Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1450 - Protecting One“s Child 4

Chapter 1450 Protecting One“s Child 4

“Elder Meng, do you really think I’m afraid of you?” Mo Yi looked at Elder Meng, and her lips curved in a chilly smile. “Before you falsely accuse Tang Tang, why don’t you ask her mother if she will permit it?”

As Mo Yi finished speaking, the two demon fox servants behind her stepped forward. One held a bow and the other a sword. Both looked murderous.

“Mo Yi, do you still dare to do as you please within the Jiang Family’s territory!” Elder Meng shouted coldly.

“This is not the first time I’ve done as I please here. What’s one time more or less?” Mo Yi replied frostily.

Jiang Liu saw that Mo Yi and Elder Meng were about to fight and immediately stepped forward to mediate.

But at that moment, Ye Qingtang said, “Elder Meng, are you saying I conducted myself improperly?”

“Of course. Why else would they provoke you and not someone else?” Elder Meng spoke with certainty.

Ye Qingtang laughed softly. “When they arrived, they made it clear that they were avenging Ye You. Elder Meng, have you forgotten their words?”

Elder Meng frowned.

“You say I brought it on myself because of my bad character, but what have I done wrong? Ye You took my spirit root, and now, she turns around and puts the blame on me, urging these people to teach me a lesson. Do they really think I’m so easily bullied because I’m an orphan? Now, my mother is back, and you’re still trying to falsely accuse me?” Ye Qingtang laughed coldly.

“Tang Tang, what are you saying?” Mo Yi was startled.

Ye Qingtang looked at Mo Yi and told her how Ye You had stolen her spirit root.

A look of shock flashed across Mo Yi’s pale face, and her eyes were filled with tenderness.

After Mo Yi gave birth, her enemies took her child away before she even set eyes on it. For years, Mo Yi had not mentioned it but had secretly sent men to search for her daughter.

Now, she was naturally delighted to finally meet Ye Qingtang.

But she would never have expected that her daughter’s spirit root had been forcibly dug out of her!

“Good… very good… Haha…” Mo Yi suddenly chuckled. She lowered her eyes, but her laughter sent cold chills down their spines.

Elder Meng’s expression froze. Of course, he did not know that Ye You had stolen Ye Qingtang’s spirit root. But even if it was true, why did it matter?

The next moment, Mo Yi suddenly looked up. She abruptly raised her slender arm, and a white ray of light shot from her palm and blasted towards Jiang Yiming.

No one expected that Mo Yi, who was still chuckling, would suddenly attack. She struck so suddenly that Elder Meng and Jiang Liu did not have time to react.

The next moment, Jiang Yiming was hit by the white light. He flew like a kite with a broken string and crashed heavily into a stone pillar. A large mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth.

“You are not to belittle my daughter. If the Jiang Family will not protect her, I, her mother will protect her myself! I will not show mercy to anyone who bullied her.” Mo Yi’s arrogant air grew, and her limpid eyes filled with murderous intent.

Jiang Liu hurried over to Jiang Yiming’s injuries to check on his injuries.

Mo Yi reached out and grabbed Ye Qingtang’s wrist. She leaped upwards and flew towards the Jiang Family’s backyard.

“Tang Tang, don’t be afraid. Mother will dig your spirit root out of that despicable person’s body and return it to you. With your mother here, no one will bully you anymore!”

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