Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2760 - Epilogue (3)

Chapter 2760: Epilogue (3)

Ye Qingtang had not seen Luo Xue and You Yun for a thousand years. These two had already grown up and become powerful figures who could each dominate a region in the lower realm.

You Yun and Luo Xue sized up Ye Qingtang for a long time. Neither two of them found this woman completely unfamiliar. However, they just could not recall where they had seen her before.

Furthermore, how could there be living beings in the cursed hell in the Ancient God Karma Tunnel?

A thousand years had passed and the lower realm was no longer the same as before. The Ancient God Karma Tunnel was no longer some shocking secret. At the very least, Luo Xue and You Yun had a basic understanding of the Ancient God Karma Tunnel.

However, the woman who suddenly appeared in front of them did not look like a fiendcelestial imprisoned here, forever suffering from the pain of reincarnation.

“May I ask who you are…” Luo Xue stared at Ye Qingtang and frowned.

Ye Qingtang’s lips curled up but she did not give an answer. Her gaze landed on You Yun.

Memories surfaced in her mind again. You Yun, the extraordinary lady’s reincarnation. There was a time when Ye Qingtang was also tied to them.

Ye Qingtang looked at the long sword in You Yun’s hand. With just one glance, Ye Qingtang recognized that this long sword was Ning Luo.

The extraordinary lady’s sword… contained a sword spirit called Ning Luo. A thousand years ago, it had brought Ye Qingtang a lot of trouble.

“It has been many years since we last met. The two of you have already grown so big.” Ye Qingtang quickly retracted her gaze from the sword. She smiled at Luo Xue and You Yun.


Luo Xue and You Yun were astonished by Ye Qingtang’s comment.

“Who are you?” Luo Xue sized up Ye Qingtang cautiously.

“My name… used to be Ye Qingtang in the mortal world,” Ye Qingtang said after a while.

However, after arriving in the upper realm, everyone respectfully called her Tian, the ruler of the heavens.

“Ye… Ye Qingtang?!”

Disbelief and surprise appeared in You Yun and Luo Xue’s eyes.

How could they not be familiar with Ye Qingtang? They had always treated Ye Qingtang as their mother.

They even remembered that a thousand years ago, the two of them were still young and tagged after Ye Qingtang all the time. Nevertheless, Ye Qingtang doted on them very much.

At some unknown point in time, inexplicable gaps appeared in their memories. Something happened and Ye Qingtang completely disappeared from their lives.

The two of them had investigated before but there was no news of Ye Qingtang in this world.

Even in their wildest dreams, You Yun and Luo Xue would never have imagined that a thousand years later, in this land of despair, they would meet the woman whom they had missed for so long and who had been like a mother to them.

Ye Qingtang looked at You Yun and Luo Xue’s shocked and disbelieving expressions. Her lips curled up in a soft smile. “I haven’t seen you two all these years. Did you miss me?”


You Yun stared at Ye Qingtang timidly. Her body trembled slightly as she voiced out the deepest longing in her heart.

With that one word, Ye Qingtang felt like she was transported to a thousand years ago. It was a time when Little You Yun stuck to her side every day and called her mother.

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