Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 2 - Possessed

Chapter Ch2 - Possessed

Most of the people who came to the martial hall belonged to the lower social classes, and the words that come out of their mouth are the more vulgar kinds that aren’t pleasant to the ear.

Lin Xuanzhi opened his eyes that were smeared with blood, he lied facing the ground and his whole body looked like it was falling apart. His hip bone was no longer bent in a smooth arc like before, it looks like it had already been broken.

But Lin Xuanzhi still struggled to turn his head to face the young boy.

“I have money I have money, 1000 gold, to redeem my Gege!” the young boy shouted and hurriedly stuffed a gold piece of banknote into the hands of the martial hall’s supervisor.

The supervisor frowned, then squinted at the gold banknote in his hand.

Yan Tianhen was terrified that this guy wouldn’t accept it, so he added on apprehensively, “You said before that you’ll let my Gege leave with 1000 gold, you can’t go back on your words!”

“Kid, what are you so anxious for? Did I say I wouldn’t accept it? Go go go stand at a side, don’t stand here and take up my air.”

The supervisor impatiently waved away the Yan Tianhen who had delivered money to him, then looked down at the money mark printed on the gold banknote. The edges of his lips curved up into a hint of a sly smile, then he rolled up the gold banknote and stuffed it into his storage bag.

This kid really does have his way to get money, but, it’s probably the last bit of money Lin Xuanzhi has left in his savings.

The supervisor then made a beckoning gesture with his hand and said a few words to the attendant beside him.

Soon after, someone went onstage to announce, “I declare the winner of this match to be – Wu Qingzong!

After the announcement, the short and skinny young boy immediately rushed onto the stage.

But his movements were obviously a bit slow, his left leg was unable to exert a lot of pressure.

Yan Tianhen had a face full of worry as he kneeled beside Lin Xuanzhi. He looked at his older brother whose white robe was soaked in blood and was at a loss as to what to do.

Yan Tianhen had seen Lin Xuanzhi’s injured state before, but he had never seen a Lin Xuanzhi that had been wounded to this extent.

Don’t tell him Lin Xuanzhi is about to die?

Yan Tianhen frowned deeply, and his face that was covered with bluish-black cracks looked even scarier than before.

The current Yan Tianhen didn’t even think about the 500 gold debt that he was still carrying on his back, he didn’t know how he could ever return that money!

Yan Tianhen’s eyes – not knowing whether or not it was because he was too worried or because his brother was bullied to this extent – began to turn red.

His two, stick-like arms hugged Lin Xuanzhi as he tried to pull him up onto his back.

Lin Xuanzhi’s consciousness began to clear up, he looked at the thin and fragile young boy whose unordinary face was within inches of his and his nose began to sour. The feelings in his heart were as varied as the five flavours – sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, and his heart also felt like it was being brutally hammered by a heavy hammer into a pool of heart paste.

“You’re turning 13 soon, how can you still cry this easily?” Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand with some difficulty, and brushed it against Yan Tianhen’s face that was covered in tears and revealed a sincere smile as he said, “Let’s go home.”

Yan Tianhen first nodded his head solemnly, then immediately looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a stupefied expression —

His Gege, touched his face just now, and even said that he wanted to go home together with him?

He couldn’t have been possessed by an evil spirit right?

Or is he possessed by someone else?!

Lin Xuanzhi tried his best to support his body that was hurting all over. He rested one of his hands on Yan Tianhen’s fragile shoulder as a support, most of his bodyweight was being supported by Yan Tianhen. Under the ambiguous gazes of the crowd, he limped down the stage with a calm expression.

Meanwhile, Yan Tianhen was in a state of disbelief. He was obviously still immersed in the shock of the gentle way that Lin Xuanzhi had spoken to him and couldn’t snap himself out of it.

T/N: I will be leaving all forms of address in their original forms. Eg. Gege/Da Ge/Xiong Zhang = big brother etc. Different forms of address have different connotation, I will add notes when needed! Gege is a neutral way of addressing one’s elder brother, Dage is used to address the eldest brother and is more formal than Gege, Xiongzhang is the most formal version

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