Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: I Will Seek Revenge Myself (1)

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Ye Qingtang’s words made Master Si frown slightly. If any another person from the Ye family had come today, he would have called people to drag the person away. However, Ye Qingtang was the Young Lady of the Ye family and the only child of Master Ye. Thus, she was the next successor to the Ye family.

After a moment of silence, Master Si finally said, “I can let you try today, however…”

His gaze sharpened!

“If you cannot verbally explain the method to save my third grandson to us, don’t even think about walking out this door!”

Si Bai’s expression changed slightly. Just as he was about to persuade his grandfather, Ye Qingtang agreed without hesitation. “Okay.”

Master Si scoffed and turned towards Master Physician Xu. “Master Physician Xu, good thing you’re here today. Please look over from the side later. If anyone tries to harm my third grandson…”

Master Physician Xu responded, “Don’t worry Master Si, I’ll be looking carefully.”

It was only then that Master Si nodded in satisfaction. Afterward, he turned to look at Ye Qingtang with a piercing gaze as if there were two sharp blades hidden in his eyes.

“Ye Qingtang, I’ll give you a chance. Now, tell us the method to save my third grandson.”


Ye Qingtang looked at Master Si who wore an if-you-say-it-wrong-you-are-dead-meat expression. She knew that Si Bai was Master Si’s favourite grandson, yet she did not expect Master Si to be cautious to this extent. Even though he ordered Master Physician Xu to pay attention beside her, he did not even give her the opportunity to take the pulse of Si Bai and wanted her to directly give the answer.

In terms of being overbearing, this old grandfather was undoubtedly the first!

“Can I not take the pulse of the Third Young Master?” Ye Qingtang asked to test the waters.

Master Si scoffed as if it was a matter of fact. “Obviously!”

“… Alright, alright, alright. Whatever you say.”

With no hint of anxiousness or annoyance, she asked someone to bring some pen and ink over and wrote a prescription on the spot.

Upon seeing this, Master Physician Xu silently shook his head from the side. Even he could tell that Master Si was driving Ye Qingtang into a corner: Without even letting this young lady to check Si Bai’s situation, how could she come up with a treatment?

Si Bai looked slightly perplexed.

On the other hand, an ice cold expression was etched onto Master Si’s face as he waited to order people to take her away the moment she was done writing. Then, he could vent his anger on her.

Without spending much time, Ye Qingtang wrote two lengthy prescriptions and directly presented them to Master Si.

Master Si did not even spare a glance and laughed coldly. “Ye Qingtang, you have not even seen the condition of my third grandson yet still dared to write a prescription in such a steadfast manner. I think that you are not here to save a life but instead to take a life!”

Ye Qingtang looked at Master Si, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. First, he did not even let her take Si Bai’s pulse. And now, he was claiming that she randomly wrote a prescription.

She was aware that given the Si’s hatred towards the Ye family, Master Si would definitely make things difficult for her. However…

“Since Master Physician Xu is here today, why don’t Master Si let him take a look at the prescription first before making a conclusion?” Ye Qingtang smiled as her eyes were full of confidence.

“I’ll let you have a deathbed struggle,” scoffed Master Si. “I just want to see how much longer you can be so stubborn and not admit your mistake!”

Then, he passed the prescription to Master Physician Xu without taking his eyes away from her.

Ye Qingtang shrugged casually.

Master Physician Xu read through the prescription very carefully. The slight worry on his face from before was gradually replaced by shock as he read on.

“This prescription… this prescription…” Master Physician Xu suddenly exclaimed.

Seeing this, Master Si pounded the table and stood up. With a finger pointed at Ye Qingtang he shouted, “Ye Qingtang, what more do you have to say!”

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