Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 704 - Black Gold Meteoric Iron (3)

Chapter 704: Black Gold Meteoric Iron (3)

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The crowd was also stunned. They thought that Ye Qingtang’s dagger would definitely be broken. How could Chu Yi’s sword break first?!

Only Master Du nodded his head slightly. He seemed to have predicted the outcome.

“Young man, you really forged this weapon?” Master Du looked towards Ye Qingtang and asked.

Ye Qingtang nodded. “I forged the dagger using black gold meteoric iron in combination with Spirit Crystals.”

Master Du’s eyesight changed as Ye Qingtang finished her words.

Spirit Crystals were completely useless for normal people. However, Master Du was trying to mix Spirit Crystals into the materials to forge weapons ever since half a year ago. There was no outcome until now.

When Du Sheng passed him the dagger previously, Master Du knew that the dagger was made of black gold meteoric iron. However, it was mixed with other things that he did not figure out.

Ye Qingtang’s words answered Master Du’s question.

However, he did not expect that someone had figured out the method now.

“Young man, who is your master?” Master Du asked.

Ye Qingtang thought for a second and smiled. “My master is Ao Yuan.”

“Ao Yuan? You are Master Ao’s disciple?” Master Du was shocked.

Ao Yuan was the most famous blacksmith on this mainland. His forging ability was beyond the Grand Master’s level. From the legend, every weapon that Ao Yuan forged was a rare treasure. Even the half-completed products could be compared to those divine weapons.

However, Ao Yuan had disappeared for years. People from the super sects also could not trace him.

“Yes.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

Ye Qingtang had never met Ao Yuan before. She just wanted to prevent some trouble by saying his name. It would take a lot of effort to convince others about her forging skills at her age.

Anyway, Ao Yuan had disappeared for so many years, and Ye Qingtang did not hear anything about him even after two hundred years in her previous life. She could use his name to save herself from some extra trouble.

Master Du was surprised. Though he was still doubtful, the forging skills demonstrated in that dagger erased most of his doubts.

Master Du’s forging ability was way beyond others. Ao Yuan was the only one who was better than him. The skill of forging using Spirit Crystals could only be invented by Ao Yuan. No one else could figure that out before him.

However, Master Du did not believe her so easily. He looked at Ye Qingtang and asked, “Since you said that you are Master Ao’s disciple, do you know the Black Heaven Forging Skill created by Master Ao?”

The Black Heaven Forging Skill was created by Master Ao. Normal blacksmiths would never know that. Master Du had met with Master Ao before and heard something about the Black Heaven Forging Skill from Master Ao.

Ye Qingtang smiled gently and said, “The Black Heaven Forging Skill that Master created uses the extraordinary flame as the foundation. The key part is the process of quenching…” Ye Qingtang explained fluently. She heard about the Black Heaven Forging Skill on the second mainland in her previous life.

Though Ao Yuan’s forging skill was superior, it was only limited to this mainland. There were many more skillful blacksmiths on the second mainland. His Black Heaven Forging Skill was not something significant to Ye Qingtang, who lived for three hundred years in her previous life.

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