Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2742 - Ye Yue (3)

Chapter 2742: Ye Yue (3)

“This…” Feng Jiuyou frowned deeply.” Sister Ye Yue, this has nothing to do with me. It’s all because of Feng Wuyin… he said…”

“What do you mean I said?!” Feng Wuyin glared at Feng Jiuyou. “You were the one who suggested that I go deal with the Great Immortal Temple while you chased after Han Cangming. Why are you blaming it all on me now?!”

Ye Qingtang, “…”

These two boys were still the same… they had not changed at all.

“Sigh, forget it. We can understand why Jiuyou and Wuyin acted the way they did. Back then, I was the one who asked you to go to the Fourth Domain. It was my responsibility.” The Nine Heavens Saint sighed.

“I’m also responsible for not taking good care of her,” said the Absolute Heaven Saint.

At that moment, the Deity Realm and Great Immortal Temple members all looked at Ye Qingtang.

This was the legendary Saint Ye Yue from 10,000 years ago?

The very Saint Ye Yue whose disappearance made the Deity Realm and the Great Immortal Temple clash like fire and water.

But now, they had witnessed a true miracle. A person who had been missing for 10,000 years had actually appeared alive. And she was so young. She looked just like a young lady…

One of the Deity Realm members strode to Ye Qingtang’s side and knelt on one knee. “Saint Ye Yue, I am Lou Tianxing. My master’s name is Lan Shan… My master once said that if I see Saint Ye Yue one day, he wants me to apologize to you on his behalf… He was the one who did not protect Saint Ye Yue well…”

Ye Qingtang’s gaze landed on the man. “Senior Brother Lan Shan’s disciple… where is your master?”

“Saint Ye Yue, my master… already died many years ago. Back then, my master blamed himself and bore hatred towards the Great Immortal Temple. He believed that Uncle-Master Absolute Heaven Saint made the wrong decision and caused Saint Ye Yue’s death. This was why he betrayed the Great Immortal Temple… It is just that my master never forgot the Great Immortal Temple and Saint Ye Yue even up till his death.”

“Is that so… Senior Brother Lan Shan has already…” Ye Qingtang muttered.

To Ye Qingtang, going from one era to another might have only taken a second. But to the others, a long time had passed. So long that young men had become old and powerful practitioners had long been buried.

Memories of those days surfaced in her mind. In the Great Immortal Temple, she feasted and hung out with her senior brothers and sisters, speaking freely without any worries…

It turned out that so much time had passed and most of the people she knew were no longer around…

Ye Qingtang still remembered Lan Shan’s desperate attempt to keep her from Ling Yan when she left.

Lan Shan… had not been in the wrong.

She was the one who should be apologizing…

She had done wrong.

She had always thought that she was just a passerby in that era.

But… in that era… there were people who treated her as… family!

Ye Qingtang wanted to make up for it but did not know where to start.

She had let too many people down.

Just as her Master said, if she hadn’t appeared just now, they would have left this world with deep regret and hatred.

Just like Lan Shan.

Although she wanted to make amends and apologize, Lan Shan was no longer around. Ye Qingtang suddenly remembered that Lan Shan’s wish was… to open a weapons shop.

“Miss Ye.”

An illusory voice suddenly sounded from above.

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