing a white and black uniform. It seemed altered to fit her well. And embroidered on the top left corner of her blouse was her name.

There a red string hooked around her neck and she pulled it out, only to reveal a jade pendant. She went into deep thought and searched through her memories.

After a moment, Su Huiqing pulled a nonchalant but cold smile on her lips. This was her usual smile.

It didn’t seem too sudden for her to pull a smile such as that. It instead would’ve brightened someone’s eyes and made her look fresh and seductive than ever.

“Seventeen?” Su Huiqing combed her purple hair with her fair and slender fingers. “It’s great to be younger by eight years.”

She took her time to walk out of the bathroom and heard Uncle Chen’s voice outside the door.

She turned around to open the door, and then she leaned against the door frame as she looked at Uncle Chen who was about to raise his hand to knock on her door again. With a casual and lazy attitude, she lowered her clear voice. “Uncle Chen, do you have money?”

Su Huiqing’s query deeply stumped Uncle Chen. She looked the same, yet she seemed different. But she looked even more beautiful than the usual lifeless look she had on her face. He suddenly could not shift his gaze away from her.

Upon hearing her voice, he instinctively took out a few red notes. “Is this enough?”

“Of course.” Su Huiqing happily took the money and flicked it. “Thank you, Uncle Chen. I will be back by evening.”

With that said, she nimbly walked past Uncle Chen and went downstairs.

She thought that it was a waste of time to walk down the spiral staircase because after walking a distance, she placed the money in her pockets and leaped. In a blink of an eye, she was already downstairs. Her actions were very light and cool. Her clipped fringe showed off her smooth forehead, and she casually flipped the stray hair on her chest to the back.

As her fair fingers touched her long, purple hair, she looked like a beautiful young girl who popped out from a comic book.

There was an inexplicable smoothness in her actions that it even stumped the maid who had come out of the kitchen. Wait a minute, was this their Missy?

Uncle Chen finally snapped out of his trance. However, Su Huiqing was already quite a distance away from him. Looking at her departing figure, he glanced out of the window and shouted, “Hey—Missy, you are still not well yet… Don’t tell me you will find Young Master Zhang!”

“No, I am not!” Su Huiqing did not even turn around, only waving her hand and slowly walking to the gate.

Uncle Chen gave Su Huiqing a pained look before he heaved a deep sigh.

He did not believe her.

With money in her hands, Su Huiqing walked on the streets while trying to make sense of the memories in her head.

Without a doubt, she was dead. However, she transmigrated into this girl’s body who had the same name as her.

This girl’s life was a little interesting.

Su Huiqing was a Missy of the Su Family in Green City. She was also the only Missy in the family and thus, her mother and grandpa doted on her. It was also because of how she was raised that her character seemed laid back. She just ate and played all day long and was an apple of Sodom. But the warrior Su Huiqing, on the other hand, was a full-fledged fighter who was an expert in fighting and martial arts.

This blur prodigal had a fiancé. Her fiancé was the same man who had told her to go to the hospital to apologize to Shen Anan. They also know him as the Young Master of the Zhang Family, Zhang Mingxi.

Zhang Mingxi was a handsome, capable, and rich lad. He was the fifth son of the King of Diamonds in Green City. The original owner of the body fell head over heels for him that she would do anything for him.

Unfortunately, how could Zhang Mingxi possibly like a person who was as useless as a trash can?

It was especially so when her younger sister, born from a different mother but of the same father, Shen Anan, came into the picture. Su Huiqing was a taint to the Su Family.

Shen Anan was an outstanding student whose results were always within the top ten of her class. She was also seventeen-years-old but was a few months younger than Su Huiqing. Because of her high IQ, she was very good at business. The moment she joined the Su Family, Father Shen brought her around to attend various banquets. She had an outstanding look and had good etiquette and manners. She was elegant and looked more like a Missy of the Su Family than Su Huiqing.

In contrast, Su Huiqing’s results were also within the top ten of her level. It was just that it was the bottom ten. She acted like a rogue and was very dumb. She knew nothing about her family’s business and engaged in mischief all the time. Whenever someone mentioned her name in Green City, sighs would resound thereafter.

Su Huiqing and Shen Anan were opposites.

Shen Anan was too perfect. She had outstanding looks and grades; she had a gentle personality, and had a talent for business. With all that, it was no wonder why Zhang Mingxi got infatuated with her.

After knowing that Su Huiqing allegedly had pushed Shen Anan down the stairs, he immediately flew back from overseas to visit her. He even dropped by the Su Residences just to warn Su Huiqing.

As to why she had pushed Shen Anan down the stairs, rumors spread that they had an argument that led to Shen Anan’s accident. But even so, nobody knew the truth.

However, in the eyes of the others, Su Huiqing purposely pushed Shen Anan down the stairs.

In a split second, she suddenly became the villain. She was a useless person who everybody hated in school.

Until that, Su Huiqing could not help but curl her lips up. A glint of coldness flashed past her pitch-black eyes.

There were only two types of people who dared to bully her. One, people who wished to go to hell. Two, those who already went to hell.

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