Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 896 - Take Advantage of Others (2)

Chapter 896 Take Advantage of Others (2)

Feng Wuya had just entered the Divine Virtual Academy, and his martial ability was still very mediocre. However, even the strongest disciples in Divine Virtual Academy did not dare to offend him due to his identity as a member of the ancient Feng Clan. Instead, they tried their best to flatter him.

Feng Wuya was very lustful. He had offended most of the beautiful female students in the Divine Virtual Academy. However, no one dared to fight for themselves. There were even some female students who voluntarily looked for Feng Wuya based on his identity.

The disciples of the Divine Virtual Academy were used to Feng Wuya’s arrogance and aggressiveness.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Feng Wudang shouted in anger as he was slapped twice in the public by Feng Wuya. The veins on his forehead were getting more obvious.

The leader of the Supreme Academy, Li Xiu, suddenly shouted. “Junior Brother Feng… Stop!!!”

Feng Wudang’s attack stopped under Li Xiu’s interruption. His eyes were red, and he stared at Feng Wuya, who had nothing to be fearful of.

Feng Wudang understood the consequences he would face if he hit Feng Wuya without Li Xiu’s reminder.

If Feng Wuya was injured here, the ancient Feng Clan would not let it go so easily. Not only him, but even Gu Tianhe and the rest of the people who were present would have to bear the consequences in the future. They would need to use their lives to repay.

“Little bustard! You have a death wish!”

Feng Wuya stared at Feng Wudang, who froze in sarcasm. He scoffed and punched Feng Wudang’s face in the next second.

Feng Wuya did not hold back. Blood flowed out from Feng Wudang’s mouth under the punch.

Feng Wudang wiped off the blood by his lips. He clenched his teeth and glared at Feng Wuya. However, he could not fight back, though the resentment in his heart was rising.

“Who do you think you are!”

Feng Wuya grabbed Feng Wudang’s hair as he spoke and dragged him away with great strength.

The people of the Divine Virtual Academy were all sneering when they witnessed the scene.

In the past, when the students of the two academies met, there would always be some injuries due to small conflicts.

However, the situation was different now. Feng Wuya’s identity was incomparable to that of normal disciples of the Divine Virtual Academy.

Li Bingxue, who was stronger than Feng Wuya, could only bear with Feng Wuya’s torture.

In her case, Li Bingxue could not take Feng Wuya’s torture eventually and slapped him. Then, she was stranded by the disciples of the Divine Virtual Academy under Feng Wuya’s command. He murdered her mercilessly.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that!”

Feng Wuya dragged Feng Wudang’s hair and pulled him to the side. He then stepped on Feng Wudang’s face with his foot.

“Feng Wudang, look at yourself in the mirror. How dare you to be so presumptuous in front of Senior Brother Feng. You’re seeking your own death.” One of the young men of the Divine Virtual Academy scoffed and said.

There were around twenty people of the Divine Virtual Academy who came to the Dragon Vein. The person in the lead was the one who spoke. He was everyone else’s senior, and his martial ability was the best. However, he still had to obey Feng Wuya’s commands even when he was the one in charge.

“I want to chop off his ears first.” Feng Wuya smiled coldly and said.

The young man nodded and smiled. “How merciful you are, Senior Brother Feng.”

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