Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2338 - Doubt (1)

Chapter 2338: Doubt (1)

“Don’t tell me… this is real?”

“Impossible. Even Song Yanhan didn’t manage to produce a perfect quality elixir, how could Yun Chen…”

The students exchanged looks as if they had just seen a ghost.

Song Yanhan was also thunderstruck.

Those teachers were completely immersed in the creation of the perfect quality elixir. It should be pointed out that successfully concocting a pill was not the most difficult part.

The most difficult was producing one which was perfect quality.

Even a Master-level alchemist would not dare to guarantee that he could refine perfect quality elixirs every single time. So the level of difficulty could only be left to the imagination.

They never held much regard for Yun Chen. They never expected such a great surprise today.

The teachers immediately brought that elixir onto the high stage to let Zhu Ning have a look.

After all, Zhu Ning was the most highly skilled teacher in the medicine faculty.

Zhu Ning had heard the teachers’ exclamations. When he saw the elixir up close, his expression grew extremely solemn.

Meanwhile, Di Nuo was now in a complete daze.

He never dreamed that Yun Chen would be successful in his refinement.

He had no idea how difficult it was to refine a Sky Spirit Jade Elixir but he had observed that less than five candidates had managed to successfully produce one.

And this included Yun Chen.

This meant that…

Yun Chen had successfully qualified for the Inter-Academy Competition. All of Ye Qingtang’s students were now in the name list to enter the competition, as specified in their bet.

Di Nuo felt like he had been struck by lightning. His face was grim to the extreme.

He didn’t even notice Zhu Ning’s increasingly bewildered expression as he examined the elixir.

“Teacher Zhu, Yun Chen’s elixir is truly flawless. Didn’t expect this kid to have such hidden talent.”

Zhu Ning ignored them. He just continued to examine Yun Chen’s elixir.

Perfect. Truly perfect.

Zhu Ning had extremely high standards and was very stringent in his judging, but even he couldn’t find any flaws.

Zhu Ning himself couldn’t refine an elixir of better quality than this.

He took a deep breath to suppress the doubts in his heart. He had reached a conclusion.

The biggest reason why alchemists hankered after the palm flame was because…

All elixirs produced by that technique were of perfect quality!

That was how formidable it was!

When Zhu Ning confirmed the perfect quality of the Sky Spirit Jade Elixir, he also confirmed that Yun Chen must have used the palm flame!

“Teacher Di Nuo, who has been teaching Yun Chen over this period?” He suddenly asked.

Di Nuo snapped out of his trance.

“Ye Qing.”

“Teacher Di Nuo, are you sure that Ye Qing was the only one who has been teaching Yun Chen over this period?” Zhu Ning furrowed his brows slightly. He knew that Ye Qingtang had claimed to be Yun Chen’s teacher, but he just couldn’t believe that she was the one who taught him this palm flame.

Setting aside the palm flame, just the fact that Yun Chen was able to produce the Sky Spirit Jade Elixir was shocking enough.

As effective as the palm flame was, one still had to have refinement skills. If he wasn’t good enough, he would still end up producing herbal dregs even when using a palm flame.

With Yun Chen’s lousy elixir-refinement abilities, it was a stretch for him to even produce elementary-level elixirs, not to mention high-level pills like the Sky Spirit Jade Elixir.

Ye Qingtang was a martial arts practitioner. How did she manage to improve Yun Chen’s refinement skills by so much over such a short duration?

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