Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1837 - Black Armor (3)

Chapter 1837: Black Armor (3)

“No way!” Little White Tiger instantly rejected her.

With narrowed eyes, Ye Qingtang lifted Little Heavenly Demon up. Almost immediately, Little Heavenly Demon opened its mouth and revealed rows of sharp teeth, looking at Little White Tiger hungrily.

“…” All of Little White Tiger’s fur stood on end!

“F*ck! Get the hell away from me!”

Little Heavenly Demon had been coveting its flesh for a long time!

“Sigh… I don’t mean to make things difficult for you, but if we don’t destroy the remains of the Cursed True God, none of us can leave this place. You can also see that this little thing here is starving. If we’re really going to be stuck here, you know that Little Heavenly Demon will stay with me and protect me. But it seems to be interested in you…” Ye Qingtang sighed, behaving as though she was in a difficult position too.

How could Little White Tiger not know that Little Heavenly Demon wanted to eat its flesh? It had been on its toes for too long to count!

“You… Please give me some time to consider…” The corners of Little White Tiger’s mouth twitched.

Actually, Little White Tiger wasn’t worried about being stuck in the mystic realm since it could live long enough. It was more worried about Little Heavenly Demon, since Little Heavenly Demon would eventually grow up. Since Little Heavenly Demon was still young, Ye Qingtang could still coax it for now. But what would happen when it grew up and Ye Qingtang couldn’t do anything about it? By that time, it would be much harder to coax.

Little White Tiger wasn’t confident about fighting against a grown Heavenly Demon.

“Alright, you can take your time. I really don’t want to make things difficult for you,” Ye Qingtang said earnestly.

F*ck, this was her idea of not wanting to make things difficult?

As Little White Tiger grit its teeth while contemplating, it looked at Little Heavenly Demon’s indiscreet gaze, it couldn’t help but feel a chill run down its spine. If it had goosebumps, it would surely have run all over its body!

No wonder humans had a saying, ‘Only women and small-minded men are hard to deal with’.

It was definitely true.

Again, Little White Tiger eyed the black armor. It started calculating the risks and after a while, it finally said, “I’m not sure whether I can really lure him away, but he seems to not have any consciousness, only protecting the Cursed True God according to its instincts. As you said earlier, it stopped once we moved away.”

“We can give it a go,” Ye Qingtang replied. Of course she wasn’t willing to gamble with Little White Tiger’s life.

With a huge sigh, Little White Tiger could only concede. What choice did it have?

Soon enough, Ye Qingtang started to lure the black armor away from the Cursed True God. But the moment they got close, the black armor would start attacking them. After numerous tries, they identified the region that the black armor protected.


Little White Tiger’s reasoning was correct. As long as they left the forbidden region, the black armor would stop attacking them and wouldn’t chase after them.

After some further contemplation, Ye Qingtang had another idea.

“Since the black armor is here to protect the Cemetery of the True Gods, what if we attack the Cursed True God’s remains? That will make him feel that our existence will threaten the Cursed True God and he will never allow that kind of danger in the Cemetery of the True Gods.”

“So you’re saying that… I should attack the Cursed True God’s remains?” Little White Tiger was stunned.

Ye Qingtang nodded.

Little White Tiger’s expression changed and they began discussing in earnest about the change in strategy. The final decision was for Little White Tiger to retreat to a safe distance away and spew fire at the Cursed True God’s remains.

As for Ye Qingtang, her focus was to hide her breath until after the black armor was chasing after Little White Tiger. It was crucial that she wasn’t discovered so she could work at destroying the Cursed True God’s remains after the black armor was lured away.

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