Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1074 - Miss Ye

Chapter 1074 Miss Ye

At that moment, the wardens of the Hall of Justice in the Falling Sky Valley were all stunned. They stared at Ye Qingtang in disbelief.

Why would a formidable Yang Lord, who was invincible in this mainland, appear in their Falling Sky Valley?!

Ye Qingtang’s bland gaze passed over the wardens of the Hall of Justice. Without another word, she struck out with her palm!

The power of a Yang Lord instantly filled the entire area. The bodies of the wardens of the Hall of Justice instantly transformed into mists of blood and vanished from this earth.

Everyone was shocked and struck dumb when they saw a Yang Lord strike and swiftly kill the wardens of the Hall of Justice.

The next second, Ye Qingtang’s gaze fell on Xuanyuan Lie.

This person had tried to kill her outside the Falling Sky Valley. Now that Ye Qingtang had returned, she certainly would not let him off.

With just one look, Xuanyuan Lie’s eyes, ears, and nose started to bleed. Under the oppression of Ye Qingtang’s Yang Lord force, he died almost instantly.


Ji Yixuan looked at Ye Qingtang in shock. His lips moved slightly as if he had forgotten how to think.

Even Yan Shu had not expected Ye Qingtang to kill so decisively. Even Xuanyuan Lie had not been able to escape…

“Greetings Yang Lord… I did not recognize the Yang Lord just now. Please forgive me…”

Ji Yixuan bowed to Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang looked at the Ji Yixuan, who was terrified and trembling. She gestured at him so that he would not stand on ceremony.

By her reckoning, Ye Qingtang had already saved Ji Yixuan twice, including the time in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty.

Truly, she and Ji Yixuan were “fated”…

At that moment, Ji Yixuan was studying Ye Qingtang closely.

However, upon closer inspection, Ji Yixuan’s expression became increasingly peculiar.

Why… did this Yang Lord seem so familiar?

He felt that he had seen her somewhere before…

Ji Yixuan involuntarily searched his mind, and after a moment, he suddenly seemed to recall something. His pupils constricted violently. “You are… Miss Ye?!”

Ye Qingtang could not help but laugh softly when she saw sudden realization dawn on Ji Yixuan.

He finally remembered who she was.

Yan Shu’s expression was rather strange as he watched this scene between Ji Yixuan and Ye Qingtang.

Could it be that Ji Yixuan knew this Yang Lord?

Although Ye Qingtang did not admit it, her smile clearly showed that Ji Yixuan’s guess was correct.

Ji Yixuan was highly agitated and could not calm down. In the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, Ye Qingtang had rescued him from the hands of the Yunxiao Sect Sect Master’s disciples…

Ji Yixuan remembered that Ye Qingtang was an ordinary disciple of a sect named Xuanling Sect in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty. Within the short span of half a year, she had appeared again as an invincible Yang Lord!

“I have some matters to discuss with Perfected Xuanchen, so I shall bid you farewell.” Ye Qingtang looked at Yan Shu and Ji Yixuan. With that, she vanished on the spot.

At that moment, in the great hall, Perfected Xuanchen was facing pressure from the Full Moon Peak Master and the other two major Peak Masters. He was enraged but helpless.

“Hmph, Perfected Xuanchen, as Valley Master of Falling Sky Valley, you have allowed your disciple to act wildly and offended the disciples of the Peerless School. This matter is closely related to you. Now, you should hand Ye Chen over or give up your position as Valley Master!”

Full Moon Peak Master, Xuanyuan Yi looked at the silent Perfected Xuanchen and spoke coldly.

The Masters of the other two major peaks, Cut Water Peak and Blue Cloud Peak, immediately spoke up to agree.

“Haha, Perfected Xuanchen, I can tell that you have reached the end of your time as Valley Master of Falling Sky Valley. Within three days, you must hand Ye Chen over to the Peerless School; otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences!” The warden of the Peerless School shouted coldly.

“What arrogance.”

A cold shout suddenly reached everyone’s ears.

The next second, Ye Qingtang entered and swiftly stepped into the great hall.

When they saw Ye Qingtang’s sudden arrival, the three major Peak Masters and the warden of the Peerless School all frowned.

Why was this Yang Lord everywhere? These were the internal affairs of the Falling Sky Valley. What business was it of hers!

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