Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Pavilion of Treasures (1)

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“…” The man was obviously shocked by the small black ball’s words.

A child with her… The man’s gaze fell on the young girl who was deeply asleep.

The small black ball explained weakly, “As long as you two have a child, I will return your heart to you. Now that I am conscious, you will not be able to get the heart back without my consent…”

A deep frown was formed on his face. Just as the small black ball’s words, he would not have any means to get his heart back if the small black ball resisted.

An icy cold gaze with an awfully murderous intent landed on the small black ball for a long while. Confirming that there was nothing that could be done with that black ball in the way, the man finally left.

Upon seeing the man’s departure, the small black ball finally stopped quivering and went back to Ye Qingtang’s arms, moving around like a cat that had curled up into a ball.

“Mother~ mother~”

It liked Ye Qingtang; It liked this girl who awoke it. It was she and the Heart of the Demon God that bred it. She must be its mother!

The moment the man exited from the Ye family’s main door, Mu Su who had been guarding outside instantly noticed the gloomy expression on the man’s face.

“Your Highness?”

The man furrowed his brows. After a moment of silence…

“How do I make a lady bear a child for me?”

“…” Upon hearing the question, Mu Su’s eyes almost popped out.

What did he just hear?!

The noble and cold Demon God who had severed romantic relations actually asked such a shocking question!

“This…” Many thoughts raced across Mu Su’s mind. Swallowing his saliva, he replied hesitantly, “As long as a lady truly falls in love with a guy, I supposed she would willingly have his child?”

“Fall in love?” The man, who wore a cold expression all year round, showed a look of suspicion for the first time.

Ye Qingtang had a dream, a very weird one.

In the dream, she was being chased after a bouncing small black ball which called her “mother”…

When she was awake, she did not understand why she would have such a ridiculous dream. However, she quickly ignored and forgot about whatever that happened in the dream.

Ye Qingtang got up after washing up slightly. After the incident yesterday, the Si family was considered secure. However, it was not so easy to make the Si family truly do their best for her. She was not anxious though. To her, half a month’s time was enough for her to prepare everything.

Today, Ye Qingtang had other things to do. The Si family and Mu Su were both external powers. She was fully aware that if she wanted to take revenge on her enemies from her past life, the only thing she could truly rely on was strengthening herself!

Now that she had obtained a new spirit root, albeit one that was overly weak and tiny, she must hurry and “fatten” this small spirit root up!

Ye Qingtang left the Ye residence and dashed towards the Pavilion of Treasures in the eastern corner of Lin Town.

The Pavilion of Treasures was well-known throughout the world. Not just in Lin Town, branch stores could be found in every large city. There was a superb collection of countless extremely rare and precious treasures in the Pavilion of Treasures. As long as one had the money, they could obtain any rare treasures from there.

The seven stories high Pavilion of Treasures was grand and magnificent. Ye Qingtang had gone in once in her previous life but did not manage to buy anything due to the extremely hefty price tags. However, this time…

A smile tugged at her lips as she entered the Pavilion of Treasures.

Although it was still early in the morning, there was already quite a few customers. The waiting staff in gray shirts shuffled through the crowd with dazzling treasures in their hands.

Walking past the shelves that stored gemstones, Ye Qingtang walked to the front of a small counter where a few fingernail-sized stones were placed on the counter. Though weirdly colored, the gems shone lustrously.

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