Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Si Family (1)

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But now…

This emptiness was replaced by another power slowly. That warm and wet feeling was exactly how it felt when the spirit root was still inside her body.

Ye Qingtang opened her eyes wide in disbelief. A small spirit root was growing slowly inside her body again.

Even though the size of the spirit root could not be compared with the supreme-grade one she used to have, the fact that a new spirit root was growing made Ye Qingtang extremely excited. From her past experiences, she knew how difficult it was to cultivate without a spirit root.

Ye Qingtang spent three hundred years in her previous life trying to find ways to restore her spirit root in order to catch up with Ye You, but all her efforts were to no avail.

Only God would know how precious it was for Ye Qingtang to have the small spirit root growing inside her again!

“Ye You! You shall wait for my revenge!” Ye Qingtang touched her lower stomach gently. Her eyes were brightly lit with the flames of revenge.

Around the same time Ye Qingtang’s spirit root was restored, a man who sat on the Paragon seat opened his eyes suddenly in the Antiquity Palace. A blackish-green light sparkled in his eyes.

“Your Highness?” Mu Su who was standing at the bottom of the palace noticed the sudden behavior of the man and came forward.

The handsome man raised his eyes and looked outside the palace into the endless darkness, and his eyes shimmered.

“Set off to Lin Town now.”

Mu Su was stunned. “Your Highness, is it…”

“The Heart of the Demon God has appeared,” the man said.

He felt the familiar aura again after so long.

The Heart of the Demon God finally appeared again…

He would take back everything that belonged to him!

The next morning, Ye Qingtang woke up and was full of vigor. Having her spirit rook back, she was in an extremely good mood. As long as she took care of the spirit root, she would be able to fight against Ye You in the future.

Ye Qingtang felt more confident about her revenge now that her spirit root was restored. Her plan was also altered accordingly.

She needed to deal with the Great Elder, but she did not forget that her real enemy was Ye You.

But now that Ye You was selected as the disciple of the Yunxiao Sect by the sect master, Ye Qingtang also needed to enter the sect to be qualified to fight Ye You!

Ye Qingtang had a plan up her sleeve. She put on her veil and walked out.

Even though she restored her appearance, she did not plan to let others know about it so soon.

Seeing Ye Qingtang leaving her room, Ye Ling walked towards her worriedly. To his relief, it seemed that his daughter was not affected majorly by the annulment.

Ye Qingtang noticed her father and turned towards him.


Ye Ling nodded slightly. His eyes were filled with sympathy.

“Father, do you know about the Third Young Master of the Si family, Si Bai?” Ye Qingtang suddenly asked.

“Si Bai?” Ye Ling was stunned for a second.

The Si family was one of the greatest family clans in Lin Town. Unlike with the Duan family, the Si family was always not on good terms with the Ye family. Si Bai’s mother died during labor, and it was found out that she was poisoned secretly. The Si family suspected that it was the Ye family that poisoned her.

If not thanks to the help from the Duan family for the past few years, Ye family would have been in a fight with the Si family due to the resentment between the two families.

Nevertheless, the two families were still not in good terms with each other.

The Si Bai that Ye Qingtang mentioned was the Third Young Master of the Si family. He was the favorite grandson of the Elder of the Si family clan. Si Bai was talented, and his spirit root was comparable with the supreme-grade one of Ye Qingtang. He was the number one genius in Lin Town. However, Si Bai had been affected by the poisoning of his mother’s as well, causing Si Bai to have a weak body ever since he was born.

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