Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1440 - Intolerable Bullying 3

Chapter 1440 Intolerable Bullying 3

Beidou Demon Lord could not help but worry for Ye Qingtang.

What happened to his little sister?

These people clearly wanted to kill her, but why was she provoking them instead?

As expected, Jiang Yiming’s expression darkened immediately upon hearing what Ye Qingtang said.

“Who did you say is afraid?”

“You.” Ye Qingtang raised an eyebrow fearlessly.

Jiang Yiming snickered as he looked at Ye Qingtang murderously.

“Ye Qingtang, you’re really unafraid of death.”

Even Ye Xun could not hide her laughter at this point.

Was this Ye Qingtang a fool? She actually provoked Jiang Yiming at such a time?

Among those people, the most skilled of them was merely at Arcane Supremacy Eighth Heaven, but Jiang Yiming was already in the Heavenly Venerate realm.

Ye Qingtang actually dared to provoke Jiang Yiming now. This was clearly courting death.

“I am not afraid of death. It’s just unknown whether someone has the courage to fight with me,” Ye Qingtang said with an arrogant laugh.

Jiang Yiming’s expression darkened further. He lifted his chin slightly, and those people surrounding Ye Qingtang backed down to the side immediately.

“Ye Qingtang, I’ve seen people who wanted to die but not those who really courted death like you. Since you want to challenge me one on one so fearlessly, I’ll grant your wish then.” Jiang Yiming took a step forward as he looked at Ye Qingtang murderously.

Ye Qingtang glanced at the dispersed group from the corner of her eyes and secretly signaled Beidou Demon Lord behind her.

Beidou Demon Lord’s eyes almost popped out when he saw Ye Qingtang’s hand sign.

Yet, Ye Qingtang put on a conceited manner and said, “Heavenly Venerate. That’s some skill. Since your skills exceed mine by a realm, shouldn’t you go easy on me?”

Jiang Yiming did not expect that Ye Qingtang could say such a thing and was dumbfounded.

Ye Xun chided from the side. “Ye Qingtang, are you shameless? You were the one who provoked Brother Yiming, but now you still dare to ask him to go easy on you?”

“Why? Does a Heavenly Venerate not have the courage to go easy on me, an Arcane Supremacy Eighth Heaven? Or is this Heavenly Venerate merely just a decoration?” Ye Qingtang said.

Ye Xun wanted to say something more, but Jiang Yiming snickered and said suddenly, “Alright. I’ll spare you a move.”

Ye Qingtang would die regardless. So what if he spared her a move?

A smile flashed across Ye Qingtang’s eyes when she heard Jiang Yiming.

Jiang Yiming stood with his hands behind him and looked at Ye Qingtang nonchalantly.

“You can…”

Jiang Yiming intended to scorn Ye Qingtang a little more, but before he could finish his sentence, Ye Qingtang suddenly sent a flying kick at Jiang Yiming’s crotch heavily without any warning.

Ye Qingtang’s kick was too sudden and launched with all her strength. Even Jiang Yiming was not prepared for it at all.

Furthermore, this kick…

Was too damn crude!

In just a moment, Jiang Yiming whined in agony and kneeled on the ground while holding his certain area.

Everyone at the scene was stunned by the kick.

They hurriedly rushed up to Jiang Yiming and checked on him when they saw him collapse on the ground.

Ye Qingtang took this opportunity and told Beidou Demon Lord.

“Sworn brother, let’s go!”

To hell with challenging one on one. Even if she could defeat Jiang Yiming, given their goals, she would still be jointly attacked by everyone if she defeated him.

Why would she remain here and suffer a loss?

Subsequently, she leaped up and flew away with the little white tiger in a hand.

Beidou Demon Lord was not foolish either; after Ye Qingtang’s reminder, he hurriedly followed after and escaped.

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