Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2235 - : Puppet Emperor (1)

Chapter 2235: Puppet Emperor (1)

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Legend had it that the Puppet Emperor could control an army of a million puppets. Many royal powers had once hired the Puppet Emperor’s great puppet army in their wars.

One person possessing the power of a million.

The ferocity of this great puppet army was truly terrifying.

“I thought that finding people and items is the specialty of Spy Cloud? I didn’t expect Rising Dragon Island to also be good at this?” The beast race member chuckled.

The Rising Dragon Island took no prisoners. They only killed.

“What? Spy Cloud is also interested in this transaction?” The leader of the Rising Dragon Island lifted his brows slightly.

Shi Shangfei smiled.. “Spy Cloud and Rising Dragon Island have always kept out of each other’s way. I just happened to have seen this kid earlier. I remembered that there were several other teenagers with her. Did you guys…”

Spy Cloud and Rising Dragon Island were both businesses. It was just that they dealt in different things.

Spy Cloud was good at finding treasures while Rising Dragon Island was good at killing.

“The Rising Dragon Island has very high prices,” The Rising Dragon Island man said coldly.

Shi Shangfei understood.

The Rising Dragon Island’s target was this little girl. As for the others, if no one was paying, the Rising Dragon Island would not even deign to kill them.

Ye Qingtang’s anxious heart relaxed a little on hearing the Rising Dragon Island man’s words. But she was very shocked as to how Mu Ziying was linked to the Puppet Emperor…

The Puppet Emperor was giving a reward for finding Mu Ziying?

What was going on?

Ye Qingtang recalled everything about Mu Ziying and realized that she seldom spoke about her own family clan. And Ye Qingtang had heard of the Puppet Emperor before.

He was the most powerful Puppet Master in the Second Domain, an emperor who specialized in puppets.

The Puppet Emperor had a very strange character. He only interacted with others via a puppet proxy and no one knew what he actually looked like.

Ye Qingtang had just arrived at the Second Domain and didn’t notice the Puppet Emperor’s bounty. For a moment there, Ye Qingtang could not understand the reason.


Ye Qingtang looked at the wretched-looking Mu Ziying. She felt like a huge rock was pressing down on her heart.

The Rising Dragon Island was not a power which Ye Qingtang could go against. Although she was a distance away, Ye Qingtang could confirm that the Rising Dragon Island’s leader was at least at the Divine Lord Fourth Heaven level.

It was not realistic to think of snatching something from the hands of such a powerful practitioner.

But how could Ye Qingtang leave Mu Ziying behind?

Ye Qingtang furrowed her brows tightly as she quietly gritted her teeth. Thereafter, her eyes landed on the Night Soul Beast in her arms.

Suddenly, a childish voice rang out from the carriage on the massive beast amongst the Black Moon Palace team.

“Are you guys done?”

The voice was soft and childish but held a sliver of incongruous maliciousness.

“This period of hibernation for the Night Soul Beasts only happens once every thousand years. If you guys continue wasting time talking, you will all end up as food for the Night Soul Beasts when they wake up.”

The childish voice was full of ridicule but everyone instantly quietened down.

Ye Qingtang’s heart quivered at the words of that Black Moon Palace child.

Period of hibernation?

She instinctively glanced down at the Night Soul Beast in her arms.

It was only then that she finally understood.

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