Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1444 - Mother 1

Chapter 1444 Mother 1

They saw a slender woman in a long, light green robe slowly walking through the doorway of the Jiang house. She had a graceful beauty but was unusually pale, which made her exquisite features seem especially prominent. Her long black hair was worn casually behind her back. As she walked, a few strands gently brushed against her cheeks.

Behind her, she was flanked by two tall women wearing demon fox masks. One of them carried a long bow. The two flashes of cold light that had shot the two servants had come from this bow.

Everyone in the front yard was shocked by what they saw.

Ye Qingtang turned around and saw a delicate-looking beauty, who was almost swaying in the wind. A look of surprise flashed across her eyes.

Mo Yi was the name of Jiang Lang’s wife, and her so-called “mother”.

At that moment, Elder Meng was looking grim. His eyes were filled with unquenchable hatred as he looked at Mo Yi, who was slowly entering the house.

“Mo Yi, aren’t you ashamed to come back?!” Elder Meng secretly clenched his fists, which were hanging by his side. Jiang Lang had killed his son because of Mo Yi!

Mo Yi’s gentle beauty made her appear to be fragile and delicate. No one was able to reconcile the delicate-looking beauty before them with the legendary evil demon who killed so wantonly.

Even Ye Qingtang had not expected Mo Yi, who had burned an entire city of people in her youth, to appear so harmless and sickly.

“Cough… cough…” Mo Yi raised her hand slightly and covered her lips as she coughed softly. Her already pale face now appeared even frailer. Her eyes were half-closed in feebleness. When she glanced at Elder Meng’s vicious expression, her lips curved in casual amusement.

“Elder Meng, are you becoming senile in your old age? I can return to the Jiang house whenever I like. It is not for you to decide.”

Elder Meng was so angry, he was about to say something, but Mo Yi could not even be bothered to give him a second glance. Her half-hooded eyes now fell on Ye Qingtang.

“I’ve come back today only for the sake of my daughter. If Elder Xu had not informed me that my daughter had been found, do you think I would enjoy returning to the Jiang Family?”

As she spoke, Mo Yi flicked her hand. With a wave of her sleeve, the aura oppressing Ye Qingtang and the Beidou Demon Lord was instantly shattered.

“Come here.” Mo Yi gestured at Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang looked at her “mother”, who looked as though she would faint at any moment. Her emotions were in turmoil.

Was this the woman who, according to legends, was like an evil demon?

Why was she completely different from what she had imagined?

Ye Qingtang’s heart was filled with uncertainty, but her feet turned obediently and walked towards Mo Yi.

Mo Yi sized up Ye Qingtang, and a smile grew on her lips.

“I’ve said before that my daughter would be a stunning beauty.”

Her tone was doting.

Ye Qingtang secretly heaved a sigh of relief at Mo Yi’s reaction.

Ever since she found out that her “parents” were Jiang Lang and his wife, Ye Qingtang had been frightened. This couple was notorious and had even killed members of the Jiang Family. Who knew whether they had any feelings towards their own flesh and blood?

She was now a member of the Jiang Family but had no support from her parents. She would be at a disadvantage as Ye You pursued her.

But now it looked like…

She had been overly concerned.

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