Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1897 - Massacre (3)

Chapter 1897: Massacre (3)

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She was now very worried about Jiang Shaobai.

Without any hesitation, Ye Qingtang headed toward the elders’ hall with Little White Tiger in her arms.

On the way there, she could see bloodstains and the fallen bodies of Jiang family disciples all around. Foreboding thoughts wrecked havoc on her mind and Ye Qingtang felt increasingly fretful.

The back area of Taiyuan Valley was covered in blood. Those fallen disciples had encountered wretched deaths by the side of the road.

Ye Qingtang charged toward the elders’ hall.

By the time she stood before the hall, her face had turned completely pale. Within the hall, Elder Qian and the others were all “sitting” in the middle.

“Elder Qian…” Ye Qingtang’s lips quivered as she stared at the elder sitting upon a chair, his head drooping downward. She could smell the thick, pungent scent of blood.

Elder Qian was sitting there like how he always used to.

But he was motionless and his arms had been nailed to the chair handles with two thick iron nails. His shoulders had been nailed to the back of the chair, while his legs were nailed to the legs of the chair…

Blood had flowed out of Elder Qian’s wounds and mingled with the blood of the other elders, staining the floor of the elders’ hall into a dark crimson.

Elder Qian was dead. The other elders in Taiyuan Valley were all dead. They had been nailed to their chairs. The whole scene was filled with blatant mockery and macabre satire.

They looked like toys that could be manipulated however one pleased.

“Shaobai…” Ye Qingtang’s unease grew deeper. She scurried about trying to find Jiang Shaobai.

In the end, she noticed a fresh set of footprints on the bloodied floor. The footprints were somewhat messy and they led right out of the hall.

Ye Qingtang followed the footprints left behind by Jiang Shaobai.

She spotted him on the front square.

“Sister Qing.” Jiang Shaobai seemed to have felt Ye Qingtang’s presence. He slowly turned around. There was a crooked smile on his usually cheerful face.

“Everyone… seems to be dead…”

When she saw Jiang Shaobai, Ye Qingtang heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness he was fine.

“We cannot stay here. We must return to the Jiang family residence and inform the Domain Monarch.” Ye Qingtang didn’t know what had happened but instinctively knew that it was dangerous to linger here in Taiyuan Valley.

He nodded before he paused and asked, “Did you see Jiang Yisheng?”

Ye Qingtang was momentarily taken aback. She was silent for a moment before replying, “Yes, I saw him…”


Ye Qingtang nodded almost imperceptibly, the image of his rotting body flashing past her mind.

A bitter smile twisted on Jiang Shaobai’s face. “Should have expected that. Even Elder Qian and the others couldn’t escape death. He is so lousy, how could he have survived?”

At this, Ye Qingtang didn’t know how to reply. She was also feeling very upset at their deaths.

“Jiang Yisheng was the first Jiang family disciple I met after I arrived at Taiyuan Valley. He was very arrogant but became more humble after I gave him a good thrashing…” Jiang Shaobai’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

Ye Qingtang lowered her eyes. She had no idea how to comfort him.

“Sister Qing, let’s go back to the Jiang family residence. The Domain Monarch will be able to find out who did this. I must avenge that silly Jiang Yisheng.” Jiang Shaobai took a deep breath.

Ye Qingtang nodded again. She knew how terrible Jiang Shaobai must be feeling. It was useless for her to say anything else now.

This was a blood debt that could only be repaid by finding the identity of the murderers!

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