Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1875 - Demonic (3)

Chapter 1875: Demonic (3)

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Fu Qiu wanted to see her again.

All of these years, that was its greatest wish.

Ye Qingtang shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Fu Qiu froze as Ye Qingtang continued. “She left soon after my birth and this jade pendant is the only clue she left for me. I entered this mystic realm because I knew that she had been here… I didn’t mean to hide it. I want to know where she has gone as well.”

In both her previous life and this one, Ye Qingtang had not managed to see her mother. She really wanted to know what danger her mother had been facing to the point that she had left her newborn so soon after giving birth to her…

Was her mother… still alive?

Fu Qiu’s expression was complicated as it returned the jade pendant to Ye Qingtang.

“You’re in the wrong place,” it said.

“Your mother has indeed been to this mystic realm but she didn’t have you yet. Her appearance was sudden and her departure was equally hurried.”

Up until now, Fu Qiu had not been able to forget the first time it had seen Jiu’er.

If not for Jiu’er, it would still be ignorant of the truth like the others from its clan. It would be hiding forever, yet never able to escape from the danger.

“Your mother was an extremely intelligent person. She was the first person to discover our secret and even taught me how to control myself and build this Crystal Palace.”

A long time ago, Fu Qiu had been like the other fat catfishes, hiding underground from the terrifying monsters that roamed during the day.

But Jiu’er had noticed something off about it.

Jiu’er was intelligent and realized that Fu Qiu was smarter than the other fat catfishes, so she used all the information she had to help build the Crystal Palace with a special kind of crystal.

As long as Fu Qiu stayed within the Crystal Palace, it would not have to worry about becoming a demon. It would be able to keep some of its awareness during the day as well.

It was also because of this that Fu Qiu got to witness its own clan kill each other mercilessly several times.

If not for Jiu’er, it would probably have become one of them, now knowing when it would die and remaining clueless about the cause of its own death.

Receiving and sheltering those who entered the mystic realm and taking them in was the suggestion that Jiu’er had given Fu Qiu.

For fat catfishes, the more power they stored in their body, the stronger they would be. The spirit stones were filled with such power, as were the Dharma treasures that the humans owned.

“When did she leave?” Ye Qingtang’s impression of her mother was growing as she spoke to Fu Qiu.

Fu Qiu shook its head.

“I don’t know. I just remember that… on that day, en extremely powerful man entered the mystic realm… and Jiu’er left after that.”

Ye Qingtang frowned. She had originally thought that she would get clues about her mother here but it seemed like she was going to be disappointed again.

The information that she had gotten from the Jiang family was the same. Jiu Yuan had vanished without a trace after entering the mystic realm. No one in the second mainland had seen her since then.

Based on what she knew, Jiu Yuan must have entered the mystic realm a few years before giving birth to Ye Qingtang. Which meant that the few years in between were the key to discovering where Jiu Yuan had gone.

And just like Fu Qiu had said, the powerful man was likely the last person who had seen her mother.

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