Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1442 - Enemies Meet Again 2

Chapter 1442 Enemies Meet Again 2

Ye Qingtang’s eyes involuntarily turned to Elder Meng when she heard this extremely unkind remark. But this Elder was unfamiliar. Ye Qingtang had never seen him before.He was clearly someone unrelated to her, so why was he so hostile towards her?

Perhaps it had something to do with Ye You?

Jiang Liu’s expression grew strange.

“Elder Meng, the children are just fussing. There’s no need to…” The kindly old man, Jiang Liu, wanted to make light of the matter, but Elder Meng laughed coldly.

“As the Elder of the Jiang Family’s Hall of Justice, I will deal with anyone who breaks the family rules. Ye Qingtang has broken the family rules by striking a member of the clan. Of course, she must be severely punished.” Elder Meng narrowed his eyes and spoke coldly.

Jiang Yiming and the others secretly sniggered when they heard Elder Meng’s words.

Ye Qingtang was just too unlucky. Of all the people she could have met, she had run into Elder Meng.

Elder Meng was one of the Elders who upheld the family rules in the Jiang Family. He was harsh and severe and would not show mercy to anyone who broke the family rules.


There was an old grudge between Elder Meng and Ye Qingtang’s “parents”, Jiang Lang and his wife. Ye Qingtang would probably die a terrible death this time.

That year, Elder Meng was in charge of the Hall of Justice, and Jiang Lang and his wife were members of the Jiang Family. However, they had flouted the laws, performing evil deeds everywhere. Elder Meng could not stand it and had tried to interfere several times. This caused Jiang Liang and his wife to dislike him. Once, Elder Meng ordered his son to forcibly drag Jiang Liang away to be punished. Jiang Lang had suddenly lost his temper and broken free of his bonds. He then beat Elder Meng’s son to death and left the Jiang Family with his wife in tow.

From that day on, Elder Meng had hated Jiang Lang and his wife for killing his son.

Now, Jiang Lang and his wife’s “daughter” had fallen into Elder Meng’s hand. Nothing good would come of this.

“Elder Meng is right. Elder Meng is the most just in the Jiang Family. This Ye Qingtang has broken the family laws and injured our Brother Yiming. She should be severely punished!”

“That’s right. This Ye Qingtang has been misbehaving ever since she returned to the Jiang Family. If she is not severely disciplined, won’t she cause chaos in the future?”

The group of youths all chipped in, hoping that Elder Meng would kill Ye Qingtang with one blow.

Ye Qingtang did not know why Elder Meng was against her, but she was not stupid. She saw that things had gone awry and wanted to flee with the Beidou Demon Lord at the first opportunity.

But Elder Meng would not give Ye Qingtang a chance to escape. He blocked her way and said with his eyes narrowed, “You are not allowed to go anywhere before you have been punished.”

Ye Qingtang smiled.

“Punished? I haven’t done anything wrong, why should I be punished?”

“You are unreasonable. Did you cause Jiang Yiming’s injury?” Elder Meng asked coldly.

“I did, but he…” Ye Qingtang was about to explain, but Elder Meng interrupted her.

“Since you have admitted it, there is no need to go on. Based on the Jiang Family’s rules, you will receive thirty strokes of the rod. Since you have just entered the Jiang Family and are unfamiliar with the family etiquette, you are in greater need of discipline. Your punishment will be more severe, and you must receive sixty strokes of the rod.” Elder Meng did not get to the bottom of the matter and just announced Ye Qingtang’s punishment.

The rod that the Jiang Family used was unusual in that it was made of meteoric iron. Also, the person wielding it was very severe.

Just ten strokes would be sufficient to reduce someone’s flesh to pulp, not to mention sixty strokes.

Elder Meng was clearly using this opportunity to vent his anger and had increased the severity of her punishment by several times!

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