Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Si Family (3)

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This was what Ye Qingtang needed the most. It was the first step to her revenge towards Ye You.

The servants of the Si family blocked the way as they saw Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang raised her eyebrows slightly. She smiled and spoke the first sentence that would change her fate in this life. “Tell your master, I have a way to save your third young master.”

Master Si frowned and stared at the handsome young man in the hall. His eyes were full of concern. It was heartbreaking for him to witness how pale the young man was. He then asked Master Physician Xu, who was monitoring the pulse of the young man.

“Master Physician Xu, my third grandson’s health…”

Master Physician Xu was more than fifty years old, and his skills were renowned in the world. However, he shook his head. “The poison in the third young master Si was obtained when he was a fetus. The poison is deep inside him, and it is impossible to remove.”

After hearing Master Physician Xu’s words, Master Si’s face was as white as a sheet. His heart dropped to the bottom of the valley.

Meanwhile, Si Bai sat on his chair and adjusted his sleeve calmly. His nonchalant attitude made it seem as if he did not care how long he had to live. Instead, he tried to comfort his grandfather. “Grandfather, I’m alright. You don’t need to worry that much.”

Seeing his grandson’s pale face, Master Si felt as if a knife were being twisted in his heart. He felt immense resentment.

“Alright? How can you be alright? If only the Ye family didn’t bribe someone to poison your mother when she was pregnant, she wouldn’t have died, and you wouldn’t have to suffer from the ice toxin as a result!!”

“Grandfather, there’s no evidence to prove that the Ye family poisoned my mother…” Si Bai sighed softly.

Master Si sneered. “Evidence? If there were evidence, I would’ve wiped out the entire Ye family long ago. How would I be able to tolerate their unbridled behaviors!”

Si Bai kept quiet.

At that moment, one of the Si family’s servants rushed in and repeated the words that Ye Qingtang had said outside.

“She has a way to save my third grandson?” Master Si mocked in anger. “The Ye family is getting more and more presumptuous! I haven’t troubled them at all, and now they dare to come to me!”

“Good! Good! Good! Let her in! If she cannot save my third grandson, I’ll use the Young Lady of the Ye family to settle my resentment!”

Si Bai frowned as he knew how resentful his grandfather was towards the Ye family.

“Grandfather, the Young Lady of the Ye family is still very young…” Si Bai said.

“Grandson, you don’t need to care about this. I know what to do,” Master Si replied in a deep voice.

Si Bai sighed as he could not persuade his grandfather. He looked towards the entrance of the hall as if he was thinking about something.

Soon, a servant of the Si family led a young lady with a veil into the hall.

When Si Bai’s sight was on the young lady, he was stunned for a moment. He had heard of the rumor of the Ye family’s Young Lady before. The rumor said that she was weak, ugly, and wore a veil all the time. Today, he understood that the rumor was wrong.

The lady was very young and calm. Even though the veil covered her appearance, her eyes were bright and clear.

Si Bai did not believe that a lady with such bright eyes would be an ugly person. He did not believe that such a calm lady would be weak at all.

Ye Qingtang who had just stepped into the hall seemed to notice Si Bai’s sight. She raised her eyes subconsciously, and her pair of bright eyes gazed upon the handsome young man.

When the two made eye contact, a breathtaking smile was seen on Si Bai’s face. He nodded at Ye Qingtang.

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