Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2327 - Medicine Faculty (2)

Chapter 2327: Medicine Faculty (2)

Qin Feng frowned slightly.

Everyone else was stunned by Song Yanhan’s words.

“Damn! Is Song Yanhan planning to partner with our Qin Feng?” Lei Yan immediately sensed the underlying meaning behind Song Yanhan’s words.

The Inter-Academy Competition did not only pit individual students against each other. There was another somewhat strange rule that one had to compete in teams.

A martial arts practitioner had to team up with an alchemist.

Usually, Song Yanhan would never partner with any of the other students from the academy. It seemed that for the Inter-Academy Competition, he decided to put down his pride and accept a martial arts practitioner into his team.

This was the instruction of Song Yanhan’s teacher.

After all, no matter how high level an alchemist was, there would be times when he would need someone with physical prowess.

Song Yanhan’s words raised a commotion.

Even the eyes of Hang Wenwei and his group lit up. They gazed at Qin Feng with admiration.

“Qin Feng is so lucky to be able to partner with Song Yanhan.”

“That’s Qin Feng you are talking about. He stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ran Mo as the two most powerful students in the academy. Why else do you think Song Yanhan would choose him?”

“Sigh, if only I was more powerful. I also want such a high-level alchemist.”

Elixirs were very important to martial arts practitioners. Finding a suitable alchemist was like adding wings to a tiger.

For a high-level alchemist like Song Yanhan, it was only natural that many people wanted him as their partner. He was still young but his elixir-refining skills were already top-notch. It was almost certain that he would become a Master alchemist after leaving the Netherworld Academy. It was just a matter of time. Perhaps he could even become a Grand Master!

It would be perfect if one could establish close ties with him while still in the academy.

“Wait a minute. We already have Yun Chen.” Lei Yan suddenly realized an issue.

Their Boss knew how to refine elixirs but after teaching Yun Chen, Ye Qing passed on all the elixir-refining duties to him. As a result, all the elixirs they have been using were all refined by Yun Chen.

It could be said that Yun Chen was their shared alchemist.

Lei Yan’s words attracted the attention of Hang Wenwei and the rest. They all stared at Lei Yan with incredulous eyes. It was true that Yun Chen was from the medicine faculty, but…

If they remembered correctly from a few months ago, Yun Chen could barely refine half an elixir.

Meanwhile, what level was Song Yanhan at?

This was a teenager who stood right at the top of the medicine faculty. Could these two be compared at all?

Even a fool knew who Qin Feng should choose.

Song Yanhan seemed to have heard Lei Yan’s words. He casually glanced at Yun Chen.

Both of them were from the medicine faculty. How could he possibly not know of Yun Chen?

This useless piece of trash who could barely refine a single elixir…

“Elixirs are very important to a martial arts practitioner. Not all elixirs refined by an alchemist are safe to be consumed,” Song Yanhan said.

The hidden meaning behind his words was clear to Nangong Lie and the others. Their faces instantly darkened.

Was he saying that Yun Chen’s elixirs were not safe for consumption?

Song Yanhan didn’t intend to say too much to Qin Feng. He had heard of what happened yesterday and knew that the powers of Qin Feng and his group had increased tremendously. And their teacher was that youth standing behind them.

Song Yanhan walked over to Ye Qing. “Teacher Ye, Qin Feng and the others are your students. As they will be representing the Netherworld Academy in the Inter-Academy Competition, this concerns the very reputation of our academy.”

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