Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2437 - Suspicions (4)

Chapter 2437: Suspicions (4)

Space Technique was not just your usual martial art technique. It was a very mysterious ability concerning the enigmatic realm of space. Even the most talented Second Domain practitioners who specialized in the study of space were not able to properly explain the Space Technique.

It was said that the Space Technique was derived from the Time Technique. If one could master the Space Technique, he would be able to easily pass through all dimensions of space.

As for the Time Technique, it was even more mysterious and unfathomable. One would be able to peer into the future and reach back into the past.

Naturally, the Space Technique was not a technique for your everyday person. Rumor had it that there was a Space Lord bloodline in one of the high-level martial arts mainlands, and all those of that bloodline were able to control space.

In the Second Domain, only that legendary person from the Temple of Paragon was rumored to have the Space Technique. No one else had it.

So Wen Qi found it difficult to believe that Ye Qing knew the Space Technique and made use of it to escape the above-Emperor level monster. There were so many things he needed clarification on but there was no way to communicate with Ye Qing now.

“Vice-President Zhou Tong, Vice-President Wen Qi, I feel that this is not the time to argue over this. If there is really something wrong with Ye Qing, I believe the Netherworld Academy is also in the dark. Ye Qing’s resurrection is definitely strange, but at this stage, it also doesn’t seem right to say that the Wailing Well affair is connected to Ye Qing or the Netherworld Academy. We need to wait for Ye Qing to come out to clarify matters. Until then, we just have to keep observing.” One of the academy leaders spoke up.

Meanwhile, inside the Wailing Well.

Ye Qingtang looked at the dead Luo Sheng and his team and a slight frown appeared on her face. She had detected the thick stench of blood earlier but never expected it to be from Luo Sheng and these men.

Luo Sheng had shown extra care and concern for her while she was in the Netherworld Academy. She felt very upset at his wretched death.

Even so, there was nothing she could do now to change things.

She might not even be able to leave this Wailing Well alive. After some deep thought, Ye Qingtang went over to the remains of Luo Sheng and his team.

Death by a single strike. They would not have suffered much.

“That’s not right… Luo Sheng shouldn’t be inside the Wailing Well…” Ye Qingtang muttered to herself.

Luo Sheng was not on the list of teachers or students bound for the Wailing Well.

Also, apart from Luo Sheng, there were the bodies of several Netherworld Academy staff. They were not students or teachers and should not have appeared in the Wailing Well.

Ye Qingtang finally understood after mulling over it.

It was probably due to the video-recording ball. The outside world already knew of the Wailing Well situation and about the defective teleportation talismans. As for Luo Sheng and his team, if Ye Qingtang guessed correctly, the Vice-President had probably sent them into the Wailing Well after discovering the anomalies.

Searching the area, Ye Qingtang tried to see if Luo Sheng and his team had any clues or information on them. She did not find any, but she found quite a number of special artifacts.

Ye Qingtang even found her own space ring.

Most of those special artifacts were the items left on the outside by the Netherworld Academy teams, as they had not been allowed to bring them into the Wailing Well.

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