Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 19 - Skinning Tiger

Chapter Ch19 - Skinning Tiger

“Dage!” Yan Tianhen saw the Lin Xuanzhi who was standing at the entrance and immediately called out. He sped up and ran over, smiling gleefully as he looked at him and said, “I went to get Ah Bai out of the mountain cave.”

Ah Bai climbed up Yan Tianhen’s trousers, then Yan Tianhen grabbed Ah Bai and carried him in his arms. He affectionately rubbed his chin against Ah Bai’s furry head then said, “What’s wrong? This is Dage, don’t you recognise him?”

Ah Bai wrapped itself around Yan Tianhen’s neck and used his pink tongue to lick him a few times. Then, he raised his head and bared his teeth as he growled at the indifferent Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen was a bit embarrased and said, “Dage, Ah Bai didn’t use to be like this, it’s probably because……he felt stifled by being in the small and narrow mountain cave for an entire night, so he’s not in a very good mood.”

Ah Bai immediately scratched at Yan Tianhen: that’s not the reason!

But Lin Xuanzhi could see through the tiger cub, and calmly said, “This is a white tiger beast, even though it hasn’t completely triggered its spiritual awareness and can’t transform, but its intelligence now is on par with a human child. Ah Bai would have known that you sold his little brother because of me, so that’s why he’s baring his teeth at me now.”

Ao ao–” Ah Bai called out twice. His amethyst eyes revealed a hurt look similar to that of a human.

Yan Tianhen was stunned, he pursed his lips and rubbed Ah Bai’s head as he said, “I’m sorry Ah Bai, I’m the one who wanted to sell Hu Po, it has nothing to do with Gege.”

Ah Bai hung his head down low: no, it’s his fault!

But seeing Ah Bai like this made Lin Xuanzhi glad instead.

Demonic beasts are demonic not only because they can understand human thoughts, but also because they are extremely loyal to their masters.

In his past life, the number of things he regret were countless, and one of those things was giving away these two spiritual tiger cubs to someone else.

When Han Yuran had obtained the two tiger cubs, he immediately formed a binding contract with them. No matter how loyal the two tiger cubs were to Yan Tianhen, under the pressure and restraints of the contract, they eventually forgot about Yan Tianhen and became Han Yuran’s loyal lackeys.

Obtaining these two spiritual pets was equivalent to obtaining two more protectors for Han Yuran.

About ten or more years later, these two spiritual pets had become the leaders amongst demonic beasts. Under their protection, Han Yuran’s cultivation journey was extremely smooth-sailing. He didn’t even need to lift a hand during fights before these two spiritual pets got rid of his enemies for him.

In the end, Lin Xuanzhi expended a lot of energy in order to get rid of Han Yuran. Of course, before getting rid of him, he had to personally kill these two white tiger beasts that Yan Tianhen had always been concerned with for his whole life.

In this life, Lin Xuanzhi decided that no matter what, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to do things that would aggrieve his loved ones and make his enemies happy.

These two tiger cubs, even if they must die, they have to die while protecting Yan Tianhen in battle!

Lin Xuanzhi stretched out his hand and pinched the back of Ah Bai’s neck. He lifted the tiger cub who was kicking its legs about furiously in the air and held it in his arms.

The tiger cub fiercely reached out and scratched Lin Xuanzhi’s face.

“Ah Bai!” Yan Tianhen cried.

The small claw that was about to land on Lin Xuanzhi’s face stopped about an inch away.

The tiger cub bared its teeth at Lin Xuanzhi.

But to Lin Xuanzhi, this kind of display was devoid of threat.

Lin Xuanzhi flicked the tiger cub’s head, then he looked at the tiger cub that had been flicked silly and said, “I’ll help you get your brother back today.”

The tiger cub stuck its tongue out and stared at Lin Xuanzhi spiritedly.

You’re not lying? You’re not lying right?

Lin Xuanzhi continued, “But, you must form a contract with my Didi. From today onwards, he’ll be your master, and you’ll be his servant. When he’s in danger, you must rush forward to protect him, and you will not betray him. If he lets you live, then you may live, but if there’s one day when he wants a scarf made out of tiger skin– he he, then you’ll have to willingly let him skin you.”

The tiger cub was so frightened by Lin Xuanzhi’s words that it started shivering: those are the words a devil would say!

Skin him and use his skin to make a scarf? No way!

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